According to Jalopnik, back in the '90s, Car magazine compared the MKIV Supra to the newly launched BMW E36 M3. Cohen would end up directing The Fast And The Furious and, after getting a glimpse at just how brutal Lieberman’s 650 horsepower Supra was, he wanted it in the film. After the end of The Fast and the Furious, also known as the best movie of the franchise, also known as my childhood. Toyota Supra: Fast and Furious. The … The Supra isn’t just a Fast and Furious-generated fad. We see Brian give Dom the keys to the Supra after Dom wrecked at the end of their race to aide Dom in getting away from the incoming cops. See More 2020 Supra Photos here. The 1995 Toyota Supra Mark IV21 (also known as the 1995 Toyota Supra MK IV JZA804) is a minor car driven by Brian O'Conner in Furious 7.3 1 History 1.1 Furious 7 2 Specifications 3 Trivia 4 Media 4.1 Videos 4.2 Gallery 4.2.1 Screenshots 4.2.2 Misc. The 2001 action film concerning street athletics thieves, leading Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, spawned a franchise of sequels, each additional fantastical than the last. The cars had the same curb weight, independent suspension, and rear-wheel drive. The 2 Fast 2 Furious Supra specs show just how different this car was from the first Supra. From what we can tell, the remaining Toyota A80 Supra's were treated as they were intended; nothing more than used movie props. It's more than likely they sat in storage for a while (not including Walker's personal Toyotas). 1995 Toyota Supra Mark IV - Brian was seen driving the car in the final scene of the movie. An orange 1993 Supra was driven by the late Paul Walker in the original 'Fast and Furious' movie, sparking a younger generations' love for the vehicle. Unlike a few exemplary movie cars, O'Conner's Supra in the first Fast and Furious didn't get as lavish of a retirement. Related Story Original Fast & Furious Toyota Supra stunt car – Photos The leftover Supras from the first movie were reborn for 2F2F. – With Fast and Furious 5 in pre-production the highly popular series will continue to thrive for many years to come – However, there will only be one “original” – This ’70 Charger is that car – This was the vehicle driven by Vin Diesel in the first “Fast and Furious” movie Next: What Happened To Dom's Supra After The First Fast & Furious … Spanned over almost 20 hours across what is now eight installments, Fast & Furious … While $121K may seem like a lot to ask for a Supra (and it is), surprisingly, one other Supra has sold for more. The Furious series' impact on car culture, and culture at large, can't be understated. The “Fast & Furious” franchise is like every every gearhead’s fantasy brought to life. The car was owned by the late actor. That said, the Supra’s iron-block engine packed more power, considering it was twin-turbocharged. At the end of The Fast and the Furious Brian let Dom escape in the Supra they restored together, but it doesn’t appear again in the series – so what happened to it?