Taste of home magazine hidden object contest? Positive: 51.190476190476 % Anonymous81410 | 03/04 2016 21:52 The gravy boat hidden object in the November,2016 issue is on page 67 on the Mudslide Cheesecake platter. I do not enjoy being treated in this fashion. I've found the hidden tea pot BUT can't find a way to enter. I can't find a way to enter the contest. Related: Taste Of Home - Website is crap What the heck is going on. Related: Taste Of Home - FREE GIFT ENCLOSED! Taste Of Home review from Conway, Pennsylvania rated 2.4/5.0 with 5 Comments: It is impossible to get into the hidden object contest.I have been trying for two days to enter with no success. I do not intend to renew my subscription. ! I tried for a long while to enter the hidden object but I could not. It seems that since Reader's Digest bought Taste of Homes magazines, things have changed. There was no place to do so. Play Hidden4Fun Sweet Taste of Home game and have fun!! Now I am informed that I must submit 100 words. Pwillis/beechwoodnorth@yahoo.com | 13/10 2020 01:00 Page 79 in basket of waffle fries Positive: 82 %. Sorry about that. I checked the Hidden Object Guidelines on page 96 which state the contest begins on 9/28/16 and ends 10/26/16. Hidden4Fun Sweet Taste of Home is another point and click hidden object game developed by Hidden4Fun team. Play hidden object games The world is stunning, drenched in colour and character, with compelling puzzles to boot. A lot of info on Mar, May etc. taste of home hidden objectHunt for hidden objects, crack mysteries, and solve puzzles as you play free Hidden Object Games. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. Taste-of-home.pissedconsumer.com Taste Of Home - ANOTHER unhappy Hidden Object experience Like many other reviewers I am having a problem entering the Hidden Objects contest.I received my November 2016 issue yesterday.