Discus and support Headset Audio settings are grayed out in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hello! Posted by 3 months ago. For Xbox One on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "3.5mm audio jack not working". Xbox One - How do I set up my headset to get chat audio only? Nothing will fix it. I took his controller apart and located the headset Jack socket. 12/09/2018 by I took the controller to someone to do this. If it's dirty, clean it with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Then one day I plugged my headset up and I'm not getting any sound. There is nothing more frustrating than having an Xbox one headset not working while being unable to figure out to the root cause. Therefore, players setting the game audio to 100% will hear 0% chat audio. Xbox One-s Controller Volume Greyed Out. Do not allow any liquid to drip inside the port or controller. If you dont do this your sound will cut off. Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by AndrewBell6, Jan 30, 2019. Same with me. Same with me.. I gently pressed the metal connectors that the Jack plug connect to back into the socket as they'd pushed out a little bit. ... My only "audio adjustment" options on the headset is volume up and down. I requested my friend to make a video on this issue I had tested his method and it works he’s a genius ! If a reboot won’t help, follow it up by doing the rest of the solutions below. All the way up you should hear yourself echo in your headset. I took my controller to someone that fixes it and asked just to do what is said “gently bend the pins out to make more of a contact". This worked for me after trying it a few times. I am having the same issue. It has been working since then. Try restarting your xbox then when it turns back on re-sync the controllers via the bluetooth button the plug the mic in, very frustrating problem but this worked for me. The way I figured this out is to turn the volume up on the headset until it beeps twice. But definitely agree, just take it back. The Everybody setting allows you to communicate with both friends and strangers on Xbox Live. If your controller has this additional socket then try an adaptor. This low-tech hack idiocy actually seems to work as a temp fix. Exchanged the 2 month old controller for a new one and the mic magically works. Jack has been cleaned, New controllers have been used, a second gaming system was also tested and the system worked fine for a while and started exhibiting the same symptoms shortly after one of the latest updates. May 30 by I’d blow you man and no homo, Get this person a medal of honor! 09/21/2018 by Hope this helps. This should allow you to adjust the game volume through your Xbox One headset. I tried unplugging and replugging my headset and rebooting my Xbox but it still doesnt seem to change. I was having issues and thought it was my mic. If you’re looking to change the volume of incoming voice communications and you’re using an official Xbox One headset or headset adapter, then things couldn’t be more simple. Go down to the middle slider and slide it down a notch. Then the next day they no longer worked. The Model 1697 controller includes an integrated 3.5mm headset jack, which allows compatibility with most 3rd party headsets without an adapter. 12/09/2018 by Make sure the headset isn't muted. You'll know there's a problem when other players can't hear you, and you can't hear other players. October 15 by From the menu select Settings and Display & Sound. Help xbox Audio Settings Greyed Out! The Xbox does it randomly. It worked fine for a while then all of the sudden it stops playing audio and recording. Coincidentally it disables the audio mixer from the guide tabs as well. Talk about a pile of crap! 2. Why the headphone jack stop working all of a sudden after is sounding like an internal hack issues in the software coding that could cause the issue, or just a faulty system. Mine is set the same way yours is and you're right the volume control is greyed out. Child profiles can't access this setting. When your Xbox One controller is not recognizing your headset, it can manifest in several ways. I then revert back and use the volume buttons and I never touch those bloody sound/chat buttons again! Sign up now! Xbox One Wireless Controller 1697. Issue: I can only hear game or crew chat audio, not both Audio Balance – Changing the volume via this setting does not increase/decrease game or chat audio individually, it’s a balance slider. Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by xX JKatt Xx, Sep 4, 2020. @claudiaperrodow. I have changed my privacy settings to adult. I was just about to give up untill I read this. You cannot adjust the correct settings from the settings menu. open up controller and take out the port for headphone jack .. bend the gold connectors back alil so it has a good connection to mother board than you will see the gold connectors that’s inside where the headphone jack touches bend those a lot so they all have full contact when you plug in jack I did that by using a thumb tack .. all my controllers work now did it to everyone, Cause of it is from constantly plugging in and out headphones making the contact spread open causing no contact, 09/06/2018 by No mixing between party or game chat. JJ Graber Norwood Johnson, I Just got mine to come on by having the headphones plugged in, and then unplugging the controller power cable and plugging it back it... Sound popped on and scared me lol. The problem is with the controllers. Henry Roberts Theres a little gold colored metal prong near the opening of the 3.5mm jack and you need to bend that back out with something pointy like a dental pick or something. Original Xbox One launch day. support gave me the run around, update, turn off, turn on, yeah it works for 1 minute some times a day, sometimes i have to reset it 2 or 3 times a aday and it doesn't work after resets, Claudia Perrodow The Xbox One Wireless Controller 1697 was released in 2015 and replaced the 1537 controller and fixes some of the problems found on Model 1537 controllers. Lots of guessing and variation of same problem here. Install new batteries in the controller. Donagh Corcoran, THIS!! That was 2 months ago, I tried to plug again batteries into controller and whoala, the sound is back :) [25.12.2018], March 29 by It’s not a controller problem. To check your settings, press the Xbox button on the controller, then navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy & online safety > View details & customize > Communicate with voice and text > Everybody. We cannot even get to the volume section in settings. 1. Multiple headsets and new controllers later… the problem persists. Two months so far and no problem at all. Surprised there is no law suit for selling defective items. Close. I've read elsewhere sometimes the controller has problems where the jack is. Joel Gonzales. My son is flipping out. When you enter a game with headphones attached to the controller and there’s no sound…. There should be an option to set chat audio to come only through the headset, that … ‘Xbox One mic not working’ is a very frustrating issue for the gamers who use the Xbox One console. I go to use them today I get a mute Icon as well as my headphones not working at all, all that happens is a popping noise from one side from the headphones, the side changes for some reason sometimes, So this would mean that my headphones are receiving power, but not being recognized by the Xbox as a audio device. About a month ago, I spoke with someone at xbox support who said it was a software issue that the third party headsets were not updating and they had an update coming in July to fix this. My son’s Xbox One S controller stopped detecting the headset after 2 months. I removed the headphone jack, bent the pins out a little both inside the jack itself and the ones that make contact with the board and also placed a small bit of card under the jack to apply pressure. Aaron Bouchard, Angel Wisdom C'mon Microsoft.....Get your shizz together! Carried out ALL trouble shooting available online AND with Microsoft Web chat..... end result they deemed the console was at fault and needs replacing at a cost of £131!! karincrimmins. Then press the Menu button on the Xbox One controller (button with the lines, just below the X symbol, slightly to the right). If you're on batteries maybe try taking one out for a sec, July 6 by There is a problem in the audio P2 jack. level 1. Last bit of advice i'm going to try tonight is resetting my xbox to factory settings, while retaining my downloaded games. You can also adjust the volume settings on the Xbox One. I can here a little sound like static but that's it. Help xbox Audio Settings Greyed Out! The Xbox One Wireless Controller 1697 was released in 2015 and replaced the 1537 controller and fixes some of the problems found on Model 1537 controllers. And when I do get it working (after trying so many options), I can never figure out what I even did, or if it just decided to work again on it's own. What is going on here? The jack in the controller is non soldered, it alows play rather than snapping out. I pushed it in until the Xbox showed the headset connection and then pushed all the way in. With the headset unplugged, look in the headset connector on the Xbox One controller. Via de knoppen op de adapter pas je de geluids- en microfoon volume aan. I’ve tried each of the above three headphones plugged into 5 different controllers. This little piece of equipement allows that conduction to take place again through another source. Before sending it off I borrowed a headset adaptor which plugs in to the rear of the controller & the headset worked perfectly without any issues. Having same problem any solutions other than taking controller apart was working last night woke up this morning and it wasn’t working microphone crossed out on screen. Try resetting the game and chat balance, checking that you can both hear your crew and chat with them, then adjust as required. If you’re having issues with the audio not coming through, you may have to go and update your controller. Is headset being assigned to your account? My son went through 3 headsets due to no mic, partial sound coming through ear pieces or not at all. Mate this is actually the most ingenious thing. I then press the sound side of the sound/chat button and keep doing so until it gets too loud. The headset works with anything else but when I plug it into the Xbox One s controller it doesn't work. I have both the PS4/Xbox One. Any tips? Any tips? Sorry typing this on my phone. You'll know there's a problem when other players can't hear you, and you can't hear other players. Check your mute and volume settings. I’m also having the same problem. Had the same problem for months. It seems that we are spending lots of money buying new controllers and headsets and still having the issues. When I plug the headset in to the controller there is no sound and the mic does not work. My headphones used to work, 7/29/18 "when they last worked". Has anyone looked into starting a class action suit against Microsoft? Get rid of the heap of junk Xbox one console altogether and go to the PS4, seeming as Xbox continue to fail to fix problems that the PS4 doesn’t have, 09/02/2018 by 1. Headset doesn’t work. Same problems. NOTE: Have headset plugged in when running update. Headphones: Koss UR-20 Home Headphones, Speakers Working, Jack Working. While the PS4 was released a full week before the Xbox One, Microsoft's next generation system is fully equipped with the latest games and acts as an all-out media hub.. This will have triggered the sound card to work correctly! Go to your audio setting and under “Headset chat mixer” turned it all the way down. When I start a party, without the headset connected, it will indicate that the headset is not there. I just get no system audio from the Xbox One to the Headphones. Any help would be appreciated. 1. It only works when it wants to. The card tricked worked thank you so far so good. It worked. Microsoft won't address it either. Tried the new controller on another xbox and it worked.. Definitely an xbox problem.. Something Microsoft should look into fixing ASAP.. If you find your Xbox one headset not working, we have curated a number of fixes that may help you. Thanks for this BONEHEAD fix! How can the controllers go bad so fast? You're the best, Hello all, we're having exactly the same problems here and it is driving us nuts. There’s No Sound Through the Xbox One Headset. Do I need a different headset, preferably one that is Xbox One only so I can let the game audio go through my headset instead of through the TV? Thank you, 2 days agoNovember 28, 2020 by Does anyone have any other ideas, I’m slowly losing the will to live? The LucidSound LS35X is the best wireless Xbox One headset out there, if not the best Xbox One headset in general, owing to its great features, design, and general quality. My previous headset worked because it had a separate amp that plugged into the back of the XBONE via USB and Optical cable. I will try another headset just to be sure. All the way up you should hear yourself echo in your headset. Press the Xbox Button while in the Xbox One's Home Screen. Press and hold the power button on the front of the console until the LED goes off, then wait for the controllers to power down. For the input and output devices select the wired headset; Go back to audio devices and select the "output to headphones" option; Make sure that option is set to "All Audio" Go into your active game. Xbox One Wireless Controller 1697. @zac050708. Sometimes you need to update the controller. Ahmad Kowarik, Israel Silva Common issues with the Xbox one system turning on by itself is dust particles turning it on or something too close to the touch pad, but this cannot be when my systems front panel is in a dust free area(container) that is grounded for static electricity and there is nothing remotely close to the power button. It will not let us click on it. I took my turtle beach back to Argos , which we bought just before xmas..( I had replacement care).. changed it for an Xbox controller .. ( more expensive and paid for replacement care again ...only to come home .. and the same thing happened .... so like you... don't know where issue lies ... Xbox support weren't overly helpful either ... but don't know where to go from here .. .. My fix for this solution - after being bullied into buying increasing expensive headsets by my children - has been to return the controller to the store where I bought it - EB Games in Australia - and have it replaced under warranty because it is faulty. Ok I've had this problem today with my sons headset on the xbox1s. The same headphones work on my laptop, 3ds, and MP3 player. Unplug it, then plug it back in. It's intermittent. I called back into xbox support and they didn’t know anything about the software fix they had promised me last month. In the meantime I got a wired controller which was working perfectly well until 2 days ago!! For new Xbox One Controllers that feature a built-in 3.5mm headset jack, there is a separate menu to adjust the overall volume and mic monitor volume. Jelle Jeremiah, XTerminal While the PS4 was released a full week before the Xbox One, Microsoft's next generation system is fully equipped with the latest games and acts as an all-out media hub.. I have a Xbox One, 2 controllers and 2 headsets (both original, Microsoft products). 2. I can use the inline microphone mute button and unmute. The problem comes from plugging in this will obviously put slight pressure on these pins and they only need to bend a fraction to loose contact, each time you plug in different pressure will be applied so another pin may move slightly causing a reconnection, eventually connection is lost. And ps4 and switch. I guess I could mute my tv but lol it seems like such a basic … I have 4 controllers and 4 headsets, all of which work for a while, then sporadically and then not at all. 1 minute update solved 3 months of frustration - thanks JJ, Really I made an account just to say thank you. Look for a mute button on the left side of the connector that's plugged into the expansion port on the controller, or an in-line mute switch if you have a 3.5 mm chat headset. ORLANDO MERCEDES. I know it's not the headset because the work fine when plugged into a phone or computer and the xbox does register that they are connected. Xbox One-s Controller Volume Greyed Out: I bought a new Xbox One S for my son for Christmas, he recently got an online game and wanted to use voice chat so I bought him a headset with mic. @xterminal. Hold down the PS button on your controller until the options menu appears. You cannot adjust the correct settings from the settings menu. I contacted Microsoft & was advised to send it off for ‘repair’ as it was under warranty. Nigel Colfer We rebooted many times and nothing is working. Alternatively, remove the batteries to shut the controllers off immediately. Xbox One Headset Audio Only 2020 (Updated) I show you exactly how to fix your Xbox One Headset audio problems! Tyler Bridges. Dashboard 2.system settings 3. Controller: Model 1697, Headphone Jack Working. The question is why? We have three headsets with the issue. No matter what I did, there was no sound in the headphones, so I used the same technique as you do with all sound devices on computers, I triggered it! Just not recognising that headset it connected (symbol shows microphone, with a crossed out symbol across it).