Learn Spanish From Online Videos - Yabla provides authentic Spanish listening practice using interactive Spanish language video from all over the Spanish speaking world. Learning with Spanish videos is quick and easy! These videos are full of real life Spanish as it is spoken by native speakers in Mexico, Central and South America, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Spain. Put down your old and worn-out textbooks and jump into the lives of real Spanish speakers. We offer free self-study courses for students of all levels. What could it be? Yabla offers the most authentic Spanish language immersion through online televsion. Enjoy more than 400 free lessons and tips for you to improve your Spanish. R Are you sure you want to delete this comment? Make a Book Trailer. F Don't forget to check out their repertoires on the major digital platforms. Watch, read and learn as these Spanish videos explore a variety of exciting and fun topics. Some kids will be too young to appreciate the lyrics, but the videos are cute and engaging for kids of all ages. Perfect for teachers and students. In his radio interview, Felipe shares details about his relationship with his girlfriend, Lucia, and how shocked they were to discover that their mysterious neighbor, Mister Tobias, was not as lonely as he seemed. * Numbers: Beside ABC alphabet, this learn Spanish for kids also provide about 1- 20 numbers of section that helps kids learn Spanish number conveniently. X Learn Spanish with drama, interviews, documentary, music videos, and more. SpanishDict is the world's largest online Spanish-English dictionary, translator, and reference tool. Let's join them! Claudia teaches us to prepare some delicious dishes from Otavalo, Ecuador's Kawsaymi culture. Kids learn Spanish from other kids modeling Spanish in day-to-day life, not animation! Following his job interview, Roberto's disappointment turns to anguish upon receiving a call from the hospital to which his wife has been transferred. I am quickly Integrating Rockalingua's content into my elementary Spanish curriculum as a fun and innovative way to learn Spanish. Updated May 27, 2019. Video creates comprehensible input through visual cues and context, and it is also an excellent way to expose kids to a variety of native speakers. V Plus Spanish slang and Spanish TV. On this song, prominent Venezuelan hip hop personality Budú joins them. Y Please note: Annenberg Learner no longer sells coordinated materials, such as audiocassettes, music CDs, video and audio scripts, and coordinated books, for this series. 15 multiple-choice questions for beginners. Use the following list of Spanish words for children to incorporate even more vocabulary into your daily activities. I G Challenge students to design a movie-style trailer that excites their classmates about a must-read novel or nonfiction book. P Learn Spanish with our free online tutorials with audio, cultural notes, grammar, vocabulary, verbs drills, and links to helpful sites. Spanish videos for kids are a fabulous learning resource. Great for kids... and adults too! Print Spanish worksheets and flashcards for children. Do you think they'll happen? B for homeschool. Our hostess, Claudia, explains the Kawsaymi family project in Otavalo, Ecuador, which seeks to preserve and share this people's rich traditions with a focus on its scrumptious cuisine. 138 videos in collection Connect with GPB Education C So many ways to practice the same Spanish theme with engaging tools that adapt to different age groups. Learn how to speak Spanish with lessons, courses, audio, video and games, including the alphabet, phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, activities and tests. Our researched and proven language-immersion method is presented with native speakers of all ages. Don't forget to support these artists' music by searching for them on the major digital platforms. We provide more than 250 Spanish videos, over 100,000 Spanish audio files recorded in Mexico, Central and South America, and Spain, coordinated worksheets, and our Web site. Have you ever heard the story of "The Princess and the Pea"? N Our program will introduce kids to the fundamentals of Spanish, using words and themes integral to kids’ daily lives such as colors, shapes, counting and foods. A video instructional series in Spanish for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 52 half-hour video programs divided into two parts (Part I programs 1-26, Part II programs 27-52). Sprinkle a little Spanish in throughout your day, and your child will discover just how fun the language can be! I love the presentation of the songs on Rockalingua. In order to begin to learn about accentuation in Spanish and the placement of tildes, or accent marks, Lara teaches us three different categories, "agudas," "graves," and "esdrújulas," into which Spanish words are divided, depending upon where they are stressed. Learning Spanish should be fun. J Accompanied by the plumber, Lucia and Felipe finally manage to get Mister Tobias to let them into his home. Free resources to help you enjoy learning Spanish quickly. Animation, live action and fun music engage a child’s natural love of play and keeps their focus and attention. And to welcome her, Cleer has prepared a delicious and very healthy picnic. Escuela BCNLIP - Clase con Javi: el futuro - Part 3, Los Tiempos de Pablo Escobar - Capítulo 1 - Part 8, Confidencial: Asesino al Volante - Capítulo 1 - Part 7, Escuela BCNLIP - Clase con Javi: el futuro - Part 2, Otavalo - Proyecto familiar Kawsaymi - Part 2, Escuela BCNLIP - Clase con Javi: el futuro - Part 1, Otavalo - Proyecto familiar Kawsaymi - Part 1, Los Tiempos de Pablo Escobar - Capítulo 1 - Part 7, Bienestar con Elizabeth - Activar las articulaciones, Los Tiempos de Pablo Escobar - Capítulo 1 - Part 6. My students have fun singing along to the music videos. But first, they'll need to inflate it! our digital & printed materials interconnect to learn and teach Spanish. We use this space to publish free Spanish lessons that our teachers often use … Cleer and Lida meet at the lake to do some exercise with an inflatable board. Spanish American War Clip: Season 1 | 4m 21s On February 15, 1898, in Havana Harbor Cuba, an explosion destroyed an American Battleship, killing 266 men on board. Rockalingua Videos These Spanish videos for kids include songs about numbers, colors, feelings, parts of the body, and much more. You get to see and hear people using Spanish as it is used everyday. 21 Simple Ways To Teach Your Kids Spanish (Even If You Don’t Speak It) Edited by Jenny Silverstone. O These are just some of the predictions that Javi discusses with his students at the BCNLIP language school in Barcelona. Let's get to know Gato Amantu Cabascango Garzon, a world-renowned violin maker who resides in Otavalo, Ecuador. K Hispanic Culture. Of all the different ways to study Spanish, one-on-one private tutoring is the most cost-effective way to learn and it’s affordable to find a tutor online, with most students paying $14 or less per lesson. Will our brains be hooked up to computers? Full list of teacher resources here. This series uses total immersion and active participation to increase fluency in Spanish. Lida is back! Online Spanish games, lessons, books, stories, videos and songs for kids. Food and drinks in Spanish game - some of the most useful common food vocabulary with Castilian audio in a simple and colorful Spanish game designed for kids or school students and children. L This Hispanic Culture Page is divided into 3 sections, Lesson Plans, PowerPoints & Worksheets, all containing specific resources for teaching Hispanic Culture.Each resource is categorized as elementary, middle or high (School). M Spanish children's stories. As Escobar makes public in the Congress of the Republic his opposition to the United States-Colombia Extradition Treaty, journalists like Guillermo Cano and public figures such as the Minister of Justice, Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, begin to become more vocal about their opposition to him. All videos include Spanish and English subtitles so you can improve your listening and reading skills simultaneously. Use our free online Spanish test to estimate your level of fluency. But she's also got a surprise in store in for us. Oh Noah! Here’s the problem: Spanish for kids shouldn't be hard to find. Tags School & Learning. The lyrics and the pictures make the vocabulary and verses easy to understand and remember. You will not be able to recover it. Each video is accompanied by synchronized closed captions and a transcript that has been annotated with thematic, grammatical, functional and metalinguistic information. U Spanish for kids is adaptable to fit your needs and budget when teaching a foreign language. I use both authentic language videos and videos for Spanish learners with my students. Our Spanish videos for kids include songs about numbers and colors, feelings, parts of the body, ABC’s, the four seasons, weather, and much more! In 1845, Congress decided that general elections of federal public officials would be held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Our instructional Spanish video series is also highly recommended for teacher professional development. Politics seduced many power-hungry drug traffickers in Colombia, and Pablo Escobar and Carlos Lehder were just two of the criminals who successfully burst onto the political scene. Spanish Playground Videos On this site you can explore many clips with easy vocabulary for kids. Learning by image brings better results for learn Spanish for kids . online. Our instructional Spanish video series is perfect for college students, high school students, and adult learners. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world – so with more parents than ever raising their kids … Videos Browse our selection of original musical videos below that are designed to assist children with learning Spanish. A T Although the web page is archived and no longer updated, BBC offers several extensive free online Spanish classes for both beginning and intermediate students. And happily, we’ve found that students love to use video—it’s a format that they understand and that sparks their creativity. Spanish Music for Kids: Rockalingua. By acting like a kind of Robin Hood who helped the poor in his city, Pablo Escobar had a great deal of social and political impact on Colombian society. As a basketball player and fan since childhood, Sergio gives us some interesting insight into the sport's tremendous popularity in Spain, a country that has produced renowned teams and several world class players. Try a free lesson today! Z. E Let's count with them to one hundred while they do it. Our instructional Spanish video series is perfect for college students, high school students, and adult learners. Will we grow most of our food in the ocean? Amaya tells us about her donkey shelter's public opening and the steps she took to make sure that everything went smoothly. Each foreign language student trying to learn Spanish has a specific goal in mind. The collection includes hundreds of video clips culled from interviews of native and heritage speakers of Spanish living in Texas. Hundreds of Spanish worksheets from which to choose. Games and activities featuring high-quality images and audio. In this first part, we'll hear some predictions. Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, the group Trabuco Contrapunto has its roots in tropical music and Afro-Latin rhythms with a Venezuelan flare. Kids learn Spanish through a lively and entertaining ongoing story about kids that holds their attention Videos teach using short, manageable chunks of Spanish conversation , along with continual visual aids and graphics, that present the Spanish language in a way that is easy for kids to understand 1. How--and why-- were a small number of Spanish adventurers able to wipe the majestic Inca, Maya, and Aztec civilizations off the map? Young kids will love this video series featuring Noah and his language-learning adventures. S * Spanish Alphabet: 26 Spanish letters of alphabet and kids can watch many ABC songs, Alphabet videos in Videos Spanish. Spanish Stories Spanish stories for kids include fables, legends, folktales, classics and popular stories from around the world. Practically every conversation starts with a greeting and ends with a goodbye. features forty Spanish children’s songs, along with video and lyrics to follow along to. It's Election Day, so if you're eligible to vote but haven't already voted, stop reading this and go cast your ballot. This page provides links to hundreds of Spanish videos with English subtitles. The addition of subtitles in Spanish and English makes the videos incredibly valuable to learners of all levels, from beginners to fluent speakers. W In this episode, certified yoga instructor Elizabeth Reyes shows us some exercises we can do to improve our mobility and strengthen our joints. And while the plumber tries to convince him to get the damp patch fixed, Lucia has other plans. FluentU brings Spanish learning to life through Spanish immersion with real-world videos. However, when the neighbor refuses to let them in to check, Felipe's girlfriend, Lucia, concocts a scheme that could help them gain entry. Here are ten video project ideas to try in your classroom today. H Teachers need quality curriculum that helps their learners acquire Spanish in real classrooms in real situations, without the expensive hype, without the political demands for content that doesn’t work, and with support across the spectrum of teachers’ Spanish ability. We provide more than 250 Spanish videos, over 100,000 Spanish audio files recorded in Mexico, Central and South America, and Spain, coordinated worksheets, and our Web site. Javi, one of the teachers at the BCNLIP Language School in Barcelona, Spain, starts a new lesson about predicting the future in Spanish. 2. Teachers please feel free to use these Spanish teaching resources, but we ask that you respect the copyright and footer information of all of them. Web Spanish is an online Spanish school that provides students with trained Spanish tutors that offer one-to-one Spanish classes over the internet, and "El Mundo Hispano" is our blog. Check out the 10-part video Spanish introduction or watch video clips from the intermediate series. Antonio shares with us some fascinating facts about rumba, a popular Cuban rhythm, from its African roots to its influence on other musical genres. They are a very effective tool for students because they allow one to hear real Spanish spoken within a context. Q BBC Spanish. Premier League footballers Hector Bellerin, Gerard Deulofeu, and Marc Navarro join Ben Shires to teach pupils all about Spanish greetings. Learn real Spanish for free. D In order to put up their Christmas tree, Felipe and his mother must fix their home's damp patch, which seems to be coming from their neighbor's house. The gender of each noun is shown by the definite article, and the student should pay attention to this. All videos are made by native speakers from different Spanish-speaking countries. Well-known children's stories translated into Spanish and spoken by a native Spanish speaker. Artists Indira Amarí and José David Arcila from Venezuela and Colombia, respectively, combine their singing/songwriting talents on the beautiful collaboration, "Siénteme" [Feel Me]. Irasshai is a Japanese language and culture video series for high school and college students, as well as adult learners and professionals. In this video, Ana Carolina talks a bit more about the way nouns and adjectives are modified in accordance with their genders as well as filling us in on some debates that have recently come about in the Spanish-speaking world regarding "inclusive language." Often referred to as "the beautiful game," Sergio shares with us some interesting facts about soccer in his home country of Spain and beyond. for schools. At Barcelona's BCNLIP language school, Javi and his students continue to ponder some predictions and their chances of occurring. Join the conversation! Cleer reads us this classic fairytale. 19 Spanish Words for Beginners Hola/Adiós (Hello/Goodbye). These Spanish videos are a fun language education concept that provides you with free videos of real life Spanish. Spanish immersion is the key to learning Spanish. Our Spanish language course for kids includes ten popular Spanish children's songs from Latin America, and each song is presented in a colorful video.