✔ They are the perfect pet for you if you are living in an apartment. The soft tissues leading to the respiratory tract get squished by the shortened born structure which causes airway obstruction. But do forget to clean their faces after they have had a meal to stop the food from getting into the eyes, noses, and ears causing infections. (Labs are working hard to find out where the color is coming from and how it can be tested.) This rarest French bulldog color is usually the most expensive because it comes in so many shades. This rule also applies to the AKC approved colors. If you live in the city, this pooch is perfectly suited for that kind of lifestyle. A Cockapoo’s coat may be low-shedding but it is prone to tangles and […], My Dogs Info is a website that publishes high-quality interactive dog breed information. The Isabella French Bulldog is a charming and compact French Bulldog with a rare dilute liver/grayish-blue coat. These ears are what made him so popular in the first place. French Bulldogs are a very popular dog breed. The dilution gene affects black and liver colors, while red may be lightened as well. A lilac French Bulldog dog will have the genotype bbdd (homozygous for liver, homozygous for dilution). When you couple how the fact that these puppies are rare and that is is difficult to breed them you get to understand the reason for the hefty price. The French Bulldog (French: bouledogue or bouledogue français) is a breed of domestic dog, bred to be companion dogs.The breed is the result of a cross between Toy Bulldogs imported from England and local ratters in Paris, France, in the 1800s. The dam and the sire of a lilac French should have the blue and chocolate gene, be blue themselves or be carriers of the blue gene. They should be fed on a high-quality grain-free diet to prevent their stomachs from being upset. Acceptable french bulldog colors french bulldog breed is famous for its wide variety of colors. He is now taking the world by storm. If you are curious to know more about this dog then Mydogsinfo is the place for you because we are going to look at all that you need to know about the Isabella French Bulldog. The isabella french bulldog is a charming and compact french bulldog with a rare dilute liver grayish blue coat. We have an amazing litter of french bulldogs available. Isabella color in French bulldogs develops from dilute Liver dogs. By mating two black dd carriers, the newborn puppies will be blue, while liver (chocolate) carriers will affect producing Isabella color of the coat. Lilac French Bulldogs are very attractive and people are always amazed by how good they look and the fact that they are rare. They are stocky, compact dogs with a friendly, mild-mannered temperament. The Isabella color occurs due to the dilution of the red, liver, or black color genes. Teacup French Bulldog Breeders And What Is A Isabella French Bulldog LOW PRICES Teacup French Bulldog Breeders And What Is A Isabella French Bulldog. However, care should be taken when playing with this dog because he may experience breathing problems. How much does an Isabella colored french Bulldog cost? Fruits and vegetables are also pawfect for a Frog dog but you have to ensure that they are safe for the canine friend. Because their coats are … Prepare a training schedule with 3 to 5 minutes to start with. These are exciting and funny dogs to be around but when are not the most intelligent. Isabella color in French bulldogs develops from dilute Liver dogs. Rare-colored French bulldogs are the carriers of a dilute gene that naturally occurs. Their size also means that they can fit in a smaller space making wonderful pets for all kinds of families. It is here that French Bulldogs that we know today started to take shape and would soon gain favor in France because of their oversized ears. This is what causes breathing problems in the Lilac Frenchie and is an inherited condition. Unfortunately, it’s often claimed that rare French bulldogs are less healthy than those with standard pigments. I would not recommend breeders that come cheap especially with this dog. It is in Best and Famous French Bulldog Color. The Isabella French Bulldog is a perfect dog for anyone looking dog a companion pet and is fit for families, single people, and even seniors. This extremely rare "TESTABLE CHOCOLATE GENE" was first discovered in Germany by another breeder in 2009, it is NOT a mix breed but a 100% pure bred French Bulldog. What's better than a French Bulldog? Another very notable feature of the Isabella Frog dog is the wrinkled face. An isabella or a Lilac French bulldog will have the genotype bbdd (homozygous for liver, … Since French bulldog moms aren't capable to stand on their paws and take care of their children, a breeder is the only person who can actually help in the first two weeks. French Bulldogs are known for having problems during birth and it is for that reason that most puppies are born through a cesarian section. Here is an example of one (https://lilacfrenchies.com/), or check out this Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Isabellafrenchies/). However, we’ve managed to identify the 8 most common and prevalent colors.. The dilution gene appears on the D locus which consists of dilute d, and D non-dilute. Dilution of the recessive gene is the main reason for this incredible isabella-blue color. I’m going to explain these color genetics in a very introductory fashion. This will also help distribute coat oils and keep it shiny. Isabella or a Lilac French bulldog has a noticeable lilac hue of the coat. The coat lies flat on the skin.eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'mydogsinfo_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_16',116,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'mydogsinfo_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_17',116,'0','1'])); And when compared to other dog breeds the Lilac French Bulldog does not shed much. Getting an Isabelle French Bulldog is based on luck because very few are bred. French bulldog breed comes in … This Isabella Frenchie also has eyes that range in color from light blue to light brown. In other words, no one can affect producing this type of gene. In terms of French Bulldog … Consider joining the French Bulldog Club of America, the French Bulldog Club of England, the Southern Bulldog Club, or any others in your area. This rare French bulldog color is usually the most expensive due to their stunning looks and variety of rare coats. Besides the AKC approved coat standards, these little gremlins can be found in lilac, blue, chocolate, and Isabella colors that are higher in price. Nottingham lace makers, threatened by redundancy in the Industrial Revolution, … all parts of the world in order to create our own line of the Isabellas. Frenchies are now recognized by most major kennel clubs including but not limited to the American Kennel Club from 1898. You may also like 500 of the French dog names. It’s a new shade of lilac also called “true lilac”. It’s because in some dog breeds may occur the condition called Color Dilution alopecia. The Isabella Frenchie is the only lilac that is testable for the chocolate gene therefore some French Bulldog breeders consider the Isabella to be the true lilac. Generally, Frenchies are eager to please, loving, and loyal dogs. https://mydogsinfo.com/dogbreeds/blue-french-bulldog/, Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix- Best buyer’s guide. Some may also suffer from ear and eye infections. French Bulldog quad carrier meaning. That’s why I highly recommend you not to buy puppies that are low in prices. They can produce an average of 2 or 3 puppies and these puppies come with a high price tag. Isabella French bulldogs definitely have one of the most unusual colors of fur. Isabella male pick of litt. Isabella French bulldog noses may range from pink to light brown, while their eye color ranges from light brown to light blue. Their large eyes and bat ears should also be cleaned because of their exposure to dirt and dust. You should brush his coat to remove any dirt and also bond with the dog. Isabella French Bulldog Coat Color Let us introduce you to the Isabella French Bulldog, this is the new shade of lilac also referred to as the “true lilac” or “double lilac”. As we have previously mentioned, the dilution recessive gene is the main culprit for the amazing blue and Isabella colors of hair. Your email address will not be published. Our French bulldogs come with a high-principled guarantee making us the safest consumer option in the World. It's true that this coat color isn't rare for other dog breeds but for Frenchies it is. The Isabella Frenchie is a flat-faced or brachycephalic dog breed also known for having a comical personality and adorable looks. The average price of a Lilac Frenchie pup is about $20,000 which could go as high as 30,000. Yeast Infection in French Bulldogs- Causes and Treatment. Blue French bulldogs easily attract the most interest in individuals. The coat colour genes in the French Bulldog panel are E, A, D, K & S There are a number of genes which interact to dictate the coat colour of a dog – the genes tested in this panel are the main ones which dictate the coat colour in French bulldogs. Fawn Frenchies are also common. A purebred French Bulldog puppy can set you back anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000+ dollars. Brindle French Bulldogs have a dominant dark color with lighter strands. The isabella frenchie is the only lilac that is testable for the chocolate gene therefore some french bulldog breeders consider the isabella to be the true lilac. This rarity also makes them come with a pretty hefty price because it may be difficult to breed them. This gene was bred in Europe and there the Lilac Isabella was born.....there are only a scattering of this exotic Lilac … Isabella is one of the newest colors in the French Bulldog breed. It is the oldest, most dominant, and probably the most famous Frenchie coloring. French Bulldog colors. ✓ These dogs make great companions and are family-friendly. Testable chocolate is relatively new but absolutely stunning! When choosing a raw diet, you should make sure that it is mainly meat-based proteins. They have light-colored eyes that can vary from light-blue to green and some of them may even have yellowish or grey eyes. Isabella Frenchies are prone to Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome because of the shortened nose and jaw. Dad is a lilac & tan isabella carrier. Testable Lilac or Isabella: This lilac referred to as “isabella” is created the same way the previously mentioned lilac is created, but it is made with the “testable chocolate”. Rare French bulldogs require a special way of breeding. The face of this dog is smushed in and he has a short and stumpy tail that is not docked. This Can Help, The Best Winter Coats For French Bulldogs, Our Favorite Backpack For French Bulldogs: Never Leave Your Frenchie Anymore, Does Your Frenchie Really Need Dog Sunglasses? The Isabella French Bulldog is a small pooch that should not exceed a weight of 28 pounds and with a height of between 11 to 13 inches. Just like a lilac French Bulldog, an Isabella bulldog is a result of blue and chocolate DNA. Isabella “True Lilac” Merle French Bulldog. The pet nanny will provide real time updates, and live video chat on the way to hand deliver your French bulldog. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This dilution of the gene can affect the blacks, red and liver colors. Let’s explain what does it mean. This is a pooch that will melt anyone’s heart with his great looks and huge personality. Have you ever wondered what the rarest French bulldog color is? They have light colored eyes such as yellow, green, or gray and have pink nose and area around the eyes. Use a medicated shampoo when bathing a Lilac French because he is prone to skin conditions such as eczema but only bath him when it is necessary. find a breeder that is experienced and that is reputable, https://www.facebook.com/Isabellafrenchies/, Beagle mixes- 15 “ADORABLE” Beagle mixes (with pictures), Shetland Sheepdog mixes- Top 10 Sheltie mixes (with pictures), How to groom a Cockapoo (8 Common grooming mistakes), Spine malformations, Respiratory issues, and Alopecia, Easy-going, loyal, loving, friendly, Playful, Affectionate and can be destructive when they are bored, Isabella Frenchie, Isabella Frog dog or the Isabella Clown dog. These over-sized ears would initially cause disagreements between major Kennel clubs. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mydogsinfo_com-box-4','ezslot_6',105,'0','0']));The same applies to the Lilac Frenchie. But they were there to stay. Corgi Toy Poodle mix- “COMPLETE” Corgipoo buyer’s guide, Do Cockapoos bark? However, you should make sure that you exercise them lightly enough to keep their weight in check but not much. However this shade is a lot more champagne looking compared to the regular lilac. Lilac is used for the non-testable chocolate and blue, the original chocolate first found in French Bulldogs. The cost of a Lilac French Bulldog can be influenced by the breeder and the location where you are getting the puppy.