Its main ingredients include citrulline malate, beta-alanine, betaine, and ornithine. Bringing my Legion Pulse Pre Workout review to a close, I have to say For the most part, its fully met my expectations. It’s highly effective in improving your mood and wellbeing, plus memory recall especially when given in sufficient doses. It’s also added the amino acid L-theanine to ensure you experience a smooth energy rush. In addition, there’s the Alpha-GPC (Alpha-Glycerophosphocholine) that’s deemed the most potent form of choline. This stacks up well against the clinically effective dose, which is around 100 to 250 mg of L-theanine. But what makes this drink a phenomenal cut above the rest? It comes in Fruit Punch, Grape, Green Apple, and Watermelon flavors, but we decided to take Blue Raspberry for a spin. The manufacturer also claims it will boost your performance by giving you a “superhuman endurance.”. It's formulated and manufactured in the USA by international fitness … Legion Pulse adopts healthy ingredients like L-theanine and citrulline malate. The main ingredients in Legion Athletics Pulse Workout Supplement are citrulline and theanine, which increase your nitric oxide production and push you harder to get through the tough workouts. But I'd go Pre-Jym over Pulse since I like a bit of preworkout Creatine. Will it work well for newbies and veterans alike? That’s around $2 per serving. The caffeine, of course, reduces fatigue and can also increase power output, focus, and endurance. The best thing about this caffeine dosage is that it still has remarkable effects even if you have a high tolerance. Also I am a Male. Legion Pulse is a popular pre-workout supplement that made it onto our list of the best pre workout supplements thanks to its excellent combination of ingredients. However, if it’s your first time to use the Legion Pulse, try to monitor your tolerance. Pulse does not have that problem — all of these ingredients are present in very high amounts, higher than many of their competitors. In this Legion Pulse Pre Workout review, we’ll check out these ingredients further along with their dosages and whether they measure up well to the brand’s claims and their competitors. The best pre-workout supplements can maximize the efficiency … I have been a staunch bucked up supporter for 2 years and wanted to try something different. In turn, you’ll actually feel good (like, really good) while crushing your workouts. We receive free products to review and may receive commissions on purchases made through our links. Now when you’re engaged in intense exercises, your pH levels can drop while acidity increases. However, the Legion Pulse Pre Workout has much higher doses in many of its ingredients compared to standard doses per serving in other formulas. Legion recommends that you use 1 scoop before weight training or intense cardio and 2 scoops before intense weight training (or cardio that lasts longer than 45 minutes). Legion Pulse has citrulline, beta-alanine, and ornithine to increase your body’s endurance. On the other hand, you can easily reduce the dose if you can’t take too much caffeine by using one scoop only (two scoops is equal to one serving). The standard dose is at 1.6 g, but many studies have shown that beta-alanine is highly effective when dosed at 4 to 6 g. Given the 3.6 g of beta-alanine in Pulse, it is a decent amount to enjoy some effects on your endurance. Use code "BARBEND" for 20% off! Pre workout formulas typically include 150 to 300 mg of Alpha-GPC per serving, with the Legion Pulse Pre Workout powder having 150 mg. It’s at the lower range of the effective dosage, especially with 250 to 500 mg being the clinically-proven amount of Alpha-GPC to yield cognitive benefits. of water and drink at least 15 to 30 minutes before exercise. This puts the Pulse caffeine dose at the higher end of this range, which makes it very beneficial. From improved PRs to heavier weights, this supplement contains natural substances that will improve your endurance and performance. Legion Pulse is a short, yet smartly formulated pre-workout that does away with unnecessary additions and novel ingredients to focus on a blend that works. There’s no bitter aftertaste like with other pre workouts. Another great thing about the 3.6 g of beta-alanine is that it’s not too much so it minimizes your chances of experiencing the slightly uncomfortable side effects (mild itching and tingling of the skin) caused by this ingredient. of water before working out. With the addition of the citrulline malate to this pre-workout supplement, you can expect it to bring benefits in terms of energy production, muscle endurance, and performance. You don’t have to fuel yourself up with excessive stimulants. There’s also 4.8 g of beta-alanine, 8 g of l-citrulline DL-malate, 2 g of taurine, 250 mg of theanine, 2.5 g of betaine, and 2.2 g of l-ornithine HCL. Where I usually struggle with my last sets this really got me through them. The product increases mental concentration and boosts your energy, among other benefits, without causing a post-training accident. “Most people like 8 to 10 ounces.” Also, note that there is no creatine in pulse (click here to find out why) and also not as much caffeine as you think. The caffeine dosage on the supplement is strong enough to give you stronger reactions through nerve impulsesduring workout. Legion Pulse (good for bodybuilding) Legion Pulse is perhaps the single most powerful pre workout supplement when it comes to nitric oxide boosting specifically. Legion Pulse is a pre-workout supplement that helps ensure your blood is flowing and your mind is focused during every workout. A single serving contains 5 calories and 350 mg of caffeine. The supplement comes in caffeine and caffeine-free variants, which may be … I don’t know what y’all did to come up with this product, but don’t stop. Legion Pulse Highlights Legion Pulse was our favorite pre workout supplement for muscle pump. Finally, there’s beta alanine, which has a strong link with endurance. That said, this has way higher doses in just about every ingredient when compared to your standard 80-cents-per-serving pre-workout, so you might find it a justifiable expense, especially when you take into account the fact that it’s an all-natural product. However, if it’s your first time to use the Legion Pulse, try to monitor your tolerance. The ornithine, meanwhile, has been shown in some research to reduce fatigue in long workouts (think 45 minutes-plus) and one study also showed it can help with power as well, though that study is pretty old and the only one to show this effect. A mind-and-muscle connection is crucial to any workout, whether it be quick reps or giant sets. Certain ingredients like the betaine and Alpha-GPC could do better with a higher amount instead of being at a minimum dosage. Fun fact: the blue coloring of this product comes from spirulina, a type of nutrient-dense algae. Legion is a Virginia-based supplement company based that was founded by Mike Matthews in response to what he saw as low-quality supplements and unnecessary additives in most of the products on the market. The natural flavors are not overpowering at all. The most polarizing aspect of the formula is the fact that while the key ingredients are indeed generously dosed, the presence of theanine should also act as a safety net for those who aren’t fond of caffeine or any stimulant use. The doses of every single ingredient are super high, so high that if you’re put off by the caffeine or beta alanine, you can halve the serving to one scoop without much of a problem. An excellent effect of this amino acid is it can help lessen the stimulating effects that caffeine does to your body. It’s a bit more expensive than usual, but it’s got you covered when it comes to a solid blend of pre workout essentials. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a49a8bbe4d5cd6852ba159e60e170d16" );document.getElementById("f79310addb").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright © 2020 | All Rights Reserved |, The 14 Best Pre Workout Supplements Reviewed, Our Complete NO Xplode Pre Workout Review, Our Full Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Review, Our Complete Legion Recharge Post Workout Review, The 14 Best Amino Acid Supplements Reviewed, Our Complete ON Gold Standard Pre Workout Review, BSN NO Xplode Pre Workout Review 2020 (The Original Formular), Best Push Pull Workout Routine (For Quick And Easy Gains), A great blend of high-quality ingredients that are essential for pre-workouts, No proprietary blends; all ingredients and their dosages are disclosed, Dosage of most ingredients are high, actually higher than many of its competitors, Great taste even without artificial sweeteners, Effective in generating a smooth curve of prolonged energy that’s not all over the place, allowing you to perform more and stay focused on the workout, No uncomfortable side effects, like jitters and crashes. Many of the studies surrounding the use of betaine for exercises have pointed out that you need 3 to 6 g of betaine daily to enjoy its benefits. The Legion Pulse falls a bit short with 2.5 g of betaine per serving. . This way, you’ll still be able to focus on having a good workout. The good news is that the other ingredients are so highly dosed that you can halve the serving size and still have a pretty darn effective supplement. If you’re avoiding artificial ingredients, then the Legion Pulse will work wonders for you. . Rather than leaving you to feel burned out some moments after consuming it, Legion has formulated this drink to keep you energized from start to finish. Pre-Workout Review: Legion Athletics PULSE Pre-Workout Review: Legion Athletics PULSE January 30, 2020 January 30, 2020 | fittr fittr | 0 Comment This brand is one of the cleanest supplement brands that I have found over the years. The ingredients list is wide-ranging and soaring high in doses, even its electrolyte components are much higher than those of competing brands. For this reason, this supplement is light on stimulants. The “Other Ingredients” section is just a mixture of anti-caking agents and natural flavorings including stevia, maltodextrin, and erythritol, a sugar alcohol. The initial reaction of longtime users could be that it’s a bit pricey. Then the Legion Pulse Pre Workout powder may just be your best bet. On the other hand, it tastes quite pleasant after sipping or even gulping. If you don't want Creatine Legion Pulse is probably your best option. . It’s available in a tub of 21 servings for $40. Mix 1 scoop only with 10 to 12 oz. It’s what sets it apart from others- its high dosage of many ingredients that are essential to yielding powerful results when it comes to fueling yourself up to make the most of training. There’s just not much disadvantage to find with this supplement. . As for beta-alanine, the Legion Pulse has 3.6 g per serving. All that is why Pulse is the #1 bestselling all-natural pre-workout in the world, with thousands of five-star reviews from raving fans. Buy Legion Pulse, Best Caffeine Free Natural Pre Workout Supplement for Women and Men – Powerful Nitric Oxide Booster, Non Stimulant w/ Beta Alanine, Citrulline and Alpha GPC, (Caffeine Free Fruit Punch) on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders For some people, such a large dose of caffeine results in a lack of focus, or an increase in “jitteriness.” What’s cool about Pulse is that it includes big doses of taurine and theanine, which are intended to reduce the jitters and lack of focus that can accompany a big caffeine hit. Endurance. and if you want to say goodbye to the pre-workout jitters, upset stomachs, and crashes for good . It has 360mg of caffeine so this will offer the most “kick” on the list. The main ingredient is caffeine. Pulse is a naturally sweetened and flavored pre workout supplement that contains large and effective doses of the best science-backed ingredients, including those found in many nitric oxide supplements: L citrulline malate, betaine, beta alanine, alpha gpc, caffeine, and L theanine. What’s more, theanine may aid in your muscles’ quick recovery because of its ability to induce relaxation. The Legion Pulse Pre Workout powder is available in these flavors: Simply one scoop or two (two scoops are a single serving, one scoop is only half) with 8 to 10 oz. Legion Pulse claims to improve blood circulation; improved blood flow fosters increased nitric oxide levels in the body. Legion claims this supplement can bolster your energy levels without making you feel uncomfortable with the unnecessary jitters. This will go well with the formula and ensure that the high caffeine dosage won’t give you jittery side effects. This will certainly allow your exercises to become more satisfying and productive. THE LEGION PROMISE: ZERO WORTHLESS FILLERS - ONLY POWERFUL INGREDIENTS BACKED BY SCIENCE – 100% PURE. It helps your body produce more nitric oxide for increased vasodilation, which allows more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to your muscles during workouts. The American workout supplement company Legion produces an assortment of products that contain no artificial colors or sweeteners. It contains 8 g of citrulline malate for every serving. This way, you can decide for yourself if the Legion Pulse is a suitable supplement for you. Besides the caffeine, there’s beta alanine (4.8g),  taurine (2g), theanine (250mg), betaine (2.5g), l-citrulline DL-malate (8g), and l-ornithine HCL (2.2g). So, if you want to feel focused, tireless, and powerful in your workouts . The doses of most ingredients are adequately high but if you’re a bit worried about the high caffeine content or the addition of beta-alanine, you can always cut the serving in half to one scoop, so that’s not a problem at all. This formula also provides sustained energy that won’t go out while you’re in the middle of your set. Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement Review… The main features… 100% ALL NATURAL PRE WORKOUT POWDER. Studies have proved that such a supplement can increase speed while sprinting and improve VO2 max, among others. The citrulline is linked to improved blood flow and “pumps,” while the betaine is more associated with power output. A lot of pre-workouts have these ingredients, but don’t include enough of them to have the desired effect. All that is why Pulse is the #1 bestselling all-natural pre-workout in the world, with thousands of five-star reviews from raving fans. Be sure to stay well hydrated as you train with the Legion Pulse. It contains a whopping 8,000 milligrams of L-Citrulline, which is about twice the standard dosage. See our. This one is dosed even higher than the other ingredients, relatively speaking: there’s 4.8 grams of it in one serving. Pulse Pre Workout is a powdered supplement that you just add to water and drink before your workout.It comes in a choice of five flavours namely; Fruit … 2. This caffeine content is enough to improve your exercise performance and increase the amount of energy that your body burns, which also helps you lose weight. reviews of legion pulse pre workout are out there! People who are sensitive to caffeine may find the amount in Legion Pulse to be very high. The bodybuilding industry has created hundreds of different pre workout supplements, ... Legion Pulse is still 100% naturally sweetened to create the perfect balance between conventional pre workouts and organic pre workouts. It’s enough to help increase nitric oxide production and improve your blood flow. Supplement company Legion is founded by fitness blogger Mike Mathews. Related Article – Our Complete Legion Recharge Post Workout Review. What’s more is that its an all-natural supplement, so you can expect big things from it. Legion pulse combines the benefits of caffeine with an equally dosed bolus of l-theanine to smooth out jitters and prevent the familiar end-of-workout crash. Legion Pulse contains 350 mg of caffeine per serving. Plus, it paves the way for “mental regeneration” after exercise. That’s $1.90 per serving, which is relatively pricy — most pre-workouts are between 80 cents and $1 per serving. I have used Legion Pulse and Pre-Jym. A service of Legion Pulse also contains 144mg of sodium. It is more expensive than usual, but besides that, there’s little to find fault with. I’m a qualified health and fitness coach and have been helping clients achieve their dream bodies for 15 years. This includes things like how pure the ingredients are and if they are accurate in each bottle of Legion Pulse. (The citrulline will wind up a little low, but that’s pretty much it.). Thanks to proper dosage, you obtain performance benefits while steering clear from unwanted side effects. You also get 6% of the recommended daily intake of a couple of electrolytes- sodium and potassium, in particular. I thought Pulse was very good. . Join the BarBend Newsletter for everything you need to get stronger. All of these contribute to creating an environment that’s helpful for a quick, effective recovery. Hi, I’m David and I believe absolutely anyone can achieve the body of their dreams. Legion Pulse Pre Workout Review. Legion Pulse pre-workout supplements are designed to support your physical activities by more than just increasing your energy and strength. of water before working out. They also include 3.6 grams of beta-alanine to reduce fatigue and encourage muscle gain, 8 grams of citrulline malate to improve blood flow, and 350 milligrams of l-theanine, which provides a mood boost and prevents post-workout crashes. Legion Pulse Pre-workout The formulation of this pre-workout supplement is research-based. However, if it’s your first time to use the Legion Pulse… So what do these ingredients do? First-Ever Rogue Challenge: 50 Biking Calories for Time, This Bed Transforms Into a Space-Saving Home Gym, David Prowse, Star Wars’ Darth Vader and Champion Weightlifter, Dies At 85, 7 Bodybuilders to Watch At the 2020 Olympia 212 Pound Showdown, Powerlifter Heather Connor Deadlifts 192.5kg (424 Pounds) At Bodyweight of 44.5kg (99 Pounds), The Best Barbells For Training, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and More, The 12 Best Creatine Supplements on the Market, May be too high in caffeine for some people, May be too high in beta alanine for some people. Legion Pulse ranks #1 amongst all pre-workout supplements that they have ever tested. Pulse is made with only the finest ingredients nature has to offer THE MAN BEHIND THE BRAND Mike Matthews is an International Best Selling fitness author, and the founder of Legion Athletics. At the same time, these will help reduce fatigue and muscle soreness to keep you going until you complete your sets. In the case of Legion Athletics Pulse Pre-Workout, Legion Athletics also offers a stim-free version. 5g Beta Alanine. In short, theanine brings down the unhelpful side effects of caffeine. of water before working out. It contains 350 mg of L-theanine per serving. The same goes for the caffeine: it’s high enough that people who are sensitive to it may find it overwhelming. Legion Pulse Pre-workout was created by its founder, Mike Matthews, with the purpose of providing people with more data on what they were putting in their body, and what kind of results they could expect from it, so there isn’t anything in your supplement that you can’t track down and find out what it does. The Legion Pulse label clearly displays the ingredients along with their amounts: 1. I created Legion to bring something unique to the sports supplement space, because the last thing we needed is yet another line of flashy, hyped-up bogus pills, powders, and potions. Thanks to a light amount of stimulants plus 100% natural ingredients, Legion assures you won’t get an upset stomach when you work out. Even with no sugar and other artificial sweeteners, you’ll still get a refreshingly delicious taste with a wide range of flavors. This is about as strong a pre-workout as you’re likely to find on a per serving basis, though you can always just use one scoop. Based on personal experience, Pulse is not a do-without for me. Now, six years later, Legion is the #1 bestselling brand of all-natural sports supplements in the world , with over 250,000 customers served and 1 million bottles sold. Legion pulse combines the benefits of caffeine with an equally dosed bolus of l-theanine to smooth out jitters and prevent the familiar end-of-workout crash. The Legion Pulse Pre-Workout supplement does not contain any strength enhancers and creatine. Another issue is its low dosage of betaine. In turn, the muscles begin to experience fatigue because too much acid impairs their ability to contract. He too, takes Legion Pulse as his main pre-workout supplement: 3. Its blend is also expected to help you push your limits. A pre workout supplement with strong, clinically effective doses — and a two-scoop serving so you can keep things mild if you prefer. Nowadays, it is common to see bodybuilders rely on pre-workout to help them exercise for longer hours. The formula is impressive, but some of the dosages may actually be a little too high. . As you already know, Legion Pulse is a pre-workout supplement. The addition of beta-alanine, despite at a moderate dose, may still cause tingling for some. Let’s find out. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor of Blue Raspberry, because it really tasted like raspberry candy — even though there are no artificial sweeteners or sugar.