Kariya Kaliamman Traders - Offering Prosopis juliflora Root Wood at Rs 5000/ton in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Prosopis juliflora trees in Somalia Safeguarding agricultural and pastoralist livelihoods by transforming a longstanding threat into a sustainable resource for women and youth Geographic coverage Berbera, Odweyne and Togdheer districts, Somaliland Conforms to UN Somalia map, December 2011 0 200 km ETHIOPIA KEN YA Arabian Sea Gulf of Ade n ower uba Gedo Bakool Bay Galguduud Mudug Bari … Prosopis juliflora reproduces through seeds and multiplies itself through cuttings. Es sind sehr gut an trockene Standorte angepasste Pflanzen ().Es werden auch die deutschen Trivialnamen Süßhülsenbaum oder Mesquitebaum (von nahuatl: mizquitl) verwendet. Prosopis juliflora is a thorny, dominant and thirsty tree species that has invaded the main grazing areas in many countries in the Horn of Africa (HoA), posing a major threat to rural livelihoods.The scale of Prosopis expansion is dramatic in the region, e.g. prosopis juliflora wood Search Trop Picture . Read about company. The Prosopis juliflora ‘Peapods “are edible and nutritious. more than one million hectares in both Kenya and Ethiopia, respectively. Synonyms: mesquite extract : mesquite wood alcoholic extract : mesquite wood extract : prosopis spicigera wood extract . ... P. juliflora wood is hard, heavy and compact, with medium to thick texture and light brown to dark brown coloration. It also has high durability and may be utilized for manufacturing furniture, mosaics, wood flooring, lanes, stakes in general, lathes, sleepers, posts, firewood and excellent-quality coal. Prosopis juliflora Andrew Speedy (Editor) Extract from FAO Tropical Feeds Database Useful reference: 563 A tree up to 10-15 m high, typical of arid and semi-arid regions, with a green-brown, twisted stem; flexible branches with long, strong thorns, bipinnate leaves; pale-yellow flowers arranged in spikes; flattened fruit, nondehiscent with hardened epicarp, multi-seeded and curved (approx. Get contact details and address | ID: 20721874930 PubMed:Immunochemical characterization of prosopis juliflora pollen allergens and evaluation of … Prosopis ist eine Pflanzengattung in der Unterfamilie der Mimosengewächse (Mimosoideae) innerhalb der Familie der Hülsenfrüchtler (Fabaceae). The Prosopis tree is used as a source of shade for the scorching sun and a defense against soil erosion. Prosopis juliflora wood is hard but nonetheless easy to work with and of excellent quality for carpentry and woodwork. Articles: PubMed:Screening of some weeds for larvicidal activity against Aedes albopictus, a vector of dengue and chikungunya. They can be eaten raw, boiled, stored underground, or fermented to make a mildly alcoholic beverage.