Make sure the doors – or wherever the speakers are being installed - are correctly braced and deadened. Popular due to their rich, robust bass response, the Pioneer A-Series (around $50) make for an effective upgrade to most stock configurations, while leaving room in the budget for a good amp and head unit. Balanced sound quality with a strong midbass output are a trademark feature of these speakers. This wiki has been updated 13 times since it was first published in March of 2018. They're available in a plethora of arrangements that should fit any configuration. His affinity for sharing things he's passionate about has culminated in nine years of experience as a music teacher at elementary schools, where he honed his ability to simplify and elucidate concepts to the uninitiated. With a 6.5’ mid bass, the Morel Tempo Ultra 602 series speakers are extremely punchy and tight. For roughly $500, you can fill your commute with top notch sound. There’s also a good chance that you still enjoy every opportunity to roll down the windows on a nice day and blast your favorite tunes. These are some of the best 6.5 component on the market because of Focal’s dedication to top notch audio. Considering using a professional, recommended installer with sound knowledge of frequency tuning and powering, as that is a little tricky. Skip to the best car speaker on Amazon. Amazing sonic performance with smooth sweet high’s and fast tight mid/low bass. Our #1 and #2 picks, the JL Audio C2-650X Evolution and Morel Tempo Ultra 602, respectively, do just this. This means a speaker with 200-watt MAX but only 60-watt RMS is less powerful than a speaker with 100-watt MAX and 80-watt RMS. $99) deliver excellent sound quality for their price along with a long life, due to basalt rock fibers woven into the cones. All considered, he feels most at home writing about instruments, audio electronics and backpacking gear. This isn't how fragile or delicate your speakers are; nor does it have anything to do feelings. These fees will not increase your purchase price, As you'll see in the following guide, the best 6.5 component speakers will handle your audio in a much more clear, precise and refined way. Their rugged woofers are made of polypropylene cones with butyl rubber surrounds, which means they're rigid and, therefore, can handle a lot of volume without distorting. While they can handle more continuous watts than nearly any other, their peak power capability leaves something to be desired. There’s a good chance that the music you were listening to when you and your friends came of driving age remains some of your favorite. Make sure you don't make the mistake I did and assume depth is universal - you could save yourself some serious money and a lot of heartache. Updated No reviews found for this product. It could prove a good opportunity or even an excuse to spend that extra money on yourself, however, especially if your music is particularly important to you. To conclude the speakers are a quality product and beautifully constructed, with exception power handling capacity. Basically, it's translating more of that raw power into crisp audio goodness! Five levels of tweeter attenuation are allowed, and the mid-range presence adjustment reaches four levels, enabling customizing your sound with up to 20 settings. That's why devices that advertise "peak power" are being a little misleading. $400.00 but well worth it. It could prove a good opportunity or even an excuse to spend that extra money on yourself, however, especially if your music is particularly important to you. Either mount the tweeters and woofers separately for crystal-clear sound, or with more limited space in the vehicle, mount the tweeter inside the woofer and still get full-range with great impact. I installed 2 sets in my 2018 VW Atlas all four doors, driven by JL Audio’s RD400/4. I am so happy I picked the Morel Ultra Tempo 602 set over any other because of the smooth characteristic’s of the drivers. Fortunately, there are some additional things you can do to increase the quality of your audio environment. I am so happy I picked the Morel Ultra Tempo 602 set over any other because of the smooth characteristic’s of the drivers. $60) are good for those who flit between genres. Yes, it feels nice when your subs start to rattle the seats and make your windows wobble, but this is not the only option. help fund the Wiki. I am going for a semi-budget high sound quality system: Pioneer 80PRS Head Unit; Zapco 1000.4 or 750.2 to drive 2 Way Fronts; Zapco 500.1 to drive sub; Morel 2 way fronts (1) JL 10TW3 D4 Sub I say easy fit knowing that if they prove either too big or too small to install in minutes, there are plenty of tricks you can apply to cut away at the stock opening or try to fill in empty space. If you spend a reasonable amount of time in your vehicle, a quality sound system is probably high on your wish list. Comparing Focal Integration IFBMW-S and Morel Tempo Ultra 602? In recent years, his writing chops have developed alongside his musical skills, thanks to a rich double life. selections, we may earn commissions to This can be a dangerous prospect however, as a sub with too much power can be a problem. Morel – Tempo Ultra 602 ... Focal Integration – Universal Series ISU 200 Music will sound warmer and more inviting, and talk radio and podcasts will replicate actual voices. Amplifier / DSP combination: The more sensitive your speakers are, the less power they require to produce the same amount of volume. Thanks to their silk dome tweeters and impressive power handling, the Morel Tempo Ultra 602 (about $249) provide precise articulation at low volume. They provide a whole new level of sound that redefines the significance of quality sound reproduction. What's really important is sustained sonic output for an indefinite length of time. Morel TEMPO ULTRA 602 6-1/2" 2-Way Car Component Speaker System. The latter will better serve somebody who already has an aftermarket amp and wants to push it to its upper limits, whereas the former can deliver exquisite, high-fidelity audio even when connected to a factory setup amp/radio. | Powered by WordPress, Rockford Fosgate Prime Amplifier Series Review, Rockford Fosgate Punch Amplifier Series Review, Kenwood eXcelon Stereo CD Receiver Range Review. Range is a measure of how much of the audible sound range the speakers can produce. Tweeters can sound a bit bright, but can be adjusted to taste. Hey everyone, I'm facing quite a dilemma atm. During the day, he apprenticed with “Rolling Stone” journalist and critic Will Hermes, and when the sun set, he and his NYC-based, four-piece band gigged at high-end venues across the northeastern United States. Work components around your car; don't work your car around components. Learning to drive is a serious right of passage in many cultures, and it marks one of the first steps toward independence that we take away from our parents. Though a good amp goes a long way in improving your car's sound system, you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't match them with a pair of capable speakers. Will Morel Virtus 502's or Hybrid 502's fit in the front door stock speaker locations of a 2nd Gen Tacoma (using ***** adapters)? Please note: Different frequencies can have different impedance values. Thanks for reading the fine print. An investment in a new amp can drive aftermarket speakers to higher volumes and richer, more expressive soundscapes. Tempo Ultra 602 - Morel 6.5" 120W RMS Tempo Ultra Series 2-Way Component Speakers System; Tempo Ultra 602 - Morel 6.5" 120W RMS Tempo Ultra Series 2-Way Component Speakers System. I can get these for roughly the same price if not very little price difference and I can't decide on which one I like more. Keep in mind that these are sound waves, vibrations in the air, and if anything stands to absorb or deflect them on their way to your ears, it can spoil your experience. Focal (I cant remember the style) Which harness plug in harness do I need for the amp? For a few hundred dollars, you can have a pair of coaxial speakers that approaches studio-monitor level sound reproduction. As long as your speakers have similar impedance to your amp, you'll be fine. The clarity of music through these speakers is so great, many report hearing things they never heard before in even their favorite tunes. Backed by the expertise of the Harman electronics family, the Infinity Reference X (around $60) will make you think that the units you're listening to are much more expensive than they actually are. When you’re upgrading your speakers, you want to make sure that the cones you choose are going to be an easy fit. They do this by utilizing more nuanced frequency responses to create a kind of sound stage in which listeners could swear they were hearing the space in which the music was recorded in addition to the music itself. Signup today for free and be the first to get notified of any new updates. Subscribe to the Newsletter! Themes This is a universal metric that simply tells you how much sound pressure (loudness) an audio device will create at a stated distance on a single watt. A higher impedance means that an amplifier will have to push more voltage to create the same sound quality. For starters, as we mentioned above, make sure there’s nothing physically inhibiting the performance of the speakers you’ve got. In general, for those looking for sound quality without needing repulsive volume levels, component speakers can be the way to go. This fancy term just means how much AC resistance exists in the wiring of the speakers. For more information on our rankings, please read about us, linked below. This speaker system enables you to make the choice of the best configuration in order to get great sound in your car. Focal 165 v30 vs Morel Virtus 602 - Which one would you go with? Copyright text 2019 by To help you wade through it all, we've compiled our ten favorite picks, ranging from low-cost models that make great replacements for standard units, to high-end choices that will appeal to audiophiles. To help you wade through it all, we've compiled our ten favorite picks, ranging from low-cost models that make great replacements for standard units, to high-end choices that will appeal to audiophiles. When we're discussing power, RMS is the only value that lets you make any sort of meaningful comparison between two products. I recommend 100% ... 165W-RC - Focal Utopia Be 6-3/4" Component Speaker System . These do feature a similar impedance to the K2s. TEMPO ULTRA INTEGRA 602 6½" Point source 110 220 90 50-22000 572TEMPO ULTRA INTEGRA 402 5x7" Point source 100 ... home and car audio markets, Morel celebrates 45 years of in-house engineering, manufacturing, and innovation. These speakers are also 2-ohm, hauling out maximum power from your stereo or amp for getting the most out of your system. This is how far it 'juts' out into your car interior. Focal ES 165K (4 ohm - 100 RMS) $850 or Hertz MLK 165.3 (4 ohm - 150 RMS) $800. Morel Tempo Ultra 602 Component Car Speakers 2-way 120 RMS 250w Black Friday. Running on 75wrms per channel, and with the correct amount of sound deadening material, they do exactly what is expected of them. If your budget is tight, you can get away with a pair like the Infinity Reference X, which are well-made and relatively easy to install on your own. Additionally, this means you don’t necessarily need a fancy power head to get a good sound; your stock head may even do. The JBL GTO (about $82) are an attractive mid-level option that would greatly improve most cars' stock setups. It doesn't take much money to do so, either. from Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Target, and others, and may earn advertising fees Peak power is how high the system can go at maximum output, but it can't stay at that wattage for long without causing problems. What does this mean to you? All-in-all a good, loud speaker set, with no distortion even at high volumes at a good price point. I loved her, but she had very shallow door panels and it was a struggle to find speakers with a profile narrow enough to fit. Last updated on June 02, 2019 by It's measured in Hertz (Hz), with low numbers being long, deep tones (like the boom of a drum) and high numbers being shorter, sharp tones (like the singing of a bird). Retail: $2,399.99 . Medyo na-narrow-down ko na sa kanila choices ko although di ko pa sila na-audition. Also found a way I might be able to I will power with either JL 300/4 or 300/2 and use in Honda Civic Si 2013. With power handling of 75 RMS to 225 watts maximum and system efficiency of 90 dB, measured at 1 watt at 1 meter, makes these speakers comparable to most in their price bracket. These speakers are a must for the car audio fanatic, giving clear, loud sound, enhancing both the mids and the highs, with great clarity and response for mid bass. You can also upgrade things like the amplifier and even the interface in your vehicle. I'd suggest buying the inproved 602 tempo ultra as it handles slightly more power, lower quoted distortion and has an improved bass response(+1 since u wont be using a dedicated sub). They are very loud and dynamic, but ideally should be run with a good amp delivering at least 100 RMS per channel. ... Focal Car Component Speaker System. Many say that they find the speakers difficult to install, but it shouldn’t be an issue if you’re savvy. Adjustable crossovers balance high range frequencies so that they aren’t too harsh, and they won’t blow. Morel vs. Focal, etc. Are you looking to choose a speaker system for your vehicle? Morel Hybrid vs. Morel Elate Hello there, I have the Morel Hybrid 602 in my main car - powered by a Sinfoni Aldante 95W x2 - I'm generally very happy with them (Had morel Tempo in the past too) . The committed 2W.XL crossover provides flexibility in configuration, with an easily adjusted filter catering to your personal taste. For simplicity's sake, in our reviews we focus on the more commonly available measurement: top-mount depth. If you’re shopping around for component speakers, here are the things you’ll want to look at. On top of that, they do an excellent job of managing the force required to run your bass-heavy music, with full control. Put together, these speakers are capable of demonstrating the kind of control required for even delicate classical music. Skip to the best car speaker on Amazon. But there are more subtle forms of damage that can befall your sound system, and that can be fixed by upgrading your speakers to something new. On the surface, it's pretty simple. A frequency response of 50 – 22000 Hz, RMS 270 watts per pair, Damped XL Mesh Fibre Cone, aerodynamic die-cast aluminium basket, vented bottom plate, the ESK is a high energy series component speaker, manufactured with a Neodymium oversized magnet and Loss-less Polymer Rubber Surround. in cases where those brands are manufactured by the retailer to which we are linking. Expect warm, lush mids, decent highs, and surprising depth from the lows. Now, there’s the obvious situation in which your speakers have simply stopped working, or they’ve been damaged so badly that all you can hear coming out of them is an alarming crackle. The tweeters handle high frequency information without overheating due to the unique ferrofluid cooling system. $449.00. Beyond that consideration, there’s a dividing line among these speakers that can be somewhat easy to spot when comparing price tags. Your Review. -  Designed by Thrive Because they're among the most cost-effective coaxial pairs available, many mobile music buffs swear by the Focal Access's (about $220) ability to bring high-fidelity sound to your vehicle without the extra effort and expense of installing a complex multipoint system. When we start talking about speaker range or frequency response, you might have a general idea of what we mean. Most people ride around with stock speakers in their car and are perfectly happy with that. If you believe that your product should be included The Pioneer TS-D Series (appx. A) Morel Virtus 602 - 29.8k vs Focal PS 165 FX - 28.8k B) Morel Tempo Ultra 18.8k vs Focal PS 165 F - 22k Prices are based on Mickeys website. What's the difference between "top mount" depth and "bottom mount" depth? Audiophile speakers deserve a more curated space in which to perform. Morel is a respectable brand name.