Zones: 3-9. Your garden can bloom from early spring until late fall if you plant a variety of flowers that bloom at different times. Some early flowers will even bloom in the snow! Perennial Flowers That Bloom From Spring to Fall. Blooms Pink, purple, red, white or lavender in summer Light Full sun to part shade Soil Moist, well-drained … Having a garden full of spring-to-fall-blooming perennials may seem like an elusive dream. Perennial flowers that bloom from spring to fall are the secret of achieving long-lasting garden colour. That said, there are many perennial plants … Common name: Iris Botanical name: Iris Season of Bloom: Late Spring… Spring-blooming bulbs are the ultimate in delayed gratification: You need to plant them in the fall for blooms next spring. I’m sure you’ll agree that every plant has its merits. The key to successful year-round garden colour is to be specific about your plant choices. And in a sheltered, sunny spot, late flowers can bloom … Classic bearded iris blooms in summer. BBLDWP / Pixabay. Flower colors include white, blue, purple, orange, yellow, and pink. Plant a Variety of Flowers That Bloom at Different Times. This easy-to-grow perennial produces spearlike foliage and long stems topped with fabulous flowers. Siberian Iris blooms in spring. Divide plants in spring every few years to keep plants healthy and blooming.