I finally just replaced it. If you posted your machines model number, you're good to go. Third time (one year later) had to replace the entire main board. I have unplugged it and when I plug it back in shows same codes and keeps draining. It contains three shelves for ample storage of detergents, softeners, stain-treaters, and other items. Good information, but how do I unclog the nozzle and where is the nozzle located? Any ideas how to fix or at least quit draining and unlock? Back Answers Index; 526960. Skip to main content. In this video I show you how to fix the E01 F09 error code in a Maytag front load washing machine. Instead of filling the detergent dispenser to the fill line, I filled it only half full. Second load produced same codes. Thank you for your submission! At the same time, Whirlpool washer displays error code F3 E1 either immediately after switching on the device or while fulfilling the program. The F01 indicates a failed electronic machine control board. He wanted $294 plus Labor for main and $256 plus labor for motor. I am using Tide HE detergent in the “load and go” dispenser. Then touch POWER/CANCEL again to restart washer. In particular, problems can be associated with both the central board and other elements: an analog or electronic pressure switch; a hose; a pipe; an air trap. I was washing clothes today and got two codes on my washer. If the washer will not drain, check the drain hose for kinks or clogs. So it’s worth considering: perhaps, to buy a new washing machine? Accessibility, First time I cleaned the dispenser motor contacts, Second time (one year later) replaced the entire dispenser motor. Appliance: Model MAYTAG WASHER MHW6000XW2 My Repair & Advice. Patty Gregor Inlet valve screens on washer may be clogged. Levi Clapman Still get that error. ... Once the error code is displayed, the cycle is terminated and all water is pumped out. I too am having this f03 E01 on my Maytag maxima, help! October 11 by Fix Your Stuff. He, “The Tech” answer, even... - … As a result, it determines the wrong amount of water in the tank, which sends a signal to the main control board. Rolling laundry supply cart stores easily between your washer and dryer. Call Us . “F03” displayed on screen. My Whirlpool duet steam front load washer is displaying f03, e02. It s been doing this off and on now it seems to be - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician Check the water inlet hoses to be sure they are not clogged or kinked. Order and install the correct main control board for your washer. Instagram Facebook. Turn out just probably a slight misalignment of the lock, so I saw a small piece sticking out from the lock, when I pull it, it unlocks the door and I was able to open the door and when I plug it back again, it works! Unplugged but goes back to - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician The Whirlpool Duet washing machine is an automatic, front-loading washer with automatic sensors for temperature control, water level and wash load size, as well as an electronic control panel and keypads. Customer Questions and Answers for Water Level Pressure Switch by Whirlpool. Remove top cover of your washer and you will see on the left side on the back of the dispenser motor with lever. Genuine Product, Whirlpool manufactured the original product for your Maytag MHW5100DW0. I have the same issue and still can not seem to find an answer. Select any three (3) buttons (except POWER) and follow the steps below, using the same buttons. If, after all, actions, the machine starts up normally and does not interrupt the cycle, then the problem is solved. @onlaf. Repairman said it was Main board or Motor Board, but said it was most likely main board. E03 The overflow condition occurs if there is too much water or foam in the washer. Make sure that the house drain for the washer is clear. When clogged, the nozzle captures air incorrectly, wherefore it presses on the pressure switch. I replaced the “air dome” switch or whatever it’s called in mine and it didn’t change anything. Appliance: Model MAYTAG WASHER MHW6000XW2 My Repair & Advice. If there is no continuity, strip, twist, and insulate the broken ends. Remember the buttons and the order that the buttons were pressed. The pressure transducer air hose tubing being pinched or crimped can cause this. The latter is mounted to the washer’s floor. Michelle Errecart. I did just go back to using Tide a few months ago-and can’t remember for sure if that’s about when codes showed up. Sadly this model was highly recommended by consumer reports. It consists of several parts, either of which is a potential “threat” to the normal operation of the relay. The mainboard is checked last when no other action has helped. I have a Maytag direct drive washer code E01 and F03. Check: Drain pipe is knotted or not. It is located on the upper right side of the chassis and has a serial number of WPW10448876. There was some debris but still nothing. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Maytag Washing Machine Error Codes. I pointed out that it may be an Air Dome Assembly per service bulletin for this model of washer with the model # WFW95HEDWO. Read More-+ MORE INFO . Cleaned the whole thing out and replaced trap. I have unplugged it and when I plug it back in shows same codes and keeps draining. You may be able to clear this code by unplugging the washer for 5 minutes.... Be sure to unplug the washer before accessing internal components. ... Be sure to unplug the washer before accessing internal components. Also, should I pursue this possible fix with Whirlpool? Still read errors and door remains locked. If overflow occurs, the valves are closed and the drain pump switches on for at least 30 seconds. An unrepairable module is replaced entirely. Download File PDF Maytag Front Load Washer Error Code F08 E01 additional detergent. Rolling Laundry Cart for Maytag MHW5100DW0 Washing Machine. To eliminate the fault, you need to check whether the flexible tube is correctly placed inside the machine case, whether it has punctures and clamps. Touch POWER/CANCEL once to clear the code. To alert you that there are excess suds in the machine, Maytag's Bravos line of washers show an "Sd" code, while the Maxima models show an "Sud" code. Utopia Southlake, We are having the same issue and the tech that came out to fix it told us it was the drain pump that needed changing but after reading all the stuff out there I am not so sure anymore. The causes of the error, tips on how to fix the breakage of the washer. Error code F03 E01 is a system designation of a problem with determining the water level. At the first stage, check the water level pressure hose located between the pressure switch and the air trap. I figured it out. I too am having this f03 E01 on my Maytag maxima, help! Pressure Switch For Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine Part Number WPW10304342 (AP6019132) replaces W10304342, PS11752436. I am trying to troubleshoot this myself because if he changes the pump and it doesn't fix it I am back to square one and I have to pay more :(. System error. @sdweller1. Not one single load has errors since. Steven Weller Let's see if @ladytech can help. My model is Wfw95hexro. Once I clear it off the washer works fine (after I unplug and reset). The causes of the error, tips on how to fix the breakage of the washer. I was adding liquid detergent to the fill line in the washer but for a small to medium load that's twice the amount needed. @doverfoxcroft. It costs $ 20 – 25. If you are using steel-braided flood-safe ones, you are more likely to face problems. Door still locked. The excess suds will slow or stop the removal of water from the washer. How to fix the most Maytag Maxima front loading washer errors: F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F8. With a growing library of free repair videos, we have the video you need to … This is another thing to pay attention to since lime-fat deposits that fall from under the drain grate often settle inside the connecting tube. The first letter with numbers shows a sensor malfunction, the second one – to a specific damage zone. The most common reason for replacing the pressure switch is if the washer overflows. If it disappeared, then electronic failure is the reason. In case of breakdown, the circuit breaks wherefore the washing machine stops working (current is supplied only to the electric motor). First load ran fine with no error. To do this, restart the appliance: Then start the wash and see if error F3 E1 appears. When your washer detects excessive suds, it automatically runs a suds reduction routine. Add to … Hate this machine so much. My whirlpool duet washer has had the error codes F03 and E01. F08 followed by E01 (water supply error) appears in display: Check for proper water supply. Make sure that foam or water did not clog it. Includes repair parts, symptom troubleshooting, repair videos and more for my appliance.