The redesigned profile has a longer barrel with a larger sweet spot … We have the final decision for matching an online price. Only bats with a composite barrel require a break-in. This bat has not dissapointed. What size bat for a player that is 6'2" and 169 lbs? We must confirm that the competitor has the same size and product in stock and ready to ship. Is this good for a 13 year old that is going to use BBCOR bats in the spring before gold glove tryouts? It will appeal to anyone in need of durability. I really had to try to hit balls out with this bat. You can try reloading the page by clicking here. Featuring Precision Optimized Performance (pOp) technology, this USA 5150 bat includes a massive sweet spot, yet provides an extremely balanced feel. Neither this 2017 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB75) nor any other 2017 Rawlings BBCOR bat will feel end-loaded when swung. Rawlings Quatro Pro 33' NEW. I'm 5'7" tall, 120 lbs. Why? Feels more like the old 5150 modles which I love. The bat has great pop and it sounds amazing. Baseball Bat US8511 *2-DAY SHIPPING* 4.5 out of 5 stars (3) 3 product ratings - 2018 Rawlings 5150 Youth USA 31" / 20 oz. Based on your height and weight, we suggest a 33" model in the 2017 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB75? In 1920, Bill Doak, a journeyman pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, approached Rawlings with an idea for improving the baseball glove from a mere protective device to a genuine aid in fielding. Once these points have been confirmed, simply give our Bat Experts a call at 1-866-321-2287, email us at, or Live Chat. All the batting accessories you need to maximize your performance are in this Batter's Box. We know that buying a bat might not be easy, but we are here to help! The Batting gloves are perfect to wear for games or practice. The Omaha rates well every single year! This 2017 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB75 features a -3 length to weight ratio, a 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter, and is BBCOR Certified for high school and collegiate play. This thickness is also great for transitioning to wood bats. CLOSEOUT 2017 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat -3oz BB75. The Omaha rates well every single year! Last one. This 5150 (actual wt. Which option(s) do you want to be notified about? I am 5'11" and 210 lbs. Love the feel of this bat. Did you purchase a product from us, but noticed that it is now at a lower price?Please let us know, and we will honor our lowest price within the past 30 days by issuing a refund for the price difference or adjusting the price for you over the phone. Rawlings 2017 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat. Both 2017 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB75 and the Rawlings VELO BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB7V are both great bats, the main difference between the two is that the Rawlings 5150 is going to have an Aerospace Grade 5150 Alloy and the VELO features an Acoustic Alloy and a Silver Comp Lite End Cap to give it a slightly more balanced feel. The 33 does feel perfect to me as I am a power hitter; don't want the bat to be too long. But, when hit well, the 5150 drills balls into the stratosphere the best we’ve seen under BBCOR standards. Once these points have been confirmed, simply give our Bat Experts a call at 1-866-321-2287, email us at, or Live Chat. Compare Rawlings 2020 5150 BBCOR Bat -3 BBZ53. To make certain you are getting the most out of your 5150 baseball bat, Rawlings has included the new and improved Precision Optimized Performance (pOp) 2.0 Technology within the barrel. To do so, we verify some information. This not only allows for a better grip on the bat, but it also makes the gloves more durable as it eliminates much of the stress on the leather that can cause tears. Order the official bat grip of Major League Baseball today! I am currently using a size 33 inch bat and I was wondering if I should move up to a 34. Pros: The pop for this bat is tremendous! To receive emails containing deals, contest alerts, and more. The 2017 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB75 and the VELO are both one-piece all alloy models with balanced swing weights. Is the 2017 model more balanced or would you recommend the VELO for him? The 2019 Rawlings Velo is another fantastic baseball bat from Rawlings this year.It is durable, has good pop, and can really improve your stats this season.Now before we start getting into the meat of this review, lets look at a couple of details about the 2019 Rawlings Velo.DetailsFor one, the Rawlings Velo has BBCOR, USSSA, and USA cirtification so most … Made of aerospace grade alloy (5150), this bat is lightweight and long-lived. Lastly, our Bat Experts must check on the cost we pay to stock the item from the manufacturer. Well, if you like a traditional, sturdy, stiff feel with that sweet ping sound at ball impact, than the 5150 and its huge sweet spot may be your bat of choice. Do I need to send it back? Pick up your Rawlings 5150 today with fast, free shipping! My son is 4 ft 3 and weighs 52 lbs. Based upon your height and weight, we would recommend going with a 33" option of this 2017 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB75) as long as you are comfortable using the 30 oz weight. A five-fingered fielder's model, with all fingers laced together, provided greater pocket control. I've always heard great things about rawlings bbcor bats but this model blew me away. Some of the nation's top college baseball teams that are sponsored by Rawlings choose the 5150 as their bat of choice. I'm 5'11" 160 pounds. The Batting Glove was designed with you, the player, in mind. We would recommend a 28" or 29" length for his size. The 2017 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB75 might feel a little heavier to some and will have a more distinct sound on contact. The bat is balanced but has just a touch of end load. Bat grip The "Bill Doak" model was so revolutionary that it stayed in Rawlings' line until 1953. Pros: Great Pop 0.50 BBCOR Certified. Compare Rawlings 2020 5150 BBCOR Bat -3 BBZ53. Powerful, comfortable, and wildly consistent. The first real innovation in glove making occurred in 1912 when Rawlings Sporting Goods Company introduced the "Sure Catch" glove, which was "endorsed by leading players all over the country." It feels like you have total control through the zone. Pros: i bought this bat and its great if u hit anywhere on the bat youll get a nicee hit and u can feel it, the grip that is comes with is way better then any lizard skin. We will notify you as soon as this item comes in stock. Would you like to add this item to your order? I really like the grip and feel of the bat. The Velo ACP has the perfect kind of swing weight balance. However, if you feel like there is some performance you may be missing by using the smaller bat, I would recommend thinking about a 33"/30 oz size. Engineered with p0p 2.0 technology for a larger sweet spot and improved feel. Based on your son's height and weight, we would recommend getting a 29 inch BBCOR. Need help in finding, selecting, or caring for your bat? If you can find a length and weight option that will fit your needs, then I think there is a great shot that this could be an option of bat for you. 2018 Rawlings 5150 Youth USA 31" / 20 oz. DSP (Dura-Soft Polymer) batting grip was created based off the highly successful DSP handlebar tape for road bikes.