After installation, you will have additional features for language learning when you watch videos on the Netflix website. There’s also a “karaoke function” which highlights text as it’s read aloud for listening practice. For English, there are well over 4,000 tutors available. Its English course is available in 11 different languages. Download Vocabspace: Language Learning and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. They both offer language practice through gamification and interactive activities, but Lingodeer’s courses tend to be a bit more thorough and have better audio. Though the focus here may be on making English practice fun, the app doesn’t fall short on educational value. There’s an arcade feel, leaderboards, points, and levels to keep things interesting. Yabla is the less expensive of the two, though English is the only language you’ll be able to study if you sign up for a subscription. For example, if you wanted to work on your Spanish, select the language in the dropdown menu, along with the country where you're using Netflix. Their gamified approach to learning makes it fun and seamless to learn vocabulary, grammar, and basic words. Best BBC App for Learning English: BBC Learning English . Don’t see your favorite app on this list? It’s an SRS flashcard app that’s lightweight, powerful, and totally customizable. uTalk teaches English through some basic interactive exercises and allows users to record themselves speaking in order to practice pronunciation. It’s not as smooth as Duolingo, but it is easy to work with, supports offline courses, and lets you learn a massive number of languages. The best language-learning apps can help you build a vocabulary in your target language, develop proper grammar and eventually become fluent through lessons that are easy to digest and retain. You do need a subscription to Netflix though. The gamified approach to teaching and the fact that it’s totally free make it incredibly appealing. This app does language exchange in a unique and interesting way — it gets users connected to each other in a call with the touch of a button. You can also pay less if you only need access to one language. While not technically an app, the free Language Learning with Netflix Chrome extension can be helpful on your journey to becoming multilingual. One thing to look for in vocabulary apps is a spaced repetition system (SRS), which makes memorization more efficient. Lessons are thorough and build on each other in a way that makes for natural and effective progress. You can create flashcards with images, audio, example sentences, and tags, as well as program how many new items you’d like to learn each day. To make sure you don't get rusty on the basics, even if you've "mastered" a skill by reaching a higher level, the skill can still "shatter" if you don't review it consistently. For Spanish speakers looking to develop a solid foundation in English, this free app is a fantastic place to start. The complete app is available in English, Spanish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese, though there is also supporting material available in Italian and Arabic. To use the feature, simply write something and post it for the community to see. This is surely one of the most popular language apps for learners of just about any language. Tutors and Language Exchanges. Download the app for iOS or Android today to teach yourself this unique language. You can start off simple or skip all the way through to more advanced lessons. FluentU has a higher price point, but it’s got a nice interface and a subscription grants access to multiple languages. Innovative Language gives you access to a dashboard of features where you can learn a language through podcast-style audio and video lessons. It’s perfect for beginners looking to dip their feet into the pool of a new foreign language. Classes can take pretty much any form depending on your level and whether you’re looking for more structure or general conversation practice; you can even study for IELTS or TOEFL exams. There are plenty of excellent resources that aren’t listed here simply because they aren’t available as an app. LingQ review. So below, in an order of general complexity, are 15 apps for improved reading comprehension, ranging from word and sentence fluency, to recall, to critical thinking skills, to reading speed. FluentU and Yabla both use videos with interactive subtitles to make this possible. The platforms offer the structure and quality you can expect from a university course while allowing learners to progress at their own pace. For those that aren’t interested in spending the time to create their own decks, there are also plenty of premade decks for studying English. Memrise is another free language learning app. Similar to Drops, Mondly is a fun, colorful app that has multiple features to take advantage of even if you don't subscribe to premium. Install the extension and click the icon to launch the catalog of movie and TV show options. Coming out just ahead of Mandarin Chinese, English is the most widely-spoken language in the world. Busuu is known for quality courses (except those teaching Asian languages), a really nice interface, and a cool social feature that’s free to use. As a tradeoff for the mostly-audio content, learners won’t acquire much in the way of reading or writing skills here. Learn why it's the top-grossing app. These are the best free apps for learning a language. It’s also popular for the fact that there are tons of courses available for free. This app is unique in how it approaches teaching Spanish. Build your listening comprehension with thousands of hours of authentic language in context. This app acts as a portal for accessing a wide range of BBC English learning material. It’s become a lingua franca in many places for tourism and business, and learning the language can pave the way to a mountain of personal and professional opportunities. Review. In your journey learning English, you’ll inevitably come across some hard-to-answer questions. Magoosh helps learners prepare for nine important exams, ranging from IELTS to LSAT. We earn money when you click on some of the links on our site. It’s also where we’ve included extra popular resources that we aren’t necessarily fond of and those that we just haven’t tried out yet. Anki is free most places but costs $25 in the Apple App Store. Another one we haven’t tried extensively, Hello English offers convenient bite-sized lessons with instructions in 24 different languages. This app is aimed at teaching kids aged 2-8 years old, but parents can certainly learn along with their children. The app doesn’t cover any grammar explanations, however, and is really only suitable for memorizing some set phrases Review. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. As such, it’s a decent place to get some basic vocabulary practice, but it won’t give you any detailed practice with English. Apps are a great tool for learning English. With a long list of great resources to recommend, we can point you…, English speakers can find Danish particularly challenging to learn, out of all the Scandinavian languages, due to its monotony, flatness,…, Hungarian is spoken heavily throughout Eastern Europe, not just in Hungary, but also in Slovakia and Romania as well. There’s a variety of content available on the app and new material is always being added. Apps for Practicing Reading and Listening. They also turn the experience into an efficient learning opportunity. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the hardest to perfect. Compared to most of the apps on this list, Pimsleur has been around for a very long time. Review. The app also aims to teach skills beyond English, such as critical thinking and collaboration. My parents still have a box set of discs for learning Spanish somewhere in their house. It’s one of several community features and is a great place to get feedback on writing of any kind from native English speakers. Duolingo … The memory-based learning app Memrise, can help you learn a brand new language using a variety of memorization tests and learning aids. You’ll also be able to find your grammar level by taking tests. It takes a unique approach to helping learners read English by presenting a translation of the text side-by-side with the original. Best BBC App for Learning English: BBC Learning English . But it did get easier as I went along. Best Reading Content: LingQ & Readlang. Review. It’s almost like having a mini classroom on your phone – there to use whenever you are bored or have some time to kill.And although apps can’t replace your real-life teacher, they do make great supplements to … Pimsleur is an app that offers 51 languages to learn, but delivers the information in what is basically the form of a podcast. FluentU review. English Reading Test If so, have you considered podcasts? The largest language learning app in the world boasts over 200 million users; a huge community with varied interests which Duolingo has been developing new language courses for. Drops is constantly adding new languages, most recently, the app brought on Ainu, an indigenous Japanese language. Save 10% on a subscription to ELSA Speak with the coupon code ‘ALRELSA’.Â. Black Friday 2020: The best deals still available at Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Walmart and more, Best Cyber Monday 2020 deals: $80 Echo Show 2-pack, $449 HP laptop, $179 Chromebook and more, PS5 restock on Cyber Monday: Check inventory at GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and Target, Discuss: Best language learning apps of 2020, Best for an online school-type experience, Best for helping you remember specific phrases, Best for learning to speak casually in a new language, Best for breaking down how a language works, Duolingo vs. Rosetta Stone: How to choose the best language-learning app, How to use Google Assistant's interpreter mode, Coronavirus closed schools. They often make good resources for beginners that are looking for a comprehensive resource to start out with. Others offer several language options, which is ideal when you want to pick up multiple languages. You can toggle the translation on and off, but having a translation of the full text so easily accessible while you read is super helpful. Busuu's language-learning app helps you learn Arabic in 10 minutes a day. The English course is taught entirely in English, meaning you’ll need some of the basics to actually get started. One of these is its Exercise feature, which is available for free in the italki app. It’s one of the most popular solutions for learners looking to leverage their English ability in the professional world. For now, the app only offers Spanish, but its website says it plans to add more languages in the future. When you sign up for Busuu, you select the language you want to learn, and the app helps you determine how advanced you are with it and why you want to learn it, and to what level. 7 Best Podcasts to Learn Hungarian in 2020, 18 Online Hebrew Courses Ranked From Best To Worst, 30 Best Apps To Learn Portuguese (Brazilian and European), Best Apps For Learning Japanese – We Tested Dozens Of Them, Online Swedish Courses: 15 Classes Ranked From Best To Worst, 8 Best Podcasts For Learning Greek In 2020. The biggest appeal with this app may be how well the course is structured. Courses are currently available in over 20 languages. The official Memrise courses for English require a paid subscription for full access, but they come with videos of native speakers and high-quality audio. There's also a Premium Plus option for about $7 per month for extra features. Vocabspace offers interactive reading material with in-app translations, a built-in vocabulary manager, flash card system, and more tools to advance your language studies! The apps below will be most useful for improving these skills. Learn More, Apps for Practicing Reading and Listening, The 17 Best (And Worst) Online Courses For Learning Turkish, Best Apps for Learning Mandarin Chinese: We’ve Tried Them All, The Best Apps To Learn Spanish – We’ve Tested 40+ Of Them, 9 Best Podcasts To Learn Hindi: Beginner To Advanced, Learn Greek Online – 16 Best (And Worst) Courses For 2020, 30 Best (And Worst) Online Spanish Courses: We’ve Tested Them. If it asks you to spell a phrase, the letters are included. One of my favorite parts of Memrise is the app's use of short videos to show how real locals express different phrases in conversation. The basic version of the app is free, and the premium version unlocks all of the content. Read more: Coronavirus closed schools. The app is supported by ads, meaning it’s otherwise free to use, and there are both US and UK versions. Duolingo was one of the first apps to make learning languages cool and popular again. Speechling provides even more personalized instruction by involving real teachers. A subscription to the platform allows you to submit an unlimited number of recordings. While there’s no shortage of quality online resources to answer most questions learners have, there are some things you simply can’t look up in a dictionary or conjugation table. The app teaches English with videos, audio tracks, and interactive activities. Tandem review. unknown words as you read very easy. On top of learning the language, you're also immersing yourself in the culture behind it. Whatever your English goals are, there’s definitely a resource that’s right for you. Both of these apps make it easy to get in touch with native English speakers no matter where you are in the world. It’s sort of … Babbel is free, or you can subscribe to a package. I tried my hand at Greek on the Drops app. Depending on the language you want to learn, you might have fewer titles to pick from. An Audio-Only subscription costs $15 a month, while a Premium subscription, which includes the 12 top selling-languages, is $20 a month. You’ll also see nonsensical sentences and won’t get much in the way of pronunciation or speaking practice. Pimsleur is an app that offers 51 languages to learn, but delivers the information in what is basically the form of a podcast. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The apps in this category cover just about all aspects of English to some degree. I tried beginner Hungarian on this app, and I liked how it offered to show you different conjugations if you tapped on verbs. Take your time and good luck! These are the receptive English skills. The platform allows users to progress at their own pace and includes video lessons, timed practice questions, vocab flashcards, progress tracking, a competitive feature, and more. Sign up here (then, download their app) 5: BBC Learning English (English Lessons Based on the News) The Rocket Languages series is fairly popular and is known for providing decent language courses, though we don’t think any of them are outstanding. The curriculum focuses on building vocabulary through engaging games that will catch the attention of kids. Reading comprehension is a matter of decoding, reading speed, and critical thinking about the text, all of which can improve with tiered practice. They're cheap (or free), take up no extra space in your bag or pocketbook, and they're filled with loads of useful features that help you learn. English proficiency is a valuable skill in both the professional and academic worlds. You’ll be exposed to everyday language, short dialogues, and native speaker audio, all of which are accompanied by explanations. Go to their main site, sign up, and then search for courses related to learning English or for whatever you want to learn. The design and course material aren’t the best we’ve seen, and you won’t get much practice producing the language. Mondly provides English instruction in more than 25 languages, but we think there are better apps to choose from. There…, A lot of people underestimate the usefulness of apps for learning Portuguese, and this is understandable. In-Depth Learning . The app’s colorful … The app brings a fun curriculum with bite-sized lessons that are easy to digest. Communicating your thoughts and ideas in English for the first time can be a thrill, and reaching advanced levels in speaking and writing can open lots of doors professionally and personally. Want to learn a second language? The app’s stylings may not be the most exciting, and there might not be anything revolutionary going on, but the no-nonsense approach seems to work for many. This enables Seek and Speak, which is a scavenger-hunt-style challenge. I use Duolingo to practice Spanish and German. Monthly subscriptions are $13, a three-month subscription is $27, six months costs $45, and one year is $84. Other users will then have the chance to read what you wrote and provide corrections and feedback. Why learning a new language … Duolingo is the fun, free app for learning 35+ languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. The app … Here are online education classes for every age and grade. The free, user-created courses are of varying quality, but there are certainly some good ones available. LingQ is an app that makes translating. This is where the Lirica app comes in. Review. Review. Use it for free to improve your accuracy, but don’t count on it to be perfect. Even without premium, Busuu offered valuable tools if you want to learn a language. The dictionary app will probably be one of the most useful and frequently used ones for people learning Mandarin; Pleco may be the app most frequently recommended for this function. If you want to jump into the deep end and seriously commit to learning a language, Learn a new language at home no matter your style with these 10 apps. Especially for aural learners, this app can give you a head start with spoken English. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. This app makes reading in another language easier by making it easy to look up words as you go. Review. Our unique teaching methodology consists of topic-based online courses to boost grammar, movie & tv show snippets to improve speaking & reading abilities, and bestselling books with audio to drastically increase vocabulary. italki also has some neat community features that are free to use in the italki app. Boost your learning with Duolingo Plus Learning a language on Duolingo is completely free, but you can remove ads and support free education with Plus. Plus, the app adapts to your needs in an attempt to maximize your learning. With activities like Space Pursuit, Jelly Fizz, Panda’s Trail, and Fly High, this app takes gamification to a new level. Translations are available in more than ten languages, but it’s not best for absolute beginners. There are so many great language learning mobile apps to download, perfect for learning-on-the-go, and a good number of them are free, too! You can anything from Spanish to Klingon with Duolingo. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Visit Hellotalk               Visit Tandem. Instead of traditional teaching methods for learning a language, Lirica uses popular music by Latin and reggaeton artists to help you learn the Spanish language and grammar. Record yourself speaking English and submit the recording for a native English speaker to evaluate and provide feedback. It teaches a variety of English courses with instructions in six different languages and uses both British and American accents. For example, Busuu says if I study three times a week for 10 minutes a day, I'll be pretty fluent in my chosen language in about eight months. It’s got a Word of the Day function that teaches new words each day at varying difficulty levels and a verb conjugation tool. In the app, you can access resources such as Duolingo Stories, which are short audio stories that allow you to check your comprehension skills as you go. There’s a Vocabulary Builder feature available for learners at different levels, idiom practice, grammar exercises, IELTS test-prep, and even games for practicing math. Whether you’re a native English or Latin-based language speaker,…, There are some awesome courses for learning Spanish online, along with more than a few that are terrible and cost…, If you’re traveling to, working in or moving to Malaysia, then you may find yourself looking into learning Malay. We earn money when you click on some of the Links on our site. Apps for Practicing Reading and Listening. In both of these contexts, English ability is often measured by way of standardized tests, whether it’s for admission to an English-speaking university or for a position at a company that requires skills in the language. Review. I’m a former EFL teacher turned freelance writer and self-proclaimed language enthusiast. I can’t quite seem to kick the habit of moving countries and have lived and worked on five continents so far. Review. Courses are available for speakers of fourteen different languages. You’ll also be able to study specific language related to certain grammar points or categories and be able to choose between US and British English. I tried Rosetta Stone's first Irish lesson, which was primarily auditory with images, though there are ways to customize the app to your learning preferences. This is why we created Lingo Mastery and Storyling (if you prefer to learn with our app). I also subscribe to Premium for $10 per month which includes an ad-free experience, downloadable lessons, and unlimited "health.". There aren’t really any grammar explanations either. (See 50 apps for struggling readers . Improve your English skills with EWA! There are so many apps catering to English learners, though, that sifting through them to find the ones that do a great job or offer just the type of practice you’re looking for can be a challenge. Review. This application has English to Arabic translation of some basic words and phrases to familiarize the users with Arabic language. Like Elsa Speak, this app’s focus is helping learners improve their pronunciation. The app combines neural science with cutting-edge technology and promises that at the end of these … The 29 Best Apps for Learning English in 2020, All Language Resources is an independent review site. Let’s start the list with the most obvious language learning app on the market – Duolingo. In addition to listening to a phrase paired with a photo of the corresponding action, Busuu included helpful vocabulary tips (like that "ciao" can mean "hello" or "goodbye"). You'll be a native speaker in no time! You’ll also be able to get some extra practice in the form of challenges that test various language skills. This reading app provides a translation of the text you’re reading right next to … The app is easy to use, and the exercises are all short enough to pick up whenever you’ve got a spare moment. Also take a look at our article on the best online English courses. This is another good place for finding English tutors online. If you're watching in the US, the extension generates 306 titles. As the series or movie plays, two sets of subtitles display at the bottom of the screen. There are so many that you should be able to find one to suit just about any difficulty level. It also keeps track of which words you know and which words you have to look up, using this information to color-code the text you’re reading. Language learning apps are the easiest and fastest way to inject more language learning into your life. So, whether a second language would help you in your business dealings, with your personal relationships, or during some international vacation, there are lots of free language learning apps to help you meet your goals. Grammar explanations are present but aren’t detailed and don’t play a central role in instruction. This can be difficult if you don’t live in an English-speaking country or just don’t have anyone to connect with. Best Podcast-Style Lessons: EnglishClass101. The system works well and it doesn’t usually take long to get a response. Lingodeer is something like a more mature Duolingo. ‎Improve your Korean and Japanese with Vocabspace, a reader and companion for your language studies. Podcasts…, Learning Polish doesn’t have to be stressful. The app is easy to use and has a slick design, but it’s really only useful for learners below an intermediate level. Each lesson takes you through translations, and includes variations of the word or phrase, pictures and whether it's formal or informal. The 15-minute lessons are easy to work into your day -- whether it's on your commute, before bed or on your lunch break. You can even learn Shakespearean English if that’s what you’re after. This app from the British Council aims to provide you with accessible and comprehensive grammar practice. The BBC has been producing content for learners of English for over 75 years! The app also includes facts about the artist while you're learning. The app also helps you spot patterns in the language to make it easier to improve your skills. After all, what is a language if not words? Review. This app will get you used to producing some basic utterances in English through a conversation activity where you record yourself speaking part of the dialogue. Getting personalized instruction from an instructor may be the most effective way to practice, but apps like Elsa Speak are leveraging technology to make practice more accessible. Here are online education classes for every age and grade, popular music by Latin and reggaeton artists, Use your phone camera to translate languages on the fly, Language Learning with Netflix Chrome extension. Common features include lessons that build on each other and interactive exercises. Instructions are available in 14 different languages. While the app seems to excel in design and providing a variety of interactive activities, we noticed several low-quality translations and questionable grammar. The HiNative community is active and usually quick to respond. Language Learning Apps For Kids: Making Language Learning Fun Even Harvard is on board when it comes to children learning languages, determining based on a longitudinal study that learning language learning helped children become more creative, more flexible, and be better engaged in problem solving. You’re also able to filter results by type of class as well as where your teacher is from or what other languages they speak. I like Duolingo's user-friendly layout, and the "streak" feature, which motivates you to keep going by tracking the number of days you've reached your point goal. Participate in bite-sized activities to get enjoyable English practice whenever it’s convenient for you. Review. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. HiNative aims to be the place to go for all of these questions, and it makes for a pretty convenient solution. Review. This one’s for Spanish speakers looking to learn English. One set is your native language and the other is the one you want to learn. But how do you figure out what they mean? too. They’re sorted into categories by what they do best, though some could admittedly fit into more than one category. If you subscribe to Premium, you'll get access to special kids lessons. The app is fairly basic, and you won’t get feedback on your pronunciation, but it’s free to use! All Language Resources is an independent review site. It allows you to quickly look up a Chinese word or character wherever you are. I tried Italian with Busuu and I liked the clean, bright layout of the app. Visit Fluentu                          Visit Yabla, Both of these resources work really well for getting interesting reading practice. Features include reading lessons, roleplaying challenges and digital flashcards. Still, it’s an easy way to get exposure to English and build some basic vocabulary. Instructions are available in nine languages. Both edX and Coursera are online platforms that offer free university courses. You can earn credits by speaking to learners of your native language and then use those credits to talk with native English speakers. CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. They might not have made our list of top choices, but they’ve got their own unique strengths. This platform emphasizes the value of a playful approach to learning a language. Access to Premium is usually $480 annually, but it's dropped to $48. Learn Arabic is an educational application developed to educate non-Arabic speakers to the language. It’s also worth waiting for a sale if you’re interested in a course (they’re frequent and significant!).