History. The "LF" code indicates that the washer is taking too long to fill, while the "Ld" codes means it is taking too long to drain. Friction in the drive system also overheats the motor or the motor control board. We are Safe, Secure, Dependable and Trusted. LF/Ld. Do the following: If the screens are clear, the valve itself needs to be replaced. I just love all of this useful free information.. however my maytag 2000 series washer drains very slow and sometimes it will stop and display the F9 E1 code. ... Be sure to unplug the washer before accessing internal... - Whirlpool Washing Machine There is no reason to be worried until there is more water than halfway up the door. to take out Motor board. We have also been getting the SUD code. Here are some reasons the Whirlpool Washer Error Code E01 F09 will display: 1 – You may have a drain hose that is bent and not letting the water drain out – Check the back of the washer. Removed motor/pump from housing and all looks ok. So this error means that something is going on with the pressure switch on the washer because it thinks the tub is overfilled with water which is why the unit won't unlock the door. When it happens, the meter signals a problem by displaying the error code. The pressure transducer air hose tubing being pinched or crimped can cause this. The E01 and F09 codes indicate a draining issue, which may be due to a faulty or blocked drain pump (blocked or clogged filters). EEPROM is damaged When it happens, the meter signals a problem by displaying the error code. The F01 indicates a failed electronic machine control board. Was the washer turned on before being connected to water? If it happens, there are ways to solve it without calling a technician. Make sure the ddrain hose is installed properly. Do the following: Fisher & paykel dishwasher troubleshooting. Overloading the washer can cause this code to appear. Fix: clean draining pump. All rights reserved. And sometimes, it is associated with a transistor responsible for storing re-recordable memory. Error code F3 E1 in the washer Whirlpool can occur due to many problems. If the unit is less than 1 year old, call warranty and they will come out and repair the unit at no charge. If you have to wait more than 8 minutes, do the following: Is the drain hose properly installed? Receive discounts, usage tips, and recall notices. Maytag maxima washer error code f06 e01 If there are E01 and F06 fault codes on the screen, you are dealing with a poor connection between the main control board and the motor control board. Maytag front load washer error code E01 F09 - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician If the unit is less than 1 year old, call warranty and they will come out and repair the unit at no charge. I was able to enter the Diagnostic and it does a few tests like C00 and C03 but it never does CO5 which has to do with the MCU. ... Be sure to unplug the washer … It will need to be replaced to fix the issue and I’ll warn you in advance the part is typically about $250-300 depending on the exact model number located on a … Error codes in your Bravos washer's display may indicate a problem with water coming in or going out of the machine. This error occurs when a washer’s flow meter cannnot to detect water filling the washer. The Maytag company was based in 1893 in Iowa by Frederik Maytag, the hereditary German. Remove any obstructions between the spin basket and the tub. Disconnect the cold and hot water fill hoses and put their ends in a bucket or bath; Briefly turn on the taps and check the water pressure; If the pressure is ok, check the inlet valve screens for lime buildup or debris. He wanted $294 plus Labor for main and $256 plus labor for motor. How to fix the most Maytag Maxima front loading washer errors: F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F8 To clear the code, press the "Start/Pause" or "Power/Cancel" button.