MASTERBUILT 20070311 – Best 40″ Electric Smoker. Masterbuilt MES145S 40" Digital Electric Smoker with Glass Window. Built-in legs raise the smoker to a comfortable height for easy access and the electric heating element lets you smoke meats without propane or wood. 4 cooking grates for food and an extra for the water pan. A quick wipe or two will not spoil your cook. In my experience, this 40-inch model by Masterbuilt is about the best electric smoker on the market today. I was wondering if anyone here had ever used the MES 145S smokers and if they would recommend them over the MES 40s. It comes with many of the special features we’ve seen above in various models: an integrated meat probe, LED interior lights, a large digital control panel, an automatic “off” when the timer runs out, and adjustable grate heights. No hassles of charcoal or propane, no babysitting the heat source. […] And knowing that it comes with a 1 year warranty makes a purchase of this smoker a bit more comfortable. Full Disclosure.). The door locks and the inner liner seals to keep the heat and smoke nicely inside while cooking (with a top air damper for smoke control). Enjoy! Besides those in the Q&As below, here is a video with 10 excellent tips for smokers, done by a pro smoker. To be honest with you, it’s mainly the “bells and whistles” – the fancy extras, as well as the quality of the build (seal around the door, insulation of the walls to keep the heat out) that makes one more impressive than the other. The design of the unit includes water and drip trays that you can access from outside, so that temperature and smoke loss are minimal, and a large capacity wood chip drawer. A digital thermostat with push button controls – you can adjust the temperature up to 300 degrees (that’s hotter than the majority of the other options), and a meat probe thermometer built into right into the unit. I'm looking at getting a temperature controlled electric smoker and while I was at Sam's Club picking up some ground beef to make some sticks I noticed they had a couple Masterbuilt MES 145S smokers for a reasonable price. The 800 watt heating element is fitted in this electric smoker with glass door window… Enjoy the smoking process, and of course, eat well! Dry wood makes much nicer, drier smoke – remember, water produces steam, not smoke. is a community of food lovers dedicated to smoking meat. Like other new Masterbuilt models, there is a side wood chip loading system included so that you don’t have to open the door during cooking to add wood chips. There are literally thousands of positive reviews on this product at Amazon – click through to see for yourself what others are saying about this Masterbuilt. Opening doors = heat and smoke loss.). Should anything go wrong, Smoke Hollow apparently has great customer service (local operators). You can adjust the 3 chrome plated cooking grids to whatever heights you want – this is a great feature if you like to cook up a variety of foods. You can select this model in black steel or stainless steel per your preference, and both options come with the tempered glass viewing window that lets you catch an easy glimpse of your feast-in-progress. It’s a “smart” smoker, equipped with Bluetooth technology that will let you control your smoker with your phone or tablet. The unit is fully insulated with a really good locking seal around the door, keeping the smoke where you want it (yes, it has an adjustable air damper for smoke control too). Enjoy delicious smoked meats and vegetables with the Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker. I dont see any good photos of the inside, but it looks identical to the 140S , but has the added legs. Some models include a cold smoke option, but most require the additional purchase of a cold smoke adaptor. This is your more basic model in the Masterbuilt line – compared to the one above, it has no wheels, no remote control, and no internal lights. And the MB mod basically frees up (a small bit) of room in your smoker as well as give you an indirect/longer path for the smoke to travel. Whether you're a novice or backyard BBQ pro, anything can be mastered when given the right tools. Set and forget. Sold Out. From building fish cookers as a family to over 40 years of experience as an industry leader producing high-quality products. I do wish it had a glass door but honestly when it worked, it worked really well. You’ll need to make sure your wood chips and water pan remain adequately filled. The door latch is adjustable so you can tighten it if necessary. Wrapping the chips perforated aluminum foil has helped some people. The blue LED display for easy viewing in direct sunlight, an internal light with viewing door for monitoring what’s going on inside, Bigger cooking space than other master built smoker of 975 sq. The door has a smoke-tight seal and a locking latch, keeping the smoke and heat nicely inside the unit and your food on track. Check it out for yourself. I want a LOT of smoke… do you have any tips? The Burn In Process is basically “seasoning” your smoker. 33. Built-in legs raise the smoker to a comfortable height for easy access and the electric heating element lets you smoke meats without propane or wood. Best Vertical Pellet Smokers [2020 Edition]. Many people do use their electric smokers throughout the year. And you’ll love the fast smoke setting as your wood chips will be smoking away in just 15 minutes! Masterbuilt 20077615 Digital Electric Smoker with Window Summer season is almost here, and these are some of the times we like to hold our family gathering and events as well. Other products by Masterbuilt. Reviewers find that the smoke that comes from the wood briquettes seems to be more pure and consistent than that which comes from wood chips or chunks. 40" Masterbuilt Smoker. 3. 730 square inches). Masterbuilt MB20072618 1200W 40″ Digital Electric Smoker: 4 chrome-coated smoking racks Monitors internal Meat temperature Thermostat temperature control for even, consistent smoking: Check Price.