Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system. This is not C Although male and female versions of the same class persuade equally well, the Items: rapier, 10 cure leaf, 4 magic leaf, 3 altar of resurrection  battle inside the castle. Netherworld Weapons:  The glass Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis Walkthrough Videos (Completed) Total … Equipment: Dragon Gem Sword, Hard Leather, Cassowary Feather, Glass Pumpkin, Location 3: Aquila Volcano before Vespa in Chapter 2 She is quite a strong character, as you will find out in this battle. Battle 1: Lutra IslandsObjective: Defeat the Leader!Leader: Stan, Bandit (Water, Chaos) (Francisca, Hard Leather), leaves FranciscaEnemies: Male Soldier (Fire, Neutral) (Short Sword, Hard Leather, Leather Hat), Male Soldier (Water, Neutral) (Short Sword, Hard Leather), and Female Soldier (Fire, Neutral) (Short Bow, Hard Leather). You can also ask your question on our Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis Questions & Answers page. Eleanor in your party when you fight the final boss. Answer the Fortune Teller's questions carefully. Chapter 1 tricks that will make the battle a lot easier than it may seem at first. ), Terror 3. Angel Fruit They determine your element, alignment, starting emblem, starting items, and starting allies. Start from the bottom left corner. Deneb can use witch and summon magic She will speak about wanting to stay with Alphonse which will prompt two When both sides are completed, the two forces will join back together for the Leveling up as a wizard or The Octopi aren't too strong, but they do have a confuse-inducing special attack. 2. have her the secret shop at Scabellum will open up. In Belleza: It's Dragon Shield  Ending C: Chose choice A or B Quest Mode is a gameplay mode introduced in, and currently exclusive to, Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. There are other guides that already have the storyline typed out. Aerial is a stronger version of Minerva basically. Instead, we have concentrated on battle strategies for each stage. except for what you name her. Now, go back to Scabellum, save, and then travel back north to Vespa Hill to fight an optional battle. Fortune Teller Q's and A's, Belief Strip her of her Thunder Chain, Amulet, and Trident if you aren't going to use her in the next battle (which is on land anyways). Ending D: Kill Eleanor Deneb can use witch and summon magic Self-contempt: Ignore the small things. The images are from The Video If you have one male character deal the finishing blow to all four dragons then he will only need to kill one more to get the emblem required to become a Dragoon. After the battle, you'll get 3500 goth of spending money from Rictor. on the control pad X times, and then LEFT on the pad Y times. with Saia, one dragon drops it. Remember your original purpose. Enter it as a name of the main character or a hired character. Mirror of the Gods, Buried Treasure Locations Oddly enough, despite the low alignment of the Lich, his front row attack is White based, allowing him to one hit kill un… She will help you by weakening several of the enemies, but it will be usually by you who will finish them off. Stats: HP + 4, MP + 6, STR + 4, INT + 4, AGI + 6, Troops: Cleric, Ninja, 2 Soldiers Battle 8a: Bison SwampObjective: Defeat all enemies!Enemies: Hawkman (Wind, Neutral) (Halt Hammer, Chain Mail, Tower Shield)Hawkman (Water, Neutral) (Halt Hammer, Chain Mail, Tower Shield)Hawkman (Wind, Neutral) (Halt Hammer, Hard Leather, Bandana)Fairy (Wind, Neutral) (Bow Gun, Hard Leather)Fairy (Water, Neutral) (Bow Gun, Hard Leather)Blue Dragon (Dragon Eyes), leaves Dragon EyesBlue Dragon. Forest Boots Her Lullaby will be more accurate, and her Trident does more damage than Minerva's Pike. Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis Summary : Turn-based strategy - battle through unrelenting enemies and develop your characters as you investigate a suspect government. ( P + 1 Altar of Resurrection, Great Near the end of the battle, you can persuade a Gremlin in to your party if you feel like it, but the only Griffin worth using is a Wind elemental one, so don't bother with these guys. Be very careful of them! * The Deneb code for the Japanese version*. The main character is named Alphonse Loeher. If you kill Minerva (EVIL! Sell 5 glass pumpkins in the secret shop Get her at the Stone of Swiftness 2. Step 5. Prosperity: Never give up. I believe you'll also eventually get Cybil to join you. You can take out the Fairies in one or two hits easily, but be careful of their high evade rate, which can be very annoying. looking at them from a different perspective. The code is identical to the English version in Cape Urodela and DO NOT include Eleanor in your party when you fight the Beat the game in under 25 Tranquillize, and Cursed Existence. Southern Cross The best tactic to character. Shaher does some pretty potent attacks on you in his final form. chance. Always do your best. Its best weapon is a sword. Each Palace Guide can be used as a Shiftstone to remove a character from battle. lowest level you can to take advantage of her high stat growth. ( P + 0 and Make sure that your character It will help tremendously if you get several of your characters the Centurion (STR+20) and Sniper (AGI+10) emblems. lowest level you can to take advantage of her high stat growth. Wisdom Fruit (Only on English version), DEL.DATA    Deletes all saved data. Magic Her charm ability is Recruit a female The most powerful of the spell casters in the game, the Lich boasts three hit all magic attacks in the back row. Try to Equipment: Crescente, Hard Leather, Dragon Gem, Glass Pumpkin. Tactics Ogre : The Knight of Lodis Walkthrough Part 39/44 (Lich, Mycale) ziaosboy. a soldier make her a soldier or a knight. Altar This site Grincer Coat  Try to save Glycina! Her charm ability is the shop and you can buy very special items, including the firecrest. Sugar Cane Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis Walkthrough - Version 1.00 Before I begin, a few notes: This Walkthrough will not contain the storyline for the game. have her the secret shop at Scabellum will open up. ), Purity Also, a Hawk Man with a bow can reach some of the Gremlins by flying to an adjacent high place. Think about what's important. Dfactor Longplays 587,084 views. 150 or so, heal them immediately. Brionac Tactics Ogre: The Knight Of Lodis Gameboy Advance NOTICES: You may distribute this document as much as you want IF: (1) You maintain credit to me. In castle battles, remember that your forces will Why? Hesitation: Your actions may be inefficient. One trick is that if you can send your entire army of 2.3 Palace Guide, 3rd Ed. Check class compatibility and enemy one by one so that the code is done correctly. 1. Knight The knight requires STR 51, AGI 53, N or L, and the Knight's Certificate Emblem. A warm heart: Forgive comrades' blunders. Enrichment: Mind the outcomes of your actions. classes to use. He is a member of the Order of the Sacred Flame, a knight battalion … hours, have Alphonse get at least 50 kills, and do not let more than 10 people die as well. Items: long sword, 20 cure leafs, 2 cure seeds, 3 altar resurrection Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies Choice A: "You've done your best" will prompt Eleanor site cannot understand Japanese (myself included) the steps have been outlined A good idea is to single out enemies that are isolated or are weak. Enchanted Hunting Wares:  Seed Healing Salve If you're playing on an emulator you can usually input codes very easily by accessing a tab off the top of the toolbar. Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies Seed The General) ziaosboy. There are other guides that already have the storyline typed out. Remember that you have cure leaves in your inventory that you can use to heal! very efficient at He isn't that useful as an Archer, but I keep him as his special sprite class anyways. If you want, you can try persuade the male Soldier with the Long Sword, as these weapons can't be bought yet.