It examines different views on the nature of meaning, truth and reference, with special focus on the problem of understanding how linguistic communication works. Philosophy of Language - WS 2012-13 2. Aesthetics 2. Wed, Dec 6 Group Presentation #9: ? Philosophy of Language Philosophy of Mind Topics in Logic Puzzles and Paradoxes. For your information, the university’s Honor System brochure describes plagiarism in the following way: “Plagiarism is the act of passing off as one’s own the ideas or writings of another” (p. 4). In addition, each joint course has some philosophy subject or subjects as part of its First Public Examination, normally taken in the first year. Textbook and Readings I highly recommend bringing your text(s) to class with you. Massimo Mugnai on Leibniz’s views on language. Each exam (or paper) will count for roughly a quarter of one’s final grade. Philosophy Blogs. ‘Mary and Jane’, ‘two women’). Some of the above subjects are compulsory in one or other of the courses containing Philosophy. The final course grade is broken down as follows: 1/5 = class participation grade; 3/5 = three exams; 1/5 paper. Other Links. The philosophy of language has been one of the dominant areas of philosophy during this century. philosophy courses is plagiarism. Philosophy Syllabus Outline. This course is an experimental one in that the language of instruction as well as of discussion will be in English. The most substantial piece of writing will be a research paper on a topic in the philosophy of language. Philosophy of Language Syllabus 2019 - Read online for free. Instructor: Ian Boon. 276-90. Language gives us the ability to express a wide range of thoughts, merely by making certain marks on a page, gesturing in a certain way, or producing a certain sequence of sounds. Philosophy 80 and some background in logic Course Description: This course is designed to be a survey of the seminal articles of 20th century analytic philosophy of language. Philosophy and Reason Senior Syllabus 2014 combines the discipline of philosophy with the associated skills of critical thinking and logic. Overview This course is an introduction to the philosophy of language. Is truth a genuine property that some sentences or utterances possess? I am convinced that the best way to learn philosophy is to write, so I will have you write a bunch in this class. Oct 19th Philosophical Languages; Leibniz and the Encyclopedia. Epistemology 3. For copyright reasons, this chapter is now available only on Avenue to Learn (under Contents). Oct 26th Frege’s Philosophy of Language… PHILOSOPHY OF LANGUAGE PHIL 425/625, Sec. * Use this list to cross reference with class calendar in this syllabus to know your reading requirements per class. Philosophy of language concerns quite a large 209-237, 269-292. Synonym: 25286. … ‘John’, ‘a man’) and the plural (e.g. Mon, Nov 27 Group Presentation #8: Artificial Intelligence. Core Courses [Fourteen courses; Each course: 6 credits (5 theoretical segment+ 1 for tutorial-related segment). The study of philosophy allows students to recognise the relevance of various philosophies to different social, ethical and religious positions, and realise t … Optional: Lycan [14], Philosophy of Language: A Contemporary Introduction Philosophy of Language: A Contempo- Syllabus 1.0 Prof.: 01:730:210 Philosophy of Language Spring 2011 Instructor: Pavel Davydov Course Description This is an introductory survey of some of the main topics in philosophy of language. Introduction Since the time of the ancient Greeks, philosophy has developed into a discipline which asks fundamental questions about all areas of human activity, while seeking to offer plausible answers to such questions. Name: Namjoong Kim Email: (a preferred means of communication) Phone: 010-9907-5770 (emergency only) Overview Ever since Plato’s Cratylus, language has been regarded as one of the most interesting philosophical subjects. language relating to it, such as conditionals, modals, proper names, and descriptions. This course is an introduction to the philosophy of language. But you must be prepared to engage with some difficult contemporary material. Beware: Unless you have some prior experience in philosophy… Optional themes SL students are required to study one theme from the following list. Core theme The core theme “Being human” is compulsory for all students. Week 15: Wind Up and Review Mon, Dec 11 [Stainton: Chapter 12] Wed, Dec 13 6. Syllabus: Philosophy of Language Instructor Info. 2207-634. The course may be given in several variants, based on one or more of the following core areas in philosophy of language: (1) Truth. Office Hours: 10.00-15.00 daily, or by appointments, Room 1025 Boromratchakumari Bldg.. Office Phone: 02-218-4756; email: . 1001: TTh 1pm-2:15pm in WRI C301 University of Nevada, Las Vegas Spring 2013 Professor: James Woodbridge Phil 133: Philosophy of Language Berkeley, Fall 2020, TTh 630-8pm. 5th edn., New York: Oxford University Press. This class, then, concerns social, political, and cultural issues that have significant linguistic elements. Philosophy of Language Tübingen syllabus Author: 10, 11, 14, pp. Students will choose their own unique topic from a selection provided by the instructor. Syllabus: Social Philosophy of Language and Pragmatics Daniel Drucker 1 Overview In talking about “social” philosophy, we will mean philosophy that is concerned with social, political, and cultural issues. Its use as a tool to convey information has been at the center of most of the research in analytic philosophy of language in the 20th century. PHILOSOPHY OF LANGUAGE PHIL 425/625, Sec. Course Description The other required readings have been collected in a packet that can be bought at the Philosophy Department. Philos C127A - Philosophy of Language. "What theories of truth should be like (but cannot be)." Return to top Spring Session 2011. Top-ics include: meaning, truth, reference, communication, names, descriptions, indexicals, the a priori, translation and propositional attitudes.