The Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO are better neutral listening headphones than the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. If you blast these while recording near a mic, there will be some sound leakage, but they don't bleed like an open pair would—their circumaural (around the ear), snug fit prevents most sounds from escaping, provided you listen at moderate levels. Designed to exceed the demands of professional environments. We gave them a chance and set out to see what the hype was all about.. A Small Unit That Has a Lot to Offer.. Universal Audio has been working hard over the years to ensure a steady flow of excellent products. On Jay-Z and Kanye West's "No Church in the Wild," the kick drum loop's attack packs all the treble edge it should, while the coinciding thump of the drum's muffled resonance implies power, but doesn't overwhelm the mix. The JBL 305P MKII, at its entry-level price (see current price), is another JBL product with high-quality sound reproduction capabilities. For example, if you happen to watch the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, you’ll notice him and his guests wearing the HD280, a headphone choice you’ll see again and again in live recording environments. Once you put the HD280 on, the first thing you’re likely to notice is the tightness of the cups around your head. The HD 26 PRO - the perfect headphones for radio and television broadcast productions. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Editorial Reviews. The HD280 is made of a dense plastic that makes it tough and durable. 4.0. After years of faithful service the ear pads on my HD 280's had finally fallen apart. The HD 280 Pro is a professional studio headphone pair—basically, a measurement tool for recording, mix, and mastering engineers, as well as performers. As odd as it may seem, the Sennheiser HD280 Pro is a controversial pair of headphones. However, it's fairly safe to say that Sennheiser HD280 Pro are more popular headphones, based on their reviews. If you want to pulverize the headphones and your eardrums, yes, you can achieve distortion, but not at levels you will ever want to actually listen at. Despite this apparent shortcoming, they are not fragile. And for the value they provide, that’s cheap – really cheap. Eric Frederiksen. On the Knife's "Silent Shout," the powerful thump of the kick drum loop is conveyed cleanly and accurately—the Knife mixed it so that you would hear tremendous low frequency content here—but not in a manner so over-the-top that it dominates the rest of the frequency range. If all you care about is isolation, there are definitely better options, such as Vic Firth isolation headphones which are designed for drummers. Required fields are marked *. ), #53 – The Styrofoam Turtles, Burning Alms, #52 – Fire in Cairo, Masila Muli, Folded Coast, Review: Universal Audio Arrow 2×4 Audio Interface, Improve Music Production with Keyboards Designed for Your DAW, 10 Cheap Music Studio Improvements - AudioGearz, Review: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x - AudioGearz. Sennheiser’s HD280 Pro headphones, for example, primarily focus on toughness, durability, and utility in the studio rather than […], Your email address will not be published. I didn't even know replacement earpads were a thing and was searching for a new pair of Sennheisers when I stumbled upon these, which was awesome as I immediately saved a couple of … 3. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 vs. Sony WH-1000XM4: Which Pair Is Better? Cable length. Once you look closer at this product, you realize that some things are slightly out of sync. But as someone who wears these headphones on a more or less daily basis, I can tell you they fit securely and comfortably for long sessions. Sennheiser's HD 280s are a perennial favorite among budget-minded audiophiles. There are some diamonds in the rough of the sub-$100 price point; the HD 280 Pros are not one of them. These Senheisser HD Pro 280 are great for the price,and probably a neutral signal that works for recording, but you can explore other options, specially for portable listening, both in regards to comfort and getting a lively sound. The HD 280 Pro packs plenty of low-end. As you may know, the mid-range frequencies are the most important when it comes to mixing and mastering. Build quality is decent and offers to wear for a longer period. These traits are not too difficult to come by individually, but in one pair of headphones, at $99, there is no better option than the HD280 in our opinion. Yamaha's HS5 is a 5-inch near-field powered monitor and currently Yamaha’s most affordable studio monitor, but considering its competitive price range, is the HS5 really worth it? Based on 6 reviews. The HP-800 is a newer design, in an era when detachable cables are becoming more and more a design staple, so it's hard to knock the HD 280 Pro too hard for not having one. We list our 10 cheap studio improvements. AirPods 2 vs. Unlike the NuForce HP-800, the HD 280 Pro lacks a detachable cable. The ear cups and band are also pretty thick. 12 minute read. These headphones could certainly be a bit more comfortable. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Review. The Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Closed-Back Headphones are circumaural headphones designed for professional monitoring applications. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro These headphones were the best purchase I've made. The ear cups are swivel-mounted, which allows for an even more secure fit as they adjust automatically to the shape of your head. There are a few shortcomings, of course, such as their size and lack of comfort. The 280’s have a 64 Ohm impedance while the HD 380’s have a 54 Ohm impedance. When the sub-bass synth hits come in after a few measures, they catch your attention—there's some serious low end here, but it sounds natural, even in a song built on samples and electronic patches. In the above chart, you can see how the HD280’s frequency response fairs up against other similarly-priced studio monitoring headphones. As you put them on, before you even turn on the music, you’ll hear your surroundings go mostly silent. Sennheiser Star Rating. Sennheiser is a well-established company that produces quality products. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. Can the HD 280 Pro distort? So Sennheiser HD 300 Pro, while being a pricier option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $155 Sennheiser HD280 Pro, as seen on the chart below. I hope it helps. All in all, the Sennheiser HD-280 PRO headphones provide top quality features, durability and comfort, all under an affordable price tag. There's plenty of rich, articulate low frequency response here, but the entire frequency range is dutifully represented. Reviews vary from praise to dismissal, and we couldn’t really wrap our heads around it from the very beginning. When mix engineers add a little bass thump to the mix, as many modern producers and engineers often do, the HD 280 Pro handles it beautifully—you hear and feel it, and yet it's never booming. The fixed, coiled wire is really the only thing I don’t like. The headband is easily adjustable and stays in place. 3.28 ft. for the 280 vs. 3.3 ft. for the 380. This strength is its isolation. 4.5 (81) Reviews. and affiliated sites. Sessions last a long time. Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone Review Last updated June 25, 2020 By David Richard Leave a Comment Unless you have hundreds of dollars to spend on headphones, you’re going to have to sacrifice something. You almost forget that you're listening to a pair that doesn't really sculpt the sound. It’s been a solid favorite DJ / Mixing / Mastering headphone of many for years. However, not every pair of headphones are built like the HD280’s. I've heard options, like the Grado GS1000, that have made me giddy with excitement—until I realized the price was, well, a bit out of my budget. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. PerformanceLest this review begin to sound like a love letter, let me be clear about one thing: The HD 280 Pro is far from my favorite pair of headphones. And while the DT 240 is less hyped in the high frequencies, it has good high fr… The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, a $99.95 (direct) headphone pair designed for professional studio use, was released in 2003, before I began writing for PCMag. Even at very high, unsafe levels, from a variety of sound sources, like a Marantz PM7001 stereo receiver, a Digidesign Digi 003 recording interface, and an iPhone 4S, the HD 280 Pro can handle extremely deep bass without any hints of distorted crackle. More appropriate for professional/studio use than personal listening. The sound profile is defined by a deep and clear bass, which provides a well balanced low-end without overpowering the mix. But again, we are talking about the difference between a pair to enjoy music on and a clinical tool to make music on. Your email address will not be published. Reviews vary from praise to dismissal, and we couldn’t really wrap our heads around it from the very beginning. Discover the key facts and see how Sennheiser HD 200 Pro performs in the headphones ranking. Accurate, clean audio performance across the full frequency range. advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by It’s durable, comfortable, portable and sounds amazing. So, how could a headphone that retails at $99 become a staple in high-end professional recording studios? Accurate, clean audio performance across the full frequency range. or Keep reading our Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Review to see if they’re the best studio monitor under $100! From the first look, you can see that these headphones are designed for the studio, which means that they really ought to be looked at in this context. To further accentuate this point, the HD280 is also very bulky and also have a “plasticky” feel to it. I mix our Live Stream video while also mix the FOH for my church service. Review: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-33 KO, Review: Sennheiser HD 600 Open-Back Headphones, Review: Warm Audio WA-251 Tube Condenser Microphone, Review: Neumann TLM 103 Condenser Microphone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In this article, we review the Warm Audio WA-251 tube condenser microphone. Passively reduces ambient noise significantly. JBL 305P MKII Sound Character is Key The ability to focus on the finer details of your mix leads to a more consistent end product. Your subscription has been confirmed. ***Update: in a week, these are giving me more bass and are comfortable for hours. Perhaps, this is the same buzz that has allowed the HD280 to become one of the most talked-about and best-selling headphones in professional audio. Neither require a headphone amp, but could potentially benefit from one. If things sound sibilant here, you had better cut some of the high-mids on your vocal tracks. Classical tracks like John Adams' "The Chairman Dances" sound a little less enthralling than they might sound on a pair with more low and low-mid presence to compliment the lower register strings, like the Yamaha PRO 500( at Amazon). Because of this, the HD280 has become a great tool for recording. The aforementioned NuForce will distort on deep bass tracks at higher volumes, but at modest volumes, and on genres that lack deep bass, it offers a similarly winning combination of accuracy and clarity without making things sound boring. But it would be a welcome update on Sennheiser's part, as a detachable cable can extend the life of your headphones significantly. As mentioned earlier, these headphones are meant for the studio. Durable. The Sennheiser HD 300 Pro is a better-built, more comfortable, slightly better-sounding take on the HD 280 Pro with nicer ear pads and a removable cable. If you’re considering the HD280 mainly for casual listening, such as listening to music on your phone while out for a walk, we’d strongly advise you look elsewhere. The upper frequencies still stand out very clearly and have their crisp, despite the slight treble imbalances, which are very common among studio monitoring headphones in this price range. Sennheiser engineers based the new line of headphones on the HD 250 Linear model. I need to be able to hear the video feed without hearing the background noise. I need to replace the ear pads, but love the sound and noise attenuation, […] appearance with their slim and sleek design. Despite the tightness, the ear-cups on the HD280 are over-the-ear, have a swiveling design and are soft enough, that they are only slightly uncomfortable after a while. They don't overtake the mix. Depending on your work environment, these headphones can make your head feel quite hot after a while, you might even find that the ear cushions attract a good deal of sweat. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant. A carrying pouch would be nice. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, If you look closely, you’ll see them used in many recording environments, whether budget home studios or top-tier recording studios. But the real difference we're talking about here is not price—it's application. But, we’ll have more on that later. With the HD 200 Pro, Sennheiser delivers a monitoring headphone that’s well-suited to the music novice. The mid-range is particularly flat and clear, allowing these headphones to be very useful when mixing and mastering, especially when it comes to elements such as vocals. The precision of a pair like the HD 280 Pro is more surgical than magical, but here is where it separates itself from the typical, flat, light-on-bass studio reference pair. Apple AirPods Pro vs. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds: Which Noise-Cancelling True Wireless Earphones Are Better? Verified Purchase. 1. How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad, How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill, How to Find Free Tools to Optimize Your Small Business, How to Get Started With Project Management, The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running, The Best True Wireless Earbuds for Running, AirPod Alternatives: The Best True Wireless Earbuds for 2020, The Best Noise-Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds for 2020. What makes the HD280 truly special is the combination of its neutral sound character with its solid isolation. Good: Sennheiser HD 280 pro designed for pro monitoring works and equipment. Despite their acclaim, these cans just don't seem to cut the mustard. That is not to say that the response isn’t balanced. The idea behind this approach has always been: If you can get your mixes to sound exciting and balanced on an accurate pair that doesn't enhance the sound at all, it'll likely sound good on the more sculpted consumer options as well. 5.0 out of 5 stars Made my HD280's look brand new. If you’re using expensive headphones, it’s especially critical that you protect your […], […] such as those made by Vic Firth would be an extreme example and studio headphones such as Sennheiser’s HD280 PRO. There are pairs with more plushness to the ear pads, like the NuForce HP-800, but the HD 280 Pro is unlikely to be described as uncomfortable by many users, and it passively blocks out up to thirty decibels of ambient/room noise. Because of its closed design this headphones offer a high passive noise attenuation. These headphones do a great job whether it’s recording, producing, mixing, or mastering. Getting Static or Crackling in Your AirPods Pro? But, no worries, these babies are meant to stay in the studio. The sole included accessory is a ¼-inch adapter for larger headphones jacks. The treble is where the sound starts slightly deviating from its initial flatness in the lower and mid frequencies. The bottom line on the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro is that it’s a powerhouse. 15 Apr 2018 0 When I sit down to test out a pair of headphones, I'll usually do some A … The Arrow now costs $499, thus becoming the most affordable. The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. The HD 280 Pro($114.95 at Amazon) does an admirable job of keeping long-term sessions more or less fatigue-free. To break it down briefly, these headphones cost $99. The first thing you’ll notice is that the HD280 has a pitch black, all business, no-nonsense style that can seem very bland for those interested in style. However, I often use it as something of a standard to A-B test similar types of pairs with, so it seemed appropriate to give a proper full-length review. This fact, combined with the superb quality of the drivers, means distortion will also be a rarity. 2. Discover the key facts and see how Sennheiser HD 280 Pro performs in the headphones ranking. Create an account. Gross, right? 5. Sennheiser's ruggedly constructed HD 280 Pro high-performance headphones feature comfortable leatherette ear cushions, a headband, and a foldable design for … How does it measure up? © 1996-2020 Ziff Davis, LLC. A no-frills, exceedingly comfortable pair, the powerful and accurate HD 280 Pro is ideal for recording and mixing applications. A pair like the aforementioned Grado offers a sound signature and a wide, deep stage that makes the music feel almost palpable. The isolation alone isn’t what makes the HD280 special. 4. The Sennheiser HD 200 Pro launched last year, as a new member of Sennheiser’s vaunted Pro lineup of monitoring headphones. After spending some time with the Sennheiser HD280 we can finally say that we now understand these headphones and quite frankly, all the fuss makes sense. As we stated earlier when discussing the comfort of the HD280, that their tightness on your ears goes hand-in-hand with one of the greatest strengths of these headphones. While the tightness may not be very comfortable, the silence you hear actually becomes one of the greatest traits of the HD280, having a tremendous effect on its application and use. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Review. Basic Features & Technical Specs: Circumaural (over-ear) closed back wearing design; Features a compact folding design (available with or without carrying case) If you can nail a solid mix in the mid-range, your mix is going to sound great on the widest variety of speakers and listening devices. The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, a $99.95 (direct) headphone pair designed for professional studio use, was released in 2003, before I began writing for … Sign up for What's New Now to get our top stories delivered to your inbox every morning. However, when matched up against similarly priced monitoring headphones such as Sennheiser’s HD280 Pro, our honest advice is you’re better off with the more accurate HD280. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Closed-back Studio Headphones Reviews Some headphone pairs manage to avoid distortion on deep bass by, well, avoiding deep bass itself. The isolation that they offer ensures that the audio you hear while wearing them will not bleed into any nearby headphones. This is opposite to one of their biggest competitors. “There’s too much commotion around a pair of headphones that cost under a hundred bucks,” we thought. They have a good audio reproduction that packs a lot of bass, and although they're mostly made out of plastic, they feel durable enough to handle multiple drops without damage. You can hear individual elements in the mix across the stereo spectrum with ease. Do You Need a Compressor for Your Home Studio? DesignFor a recording studio headphone pair, the single most important design element, after the drivers that produce the audio, is long-term comfort. So, while orchestral tracks like this one may not pack the excitement they do on a pair like the Yamaha PRO 500, they are conveyed cleanly and accurately, so the mastering engineer can get a handle on what the actual stereo recording sounds like. The 280’s do not come with a carrying case while the 380’s do. And when it comes to natural sound, this is the main selling point of the HD280. And if you’re a professional, comfort and style probably aren’t at the top of your priorities. Its impedance of 64 Ohms means that, depending on your sound source, it may not get brain-meltingly loud (but this is a good thing). It may well end here, too. How to choose a headphone amp! In fact, they’re so thick that they even look a little awkward on you, almost feels like you’re wearing a helmet at times. The new Sennheiser HD 300 Pro bears a distinct resemblance to the HD 280s, yet is a better design and twice the price. It … People sweat, gravity presses headbands into skulls. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro ⭐ review. HD 280 PRO. These are 2019's best studio monitors at every price. Comfortable, secure fit for long listening sessions. Positives: + Detail to sound, sporting better on lower frequencies (think better bass rather than treble) + Relatively cheap (sub $150) + Doesn't need an amp … The speakers also feature a high-precision double flared port, which in combination with the sub offer a h... Workflow matters as a music producer. I mean, absolutely.“. Rest assured that they won’t break after a few light collisions or drops. The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro are decent critical listening headphones, with durable build quality but a somewhat uncomfortable fit. Fold. But for $100, it's very hard to top the HD 280 Pro—it's a modern classic from a company that has been in the recording business for quite some time, and although it arrives about ten years late, it easily wins our Editors' Choice award. The Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro seems to have a flatter high frequency response than the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. At this reasonable price, this is where your search for a pair of studio headphones should begin. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. „The sound is perfect. While the HD280 is not superior at every facet of the frequency spectrum, they are the most consistent and balanced as you can see indicated by the blue line, without a prominent bass roll-off. Keep an eye on your inbox! Apple Will Fix It for Free, Corsair's Latest Headset Is Packed With Tactile Feedback, Apple Discounts Its EarPods and Power Adapter After Removing Them From iPhone Boxes, Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds Cost Only $49, Ultimate Ears UE Fits Earbuds Mold to Perfectly Fit Your Ears. Sennheiser HD559 review: Bland Sound in an Audiophile Disguise. These are the last pair of headphones you’d want to wear while at the gym. Let’s move onto a sweeter part. The Beyerdynamic have an overall more accurate sound profile, although some people find them to be a bit overly sharp. But the HD 280 Pro's frequency response starts at the sub-bass realm of 8Hz. Headphones, Wireless Headphones, Headsets, Microphones - Business Communications - Service & Support - Sennheiser Discover True Sound - Top-quality products and tailor made solutions for every aspect of recording, transmission, and reproduction of sound. A modern reproduction of the legendary Telefunken '251. They’re not very comfortable, pretty bulky, and you’re also stuck with the coil cord that the Hd280 has, which is not detachable, and what we also consider to be a weakness of their design. What this means in layman terms is that once you put them on you’re going to significantly block out the noise surrounding you. These are the same guys who created what they call “the greatest headphones in the world,” the Sennheiser HE-1, which sell at over $50,000. Comfortable, secure fit for long listening sessions. Passively reduces ambient noise significantly. With the Sennheiser HD280PRO headphones, that sacrifice is portability. Carrying Case. The new 300 Pro headphones are also similar to Sennheiser’s HD 280 and 380 Pro models, which are … It proves the term "flat response" doesn't mean "no bass." The non-removable cable features a thick coil, and it terminates in a 3.5mm connection. an affiliate What's more—you can actually hear the presence of these low frequencies. The HD280 also offers a wide and highly-detailed soundstage. Most certainly, this device completes that line of notable devices. He specializes in reviewing audio products, and is obsessed with headphones, speakers, and recording gear. Vocals shine, front-and-center, and the entire mix feels in focus. These headphones fit tightly against your ears to block out ambient noise and will tend to be […], […] headphones. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. If I'm gushing, it's because I truly have come to rely on the HD 280 Pros for creating and mixing music in my own home studio. One of the first things often asked when shopping for headphones, is “But, how does the bass sound?”. Sure, if you don't take them off for hours at a time, you can expect some sweaty ear cups, perhaps, or some minor discomfort along the headband.