when a user steps on the vibrating platform and switches it on, the system vibrates shaking the whole body and offering therapy … Bone density appears to decrease, muscular strength deteriorates, and the metabolism slows. In the most basic form of vibration therapy… A: Vibrating machines, or vibrating platforms as they are known to many people are gym equipment designed with a vibrating plate and sometimes a column or a bar that users can hold on to. However, research using modern WBVT machines is about 15 years old. Thus, vibration machines became a solution to prevent the weakening of the body and even strengthen it. It might not seem like more than a fun way of working out but the truth is that whole-body vibration machines have a strong element of the science behind how they work.. The basic idea is that the machines … The Science Behind Vibration Plates. … There are two basic categories of whole body vibration … Actually, the idea of using physical vibrations as therapy is probably much older, going back to the 19th century. How Does Vibration Therapy Work? Vibration machines, also called shaking machines or shaking platforms, use whole-body vibrations to force your muscles to contract reflexively.