A native of England from a candy … In the United States, Smarties are a type of tablet candy produced by Smarties Candy Company, formerly known as Ce De Candy Inc., since 1949. [2][7][14] That same month, Smarties announced the #LittleSmarties campaign to promote intellectual curiosity which features historical figures including Jane Goodall, Marie Curie, and Amelia Earhart, as well as a partnership with DonorsChoose to support classrooms in need of funding. When sugar prices spiked in the 1970s, Ce De Candy switched from sucrose to dextrose. LEARN MORE. All Rights Reserved. 235 North Jog Road West Palm Beach, FL 33413 Phone: 1-561-540-1600 Fax: 1-561-540-1612 [email protected] [19] All Smarties products are peanut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. For the chocolate candy of the same name, click here.. Smarties Celebrates 70 Years Of Sweets Seventy years ago Smarties founder Edward Dee moved to New Jersey to launch the iconic candy company. [6], Edward Dee's granddaughters, Sarah Dee, Jessica Dee Sawyer and Liz Dee[7][8][9] serve as co-presidents of the company. Halloween Orders Begin A Year In Advance. After World War II, the Dee family bought pellet machines and repurposed them to make candy. Smarties Candy is a small hospitality company based in New Jersey with only 100 employees and an annual revenue of $30.0M. Sweetie Candy Company has been providing sweets, treats, and chocolates from our giant wholesale candy store. The Ce De Candy Inc. factory opened in August of 1949 in Bloomfield, New Jersey. The classic! Malicious Women Co. offers bold and sassy candles, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, stationary and more. (800) 736-0581 customerservice@albaneseconfectionery.com. Smarties Candy Shopping By Sort By Most popular first Price low to high Price high to low Alphabetical A-Z Alphabetical Z-A ‘N… E… S… T… L… E..’ s… Nestle’s makes the absolute best… profits!’ A minor variety on their memorable ad campaign,… [22], In 2011, the company changed its name from Ce De Candy, Inc. to Smarties Candy Company after its most famous product. ", "Local high schools rewarded for increased seat-belt use", "CBA's safe-driving "Lookin' Out" club officers honored by DA's advisory council", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Smarties_Candy_Company&oldid=986212720, Companies based in Union County, New Jersey, Confectionery companies of the United States, Privately held companies based in New Jersey, Food and drink companies established in 1949, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 13:47. Smarties Candy Rolls are the perfect sweet treat, with a classic fruit flavor that's like a tangy explosion in your mouth. And new candy innovations don't come easily: For every 10 new products Smarties launches, only one is a real, lasting hit, Liz estimates. Indulge your sweet tooth with the yummy Smarties® candy wafer roll you know and love, just the way you remember it. But the company has evolved into a global candy mega brand. On Wednesday the Smarties Candy Co. celebrates its 70th anniversary at its manufacturing headquarters in Union, New Jersey. Smarties Candy Company vibes from this iconic candy brand! [23] The company completed a 674 kW solar project in 2016, adding 2,100 solar panels to the roof of their New Jersey factory. Equipped with only two machines in a rented facility, he succeeded in foun… [4][20][21] The company now produces Smarties around the clock in its two factories producing over 2.5 billion Smarties candy rolls per year. The company was founded by the Italian Pietro Ferrero in 1946 in the small town of Alba, Piedmont, not far from Italy’s fourth largest city Turin. Smarties is a family owned business that their grandfather founded in 1949. Smarties Candy Company (formerly Ce De Candy, Inc.) is a confectionery company well known for its namesake candy, Smarties. [4][16][17] Dee, a Cambridge University graduate, called his product "Smarties" to "encourage people to pursue an education. Smarties are licensed to be sold in the United States and its possessions only. Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavor, Artificial Color (Includes Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1). 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[13] Its US headquarters are in Union Township. Smarties Candy Company (formerly Ce De Candy, Inc.) is a confectionery company well known for its namesake candy, Smarties. [10] Smarties Candy Company operates plants in Union Township, New Jersey, and in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. These small colorful candy wafers come in six assorted colors and flavors. Classic Smarties® come in 6 fruity flavors: White = Orange-Cream / Yellow = Pineapple / Pink = Cherry / Green = Strawberry / Purple = Grape / Orange = Orange Indulge your sweet tooth with the yummy Smarties® candy wafer roll you kno Just 25 calories per classic candy roll! Purchase Smarties candy in bulk from Spangler Candy's online store and have plenty to share! But the Dees are dedicated to keeping Smarties … Print our new Smarties activity sheet! Produced by the Smartie Company, formerly know as Ce De Candy, these tangy pressed candies are made in factories in the U.S. and Canada. These tart candies come in rolls of 15 pieces and are the perfect addition to your pinata, candy buffet, or treat bags. On January 10, 1949, Edward Dee brought his family from England to New Jersey. Buy products and learn about nutritional We're taking a deep look into those multi-colored candy tablets to find out more. [4][20], Ce De Candy's Canadian operations were first established in Toronto, Ontario, in 1963, and were later moved to Newmarket in 1988. The West Coast Duty Free Shop offers a good line of products such as liquor, jewellry, … 45 calories per serving size. [11] The Canadian operations were initially in on 993 Queen Street West in Toronto in 1963 and moved to Newmarket in 1988. From Shit Show Candles and Bitches Against Bullshit Clothing, to Bitchstick Cosmetics. This is the untold truth of Smarties candies. Wonderful and tart try Smarties money roll or Smarties lollipops to name a few! Equipped with only two machines in a rented facility, he succeeded in founding Ce De Candy, Inc., makers of Smarties, America’s favorite , America’s favorite candy wafer roll. [4][5] Edward "Eddie" Dee founded Ce De Candy in Bloomfield, New Jersey, in 1949. 12 grams of carbohydrates and 9 grams of sugar per serving. 1-800-322-6391 Contact Us Dee emigrated from England to the United States. Stuck at home? 12 servings per container. Smarties Candy Company is owned and operated by three generations of the Dee family. [5][14] It is one of the few remaining family-owned, mass-production confectionery companies in the United States. On January 10, 1949, Edward “Eddie” Dee (pictured here) brought his family from England to New Jersey. Gluten-free, peanut-free, dairy-free, worry-free. Smarties is a registered trademark of Smarties Candy Company, Union, NJ 07083. [24] In October 2017, the company's president of 40 years, Jonathan Dee, stepped down and Liz Dee, Sarah Dee, and Jessica Dee Sawyer assumed the role of co-President. Besides the love. Before you go inside the store, REMEMBER YOUR LICENSE PLATE NUMBER. Smarties is a registered trademark of Smarties Candy Company, Union, NJ 07083. $11.99 In stock at CrossRoads Mall Temporarily unavailable at CrossRoads Mall Low Stock at CrossRoads Mall Edit Store Smarties Candy Company is owned and operated by three generations of the Dee family. The company is still based in Alba and is still entirely owned by the Ferrero family. Nutrition Facts: This Smarties Candy Cane size is .44 oz and serving size is 1 cane, totaling 12 grams. Originally launched as Ce De Candy, Inc., the founder changed the company name to Smarties Candy Company in 2011. Edward "Eddie" Dee founded Ce De Candy in Bloomfield, New Jersey, in 1949. Smarties Candy Company is a confectionery company well known for its namesake candy, Smarties. [4][21][16] The company launched its "Smarties Think" campaign in 2013 to promote education and help classrooms in need by donating over $100,000 to provide school supplies. It’s no wonder they have been one of the leading Halloween treats for over 50 years! [8][25], The company also produces Mega Smarties, Giant Smarties, X-treme Sour Smarties, Tropical Smarties, Love Hearts, Smarties 'n Creme, candy necklaces, Smarties Pops in three sizes, and other candies,[4][7][14][9][11][26] including Breath Savers. [4] Dee emigrated from England to the United States. Smarties Candy Rolls 185ct 48oz Net Wt. It all started with a family, when Edward (nicknamed Eddie) Dee migrated to New Jersey from England. Liz, Sarah and Jessica Dee (L to R) run the Smarties Candy Company. [19][21] The Canadian candies go by the name Rockets to avoid confusion with Nestle's candy-coated chocolate Smarties. [14][20][21], In 1991, Mr. T and Ce De Candy collaborated to form Crusade for Kids. Founded in 1949 by Edward Dee, the company produces and sells over 2 billion candy rolls per year. Its founder bought gunpowder pellet machines after World War I and repurposed them to make the tablet-shaped candies. 0 grams of fat, trans fat, sodium, and protein. ☎️ , Since we can't take our dream vacations this year, grab some Tropical Smarties and just pretend you're on an island (not getting any work emails) ️. The main ingredient in Smarties is dextrose, a form of sugar.The Smarties Candy Company, founded in 1949, makes its Smarties candy in a New Jersey plant. 70 years young and lookin' tasty #smartieslovesyou ️ ‍♀️family owned #rocketscandy in Canada linktr.ee/smartiescandy From SweetServices.com Americas bulk online candy store. Copyright© Smarties 2020. Among these are Tampa Bays' Students Against Destructive Ideas (SADD) and Dum Dum or Smartie initiatives in schools. Whether you need a thousand pounds of Tootsie Rolls for a parade or a half of a pound for your belly, we have it, and we have it now. The New Jersey company produces wafer rolls that come in six flavors, orange-cream, pineapple, cherry, strawberry, grape, and orange. Smarties® Candy Company, maker of America's favorite candy roll, has been family owned and family run since 1949! [7][15], In 1949, Edward Dee, a second generation candymaker from England, first began producing candy rolls in a rented New Jersey factory in Bloomfield with one wrapping machine and one tablet presser which was a repurposed pellet-making machine. Smarties candy have been an international favorite for decades. Learn about what we put in our candies. [16] He later moved his American operations to Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1959 and then again to its current location in Union Township in 1967. In October 2010, the company vice president of sales and marketing was inducted into the Candy Hall of Fame. Anyone else snack on some Smarties while catching up with friends and fam? 17 reviews of West Coast Duty Free "This 24 hour duty free store is located along Hwy 15 southbound before the US Border. [6] The old Toronto factory (c. 1907 east wing as fabric mill, c. 1920s west wing addition joined by central wing housing central heating and incinerator[12]) is now the Candy Factory Lofts (conversion 1999). Once you enter the premises (tire spike entrance), you cannot U-Turn back north and must go through US Customs. The Smarties Candy Company recently celebrated its 65th anniversary of producing well-known candy treats in New Jersey. All About the Smarties Candy Company. Halloween orders for Smarties begin a year in advance, … It's been over 70 years since Edward Dee moved to the United States and founded Ce De Candy, Inc. This gave the candy its resemblance to tablet-style pills in shape and texture. Between the two, BILLIONS of smarties are produced eac [17] It encouraged kids to stay in school and say "no" to drugs. Smarties candy is iconic, nostalgic, and loved by all ages. Since then, the Smarties Candy Company has been creating one of our favorite Halloween treats. Eddie, with just a rented facility, two candy machines, and pure and true grit, went on to found the Ce De Candy, Inc. company. [17] Crusade for Kids raised funds for the Children's Defense Fund charity. We carry the absolute largest variety of candy available anywhere in the world! The company retained that name for 62 years, until 2011 when they changed it to Smarties Candy Company. The candy and wrapper. "[18] His family produces a similar candy in England through Swizzels Matlow Co.[19] Initially, Dee took the candy by car to small grocery and tobacco stores. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/smarties-turns-70-120009783.html Original Smarties® X-treme Sour Smarties® Love Hearts® Smarties® Candy Money Smarties® In a Pouch Tropical Smarties® Giant Smarties® Mega Smarties® Smarties® Lollies Smarties® Mega Lollies Smarties® Mega Tropical Lollies Giant Smarties® Pops Smarties® Theater Box For over 60 years b.a. [9][27], While generally considered a Halloween staple, groups also give out Smarties to encourage people to buckle up and drive safely. Smarties Candy Company celebrated its 70th year in 2019, making it one of the longest-running family-run candy companies to continue producing a well-known product. While that name seems to be more reflective of their huge success, it’s pretty amazing that it took so long for the company name to change, don’t you think? Got a Question? Smarties Candy Company is a family owned and operated New Jersey based business. SHOP, That’s how we roll. Smarties Candy Company, the company that makes the iconic Smarties candy, announced it's new leadership team earlier this week. Smarties are produced in factories in both Union Township, New Jersey, and Newmarket, Ontario. Edward Dee was the founder of Smarties Candy Company and the inventor of the sweet candy discs, packaged in rolls and especially popular on Halloween. Home > Smarties Candy Company Sort By: Smarties Item #102474 Smarties X-treme Sour Item #400232 Giant Smarties Item #400337 Smartie Lollies Jar Item #400228 Smartie Mega Double Lollie Jar Item #400229.