The Revel speaker that is comparable to the … The M16 bookshelves, C25 center, S16 surrounds, and B10 subwoofer are covered in a separate review due out shortly. It's build, finish, and pristine performance make it one of our favorite tower speakers … The Concerta2 series of loudspeakers combines elegant design and superb finish quality with the award-winning sound for which Revel is revered. There … At these prices, Revel is battling in the value space usually occupied by internet-direct speaker manufacturers, but coming to the table with an … Revel’s new Concerta2 loudspeaker range consists of five models. The Revel Concerta2 series loudspeakers are shipping now. Revel's Concerta2 F36 tower loudspeaker is a 2 1/2-way, rear-ported, full range loudspeaker. Representing the company’s value line of loudspeakers, the collection includes a pair of towers, the F36 and F35, the … The Revel Concerta2 M16s can be had for significantly less than their MSRP, in fact they can be had for around the same price as the KEF Q300s. Revel’s latest series revamp is the Concerta2—and it might be even more impressive.