A straddle in poker is a blind bet placed voluntarily by the players before the dealer deals out the cards for the poker gaming session. Sometimes in cash games, the action just isn’t enough for the players, or they want to make the game more entertaining. Poker Straddle Variations. Instead of raising blinds, which isn’t a common practice, especially in casinos, players often choose to post a straddle in poker games. One of the truly weirdest bits of poker strategy with which you are going to have to deal is the poker straddle. For those who are unfamiliar, a straddle is basically an extra big blind put in before any cards are dealt. Pretty stupid rule IMO, but makes it fun when the straddle comes, next player makes it $6, and I am in position to cap it at $30-$40. The straddle is a blind bet added to the pot by the small blind with the intention of inflating the pot. For example, while the straddle size is typically 2x the BB, some casinos may allow a straddle bet of any size. It involves betting double the big blind before the dealer passes out cards. In Texas hold’em, a straddle is a blind, forced bet usually made from the UTG player although some casinos will allow a straddle from any position. There are a few different kinds of straddles, the most common being an under-the-gun straddle. There is also a 3 raise rule at this room. What is a Straddle in Poker? Live straddle explained. The gambler who straddles effectively buys the big blind bet before the cards are dealt out in an attempt to double the stakes. Adding an Extra Blind: Straddle Poker Strategy. Usually, it is the player under the gun who straddles. Whether different sizings are permitted, may also depend on the type of straddle. A poker straddle is where the player who is meant to be under the gun , puts in an unforced bet (usually double the big blind). Occasionally it will be more - Like 2.5bb. Straddling rules change from casino to casino. What is a straddle in poker? Most straddles in turn, or directly after the big blind, are live and allowed in nearly every poker game that uses blinds. If a game advertises a "Mississippi Straddle," it allows straddles from the dealer. If you are new to the game of poker, you may have seen the TV players straddling and may have wondered what it was all about. In our continuing poker strategy series, here we focus on explaining just what a poker straddle is. Straddle Definition: In a live game, when a player decides to 'straddle', he is putting in twice the big blind before the cards are dealt. Before the cards are dealt, the person first … Straddles out of turn are often disallowed. You can’t straddle in games with a prize pool, like tournaments or sit and go’s. We have thus far considered the classic UTG straddle. Simply speaking, this is a bet that you’re given the chance to make totally blind, though there are plenty of subtle ways to read this kind of action that are almost guaranteed to confuse you. Poker Straddle Basics You could walk into half a dozen different casinos and find different house rules on the poker straddle but the basics don’t change much. Some games allow straddles from any position and for any amount, which leads to wild games. A straddle is a unique betting strategy that can only be done in cash games. The good news is, the concept is very simple in its essence.. A live straddle is basically an extra blind posted by the player (or players) sitting to the immediate left of the big blind (UTG).. Then there is the extra threat of bets and bluffing and tells which just make straddle poker more exciting. The straddle is always placed by the first to act (the player UTG) after the posting of the blinds. $1 sb, $2 bb, $4 straddle, often next guy makes it $6, and someone will cap the preflop action at $8. The straddle poker is something different as you have to deal with the strategy of the cards being dealt and are playing against human opponents who have their thought processes when playing the game. Normally, the straddle amount will be double the big blind.