Paring knife definition, a short-bladed kitchen knife for paring fruits and vegetables. ... so I do not recommend dishwashing this beautiful paring knife. A paring knife is a very small knife, but one of the few that a home cook will probably need. What is a paring knife, exactly? When it … After the steel is folded it is then hammered. Devein shrimp: Cut a shallow slit down the outside curve of the shrimp; remove the dark vein, and rinse the shrimp under cold water. Here's how. Description A staple in every kitchen, the 3¾" Paring Knife's wide blade design enables more precise and intricate work to simplify meal prep. Paring knives are great alternatives to conventional peelers. Used for chopping, slicing, and peeling small, soft fruits such as apples and citrus fruits, as well as vege… Knives come with a lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship or defects in materials. Good value in an attractive, well-made knife. Most sausage links come encased in delicate sheaths, which keep the ingredients contained, but can pose problems when cooking, especially if you’re breaking sausage into smaller pieces. The stainless steel blades are strong and resist corrosion and stains. How to use chef's knife in a sentence. Paring Knife. Guarantee is subject to correct usage and cleaning. Both blade and handle are crafted from the most precious materials, which shape their striking appearance. Description. Nice and thin behind the edge for effortless slicing. Product Description Make quick work of cutting small garnishes, peeling potatoes or deveining shrimps with this all-purpose paring knife . Order Dexter Russell Knife, Paring, 15271 at We'll teach you several ways to use one, as well as what brands are best. Similar to when you're coring a tomato, insert your paring knife to the side of the strawberry stem, then carve a circle around it. paring knife definition: 1. a small knife that is used to cut away a thin outer layer of something, especially fruit 2. a…. Related products. Product Description Chef Aid Paring Knife Black Handle. A paring knife is one of the most versatile multi-tasking tools in any kitchen. Peel the fruit to the flesh, then cut between the white membranes to extract each section. Paring Knives. Offers may be subject to change without notice. With a blade only 83mm (3 1/4") long, the paring knife is ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. We'll teach you several ways to use one, as well as what brands are best. Best Ceramic: Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series Paring Knife. Description Product may have minor visual imperfections or a damaged box. Your paring knife should feel good in your hand and possibly complement or match the other knives in your set. Certain cuts of meat have fatty pockets that you'll want to leave in while cooking. Because you hold the fruit as you cut it, this job is much safer when performed with a paring knife than with a chef's knife. Using your paring knife, you can lightly draw a line down one side of the sausage—not enough to slice deeply, but enough to break the skin. Many chefs consider it the second most important knife to own besides the chef's knife, although not everyone agrees. Paring knives vary somewhat in profile since users vary in both their technique and the products they commonly use in cooking. This is knife is not only beautiful with its Damascus blade, but it's razor sharp, true to Japanese knives. Description VG10 DAMASCUS PARING KNIFE BLANK. Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set – 13 Piece - BONUS Sharpener - 6 Knives - Chef, Bread, Carving, Paring, Utility and Santoku Knife - Cutlery Sets - Multicolor by Lucentee 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,283 $15.99 Sign up for our daily newsletter for more great articles and tasty, healthy recipes. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Get smarter about what you're buying. The Blade: In a forged knife, the blade is formed from heated metal and is individually hammered. Shaped like a utility knife, but with a shorter blade, these are great for peeling a zucchini or slicing smaller items like berries, cherries, and grapes. Who ever said that chicken wings, doughnuts, and pizza couldn't be healthy? The small handle gives the cook maximum control over the tip and the edge of the blade. The small, lightweight knife is a great companion for everyday cutting thanks to its sharp steel blade with titanium and non-stick finish. Use it for any job that requires precise and delicate work, like removing the ribs from a jalapeño or coring an apple. Designed for a variety of purposes, they are ideal for professionals. For many cooks, a paring knife is the go-to for tool when a chef’s knife is too large.