Suburban gardeners have been relying on its unmatched compost-making capabilities for decades. This indispensable addition to the garden makes compost … When you first contemplate composting, you will find many choices of containers for producing and storing compost. Yimby Tumbler Composter ... An easy rotating mechanism is in place for the simplicity of rotating … If you’re looking for a small compost bin that fits on the kitchen counter, there are … A tumbler model with an internal rotating bar mixes the material so you won’t have to turn it with a pitchfork or shovel. The Most Beautiful Compost Tumbler in the World by Envirocycle; Read the features and the extended review below. I wonder why not all gardeners do it. DIY Steel Drum Compost Tumbler. Making compost is really easy. It is even made easier with this steel drum composter built at just the right height. Use 4 non-pivoting wheels to effectively rotate your compost tumbler. The Mantis Compact ComposTumbler delivers quick results & superior performance. 9. How to Compost in a Rotating Barrel. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.