There are many species common throughout the state, but this fact sheet will focus on the following: white oak (Quercus alba), water oak (Q. nigra), pin oak (Q. palustris) and willow oak (Q. phellos). The Willow Oak is botanically called Quercus phellos. Bright green in summer, the foliage turns yellow or russet in the fall. Plant about 18 feet apart when planting in rows. It displays beautiful yellow to golden-russet with hints of red colors in the fall to brighten up streets and yards. The Tree is a deciduous tree, it will be 15 - 20 m (49 - 66 ft) high. Willow oaks produce small acorns of ½ to 1 inch in length. Willow Oak A handsome oak with willow-like leaves. Why? Willow oaks are fast-growing trees that can grow 2 ft. (0.6 m) per year and have a dense oblong crown when mature. Willow Oak A handsome oak with willow-like leaves. As one of the fastest growing trees in its youth, the Sawtooth Oak is an attractive shade tree with dark lustrous summer foliage and clear yellow to golden brown fall leaves. Quercus phellos has many names, with the most common being willow oak, pin oak, peach oak and swamp chestnut. It is native to the eastern and central United States from Long Island Sound south to northern Florida, and west to southernmost Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and eastern Texas. Willow oaks produce small acorns of ½ to 1 inch (1-3 cm.) Charlotte tree enthusiast Brett Dupree, who is a member of the Mecklenburg County Treasure Trees program, nominated the Willow Oak. Leaves turn pale yellow in fall. General Information Scientific name: Quercus phellos Pronunciation: KWERK-us FELL-oase Common name(s): Willow oak Family: Fagaceae The Willow Oak offers rich, orange color in fall that will liven up your landscape. Narrow, willow-like leaves are unlike most Oaks and give find fine texture to landscape sites. This tree is a high-value wildlife tree for birds and mammals. long (12 cm). But it also grows moderately fast, so within a few years you will have a handsome specimen tree. According to Dr. Michael Dirr, “ Hightower® Willow Oak is the grower’s dream tree and the landscape architect’s easiest specification. (Zones 5-9) Relatively fast-growing, it tolerates poorly drained soil. Merging the elegance of the Willow Tree with the easy, fast-growing shade of your favorite neighborhood Oak, the Willow Oak Tree imparts grace and vibrant green hues to your landscape. It adapts well to wet conditions, but also has surprisingly good drought resistance. The delicate leaves create dappled shade and produce a golden yellow color show in fall before they drop. It takes 2 years for these to mature, which is a unique bit of willow oak tr… 12.7-gallon. Native species. Grows to 40'-60' with a 35' spread. ... Willow Oak Tree. more than 50 years). Improper pruning cuts can lead to stem cankers. It has a spread of 30-40 feet. The fall color is yet another plus for this Oak. It is a hard redwood, which is an excellent choice for furniture and cabinetry. The long, light green willow-like leaves create dense shade and a graceful effect turning bright yellow before they fall. Fast growing to 60'70'. This means that the chlorosis (yellowing) that is common in pin oak is not a problem for Hill's oak. The tree can reach an average height of 40-60 feet but can grow up to about 100 feet in ideal conditions. Feb 19, 2014 - Willow Oak - fine textured vigorous Oak with yellow fall color. Fairly fast growth to 80'. Excellent shade or street tree. Great fall color. They grow to a mature size of about 55-65 feet tall by 30-45 feet wide and is often distinguished from other oaks by its long slender leaves. The leaves cling to the tree through the winter, and drop when the new leaf buds grow the following spring. Shumard Oak Fast Shade with an Easy to Grow Tree! Fall color varies from yellow to red but is not showy. Rather than having a perfectly-rounded canopy, willow oak is just a little more than half as wide as it is tall. Thin bark susceptible to sun scald, protect with shade cloth when staging for installation. Their … The leaf is tipped by a bristle. Fall color is yellow, but sometimes reddish purple. Hardiness: Winter hardy … That means no-hassle planting and care for you. Willow-like leaves emerge light to bright green in summer, transitioning to yellow and red in the fall. Merging the elegance of the Willow Tree with the easy, fast-growing shade of your favorite neighborhood Oak, the Willow Oak Tree imparts grace and vibrant green hues to your landscape. No serious disease or insect problems and has yellow fall color. Slash Pine One of the common pine in the south. the ground. It is noted for its long, fine-textured, willow-like leaves, up to 5 in. These are very attractive to squirrels, chipmunks and other ground foragers. Our top choice for street plantings and plazas, this willow oak is a tough shade tree with abundant, vibrant foliage. Both will achieve some fall color; the Nuttall oak turns a dull yellowish-orange while the Shumard turns a more attractive burgundy red. For additional options, be sure to browse our Weeping Willow, Corkscrew Willow and Oak Tree collection. This leaf has 4-5 lobes that are rounded and of equal size. Native species. Starting at $99.95 Growing Zones: 5-9 West Coast Live Oak. A handsome oak with willow-like leaves. The leaves are oblong and the flowers are greenish. We get tons of requ. The book Pennsylvania Trees (1928), written by state chief forester Joseph Illick, records willow oak as occurring in Lancaster, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia counties, chiefly on wet sites, occasionally in drier, upland ones.