However, it is bigger than the 00. The laminate used for the back and sides of the X series Martin guitars is HPL and is the same material regardless of which “wood” version they print as a grain design. When it was introduced in 1998, Martin's X Series of electro-acoustics gave the tight of pocket a chance to sample the venerable American luthier's magic tone. Thanks. Martin X Series. For some players this will spell two things; cheap and not ‘real wood’. Find this acoustic electric guitar at a dealer near you or learn more about our X Series! With its revoiced Fishman MX pickup and preamp system, a balanced voice and beguiling playability, the X Series DX1E-04 has the intoxicating whiff of Martin luxury about it and is sure to attract the next generation of tonehounds. What do you think? The only thing that I can tell you by serial number is that you have a 2013 model – i.e. Starting with the Dreadnought models let’s take a look at the DX1AE. Black = Jett Black HPL top, back and sides., 21 Guitar Playing Tips Every Beginner Should Know, Tips for Learning How to Play the Guitar and Sing at the Same Time, Acoustic Guitar Stands: Ways to Keep Your Guitar When Not Playing, Takamine Serial Numbers: What They Can Tell You and How to Decode Them. Once you find your preferred top you could then try the different sizes that that top comes in, if that makes sense. My understanding is that they should sound the exact same, as HPL is HPL and the “wood” pattern is just a photo pattern finish. Thanks for visiting. Martin guitars used hide glue from their … NO WOOD is involved. This is DX1RAE/GPX1AE but instead in the 00 shape. The difference between the Rosewood HPL and the Madagascar HPL is that one has a Rosewood finish and the other a Madagascar finish, that is an imprinted, colored finish. You’ll have a great acoustic guitar sound, right out of the box. Thanks for your clarification. I’ve been researching Martin-X guitars before hitting the store to try some. It will change the approach for some of us – in a good way. What it lacks in midrange boom it makes up for in balance. $300 to $500 (6) $500 to $750 (21) $ to $ Financing . If you're in the market for the perfect travel guitar – to be used as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic lets up... – its the ideal choice. Glad you like the GPCX1RAE – great guitars in the X series, especially for their price-tag. The DXAE is the cheapest of the models – the reason being (in my opinion) is that it doesn’t have a solid wood top. The x series features a patented material that transforms birch into what feels and sounds like ebony. The DCX1AE Macassar has laminate Macassar back and sides and the DX1RAE has laminate Rosewood back and sides. The decision between this one and the black version comes down to which you prefer the look of. I would try a Sitka Spruce and a Sapele version and decide which you prefer. They do look quite different though. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Guitar Care. We have three guitars at home and I would like to add another one to our small collection. I accept every guitar is different and maybe there could be a few duff ones about. In general, all non-cutaway dreadnoughts and jumbo guitars get medium gauge strings. It is a phenolic resin paper based laminated composite. Martin Special Little Martin X Series Rosewood: Save 15% The Little Martin is Martin's smallest guitar, but it's as mighty as its big brothers. I’d like to narrow down the options first, rather than try everything and just get confused. The Martin X Series of guitars represents one of the latest in a long line of innovations in acoustic instrument design. That difference is more subtle compared to if you had solid wood back and sides, but there is still a detectable difference. Martin tends to name their guitars after their size and body style. CF Martin & Company has been in the guitar making business for over 180 years and have been at the forefront of many acoustic guitar innovations. If you look inside the soundhole of the guitar and look towards the neck, then you should see two numbers. CF Martin & Company has been in the guitar making business for over 180 years and have been at the forefront of many acoustic guitar innovations. This shape looks more like the Grand Performance shape in terms of the shape – but it is smaller. Guitars. What it lacks in boomy projection and mid punch it makes up for in a lovely, balanced response to a more delicate touch. ... Martin OMC-X1E Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Jett Black . Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Old Martin guitars tend to be worth a great deal of money, and as such, it is important to be able to determine the model and serial number of your guitar in order to correctly ascertain its value. This guitar raises the question, how much do materials matter? Thanks again for a great article and very nice site. Owners Club Login. Strings. Apart from the top being HPL instead of solid Sitka spruce (the major difference), the DXAE Black has mostly the same specs as the DX1AE, DX1RAE and the DX1KAE, except for a few minor things. Your email address will not be published. Thanks. Hi, what is Martin X series “Custom” ? So the low end will be less dominant. We can agree on that. This guitar is virtually the same as the DX1AE (first guitar in this list) except that it has East Indian Rosewood HPL back and sides. I recently bought the GPCX1RAE and love it. If you can send through an image of it I might be able to determine the model. Which does have a big impact on sound. And you’re still looking at an MSRP of around $729 (USD) for the … So the choice between the two will basically come down to which one you like the sound and look of better. It’s not too difficult once you break it down. The Martin 15 Series Guitars fall somewhere in the middle of Martin’s range of guitars. >>Taylor 110 vs 210: Is there a Difference? With a comfortable natural bitch laminate neck, gorgeous visual touches and a Fishman pickup-preamp system, this one's a solid all-rounder that begs for a place on your guitar rack. Thank you. X Series: Martin's X Series represent their most affordable acoustic instruments, many with Fishman electronics (E models.) I would definitely take the Martin X series into consideration. Filters. The OMXAE Black is similar to the 000X1AE. Catalogs. But for you I definitely recommend trying the Sapele topped versions. Guitars. Catalogs. Category . X Series. HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Mahogany Back and Sides, FSC® Certified Richlite Bridge with Compensated white Tusq saddle, Black (instead of white) Compensated Tusq Saddle. Martin & Co.® has been creating the finest instruments in the world for over 180 years. Digging in doesn’t faze the DX1E; it seems confident in its balance across the spectrum. If you are going to be playing the guitar plugged in mostly, then the difference is very little and you can adjust the EQ to get the sound you want. Custom Shop. We still don’t like the striped look of the ‘stratabond’ multilayered wood neck and the DX1E-04 finds itself in a very competitive end of the market, but there’s something reassuring to be found. Guitar Setup - Guitars purchased at Long & McQuade come with 1 free setup, to be redeemed within 1 year for new guitars and 90 days for used guitars. Personally I prefer the sound of solid wood but not all laminate wood is made the same – so some are better than others and I assume Martin make a quality laminate top. The major difference being the Black HPL top, back and sides. Guitar Sizes and Types. Like the Dreadnought Junior, the X Series guitars are made in Mexico. And the Martin name carries expectations earned over generations. Check out my review at the link below. Happy holidays! Strings. The sizes will make a big difference to the tone and feel as well. The 0M shape is the same as the 000 shape. Since you didn’t list it, I assume it wasn’t one of the popular models, but it still says Martin on the headstock, and still plays fine to me. M = Mahogany Patterned HPL Back and Sides. But I am now definitely keen to play two x series guitars against each other (with all else being equal, shape, cutaway etc). The DX1RAE is a dreadnought shaped guitar so it has good volume and a driving sound. It’s also sustainable material. The body is constructed w Show More Enjoy! This is a great option if you like to reach the upper frets more easily. Thank you for signing up to Total Guitar. So unless you are determined to get a black guitar then I would opt for one of the solid Sitka Spruce topped or Solid Sapele topped models (depending on your sound preferences). You’re very welcome and thanks for your comments. You recommend paying the extra $50 for a Sitka Spruce top, rather than the Black laminate. The GPCX2AE features a solid Sapele Top and Macassar patterned HPL back and sides. This is a very playable guitar with a beautiful balance and response to lightness of touch. I quote from their catalog: “Wood grain image photographically reproduced on patented high-pressure laminate (HPL).”. This will help to produce a warmer, fuller, mid-range heavy type of sound – compared with the Sitka Spruce topped versions. Low action and fast – it feels quite effortless to play for a dreadnought. And the Martin name carries expectations earned over generations. All you have to do is plug in and play. The DX1E-04’s top and sides are high pressure laminate. These will have a mellower/warmer tone than the Sitka Spruce tops. The major difference here is the Solid Sapele top. Very informative of the x series Martin’s and what all the letters mean. I’ve listened to lots of Martin guitars with the Sitka Spruce top, of course, it’s iconic. Please refresh the page and try again. You can see the difference between the dimensions in the table below. So I’m open to alternatives. Thanks again for clearing this up and thanks for visiting the site. Always nice to add to your collection – and exciting to search for that new guitar. So…OMG thank you! Is it not the case that when all other features are identical, the mahogany or rosewood HPL variants in the X-series are identical in terms of sound? The DX2AE Macassar features a solid Sapele (Mahognay-esque tonewood) top and Macassar patterned HPL back and sides. Yeah there are thousands of acoustic guitars available out there. Honestly, we were getting a bit tired of seeing Fishman’s Sonitone system with Sonicore piezo on so many electros in this price range. The Martin X Series was designed with affordability in mind, offering the legendary Martin tone with easy playability, durability, comfort, and style—with a price point that won’t have your wallet completely shook—which is why we’re so excited for our Martin 00-X2E giveaway! Loaners Available - a loaner product may be given while the product is being repaired. To make the name easier to understand let’s see what the letters and numbers stand for. They are made with HPL - a high pressure laminate of wood fiber and resin, which has highly reflective tonal properties resulting in a very pretty treble ring, even midrange and good bass response. Strings. The HPL top in place of the solid Sitka Spruce top is the reason that it’s cheaper. The entry-level models of big guitar brands aren’t just important for players, they’re absolutely vital for the brand’s fortunes. This fall I will be making soul themed music, which will require live guitar instrumentation. The Martin DX1AE is a part of the Martin X Series of Guitars; each and every guitar manufacturer has their own unique naming system for their guitars. The GP shape has a more defined waist than the dreadnought model. This post will take a look at all of the different Martin X Series acoustic guitars. We don’t use the word ‘silky’ lightly, but this really is. Find a X Series dealer near you today! Martin D-X2E & 0-X1E review For 2020, Martin brings sharper looks, improved playability, superior tone and a welcome slice of charm to its affordable X Series guitars HIDE GLUE REALLY DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You’d probably notice it more if they were both solid wood – but I don’t think there would be a huge difference in tone. It is also the first of the models that we have looked that features a cutaway. . Is my understanding of this model correct? Not quite as loud as a dreadnought, IMO, but pretty close. Of course, given Martin’s focus on high end guitars, the 15 series guitars are of very high quality and will still set you back a reasonable chunk of cash to buy one. Also, if you are not going to require access to the higher frets, then a non-cutaway is probably a better option – and usually cheaper. Catalogs. The stock argument will be this choice is more resistant to temperature changes that can play havoc with acoustic guitar. Included with this is a custom Martin case and matching pick guard. These are the major differences compared to the GPCX1AE and GPCX1RAE. I am just pointing this out, as it is best that buyers know exactly what they are getting before purchasing.