To connect the P45 to the computer you’d need to buy an additional A to B USB cable. proper finger technique for when the time comes to perform on an acoustic In this case, the piano will need polyphony not only for the notes you’re playing but also for a backing track. If you prefer to practice in private or want to get a more detailed and accurate sound, you can always plug in a pair of headphones to the P-45’s 1/4″ stereo jack. reproducing the rich dynamic range of a grand piano. Sasa. Have you looked at our Keyboard Recording Guide yet? I tried looking at the “Recording and Playback” section of your review but it was a bit vague. When it comes to a stand for the P45, there are 3 options for you to consider. Well, if you’re just a beginner and you’re not sure if you’re going to stick with learning the piano then paying the extra money may not worth it for you. I know this is a quite popular keyboard among people so I was wondering if anyone had one to see if there were any recs for adapters of headphones I could purchase. With the metronome, you can adjust the tempo, the beat, and volume of the metronome. Ivory and Ebony touch, PX-160 has more powerful speakers compared to the stationary. It’s also worth mentioning that Yamaha’s GHS action tends to be a bit less noisy (noticeable when playing at a low volume or in headphones), compared to the Casio’s Tri-sensor hammer action, but in terms of realism, Casio’s action is arguably better. For a live performance, playing along with several instruments, you’d definitely need an external amplifier as the sound is weak for such occasions. This piano would be a perfect choice for on-the-go Shares useful info and actionable insights in the form of reviews, guides, tips and tricks that will help make your musical journey a success story. I have owned a Korg key board for 10 years which has now lost a lot of key function so looking for a rep[lacement. He tends to go with the new breed…that is to say, today’s crop…Jonathan Biss, Paul Lewis, et al. 5 Best Digital Pianos Under $500 for Beginners, The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Digital Piano, 88-key fully weighted keyboard with matte black keytops, Touch Sensitivity (Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed), 1,326 x 295 x 154 mm (52.2” x 11.6” x 6.0”). More or less $100 more expensive than the P-45, Twice as more instrument sounds (18 vs 10), Tri-sensor Sled Hammer Action keyboard provides It allows two people to sit side by side and play the same notes at the same time. However, black keys of P-45 have matte finish, which will prevent fingers from slipping off when they become moist. any other digital piano. The instrument will fit into most cars, so you can easily take the keyboard to gigs or on the road. As far as I remember, the P-45 doesn’t have half-pedaling support either. I recommend Reaper as an excellent DAW. It is perfectly suitable since it’s a wired connection (as opposed to Bluetooth) there hardly will be any problems connected to sound lags. is touch – sensitive, this means that The piano inherited the compact and lightweight design of its predecessor – P35; they look completely identical. The Casio PX-160 despite being slightly more expensive than the P45 might be an interesting alternative to the Yamaha, especially if you feel that you need a little more than the P-45’s basic features. room or to perform in front of a few people. Fine tuning function allows you to raise or lower the pitch of entire keyboard in 0.2 Hz increments to match the pitch of another instrument or singer, for example. This Portability is another big plus of the P-45. The 1st option is not to buy a stand at all. There are 4 reverb types available on the P45: Room, Hall 1, Hall 2, Stage. In case you need more than just a MIDI recording, you can either record the audio signal from the P-45 directly via the headphone jack or record a MIDI file first and then render it as audio using a VST plugin (in this case the sound will obviously be different from you keyboards’ native sound). weighted action has heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high But the P-45 has also become quite a legend over the years and is extremely popular. ... Lightweight and compact size design makes it easy to carry. I’m also speculating whether or not the “PHONES” (or “LINE OUT”) port can be used to connect to my laptop and if the recording will have a high enough quality through that. This instrument has built-in speakers measuring 2 x The Korg B1 has 8 The PX-160 offers almost twice as many instrument sounds (18) as the P45(10) and more importantly have 2-track MIDI recorder, which will allow you to record and playback your performances right onboard. That’s pretty much it when it comes to differences between the P-45 and P-125. The “Hard” setting, on the other hand, will provide the widest dynamic range, where you’ll have to strike the keys really hard to produce the loud sound. One of my recommendations would also be the RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty adjustable stand. Considering the young age of your daughter, it’s probably a bit premature to invest any serious money into a high-end digital piano. The duo mode, on the other hand, splits the The feel and action of the keys of P-45 are very similar to those of an acoustic piano. 100% Upvoted. It allows you to transmit MIDI data to external devices including computers, tablets (adapter is required), etc. In addition, the matte finish of the black keys is less slippery when DMI-5 2/2 P-45 Owner’s Manual 7 allow you to change the pitch of the keyboard in semitone steps. Auto power off function prevents unnecessary power consumption by automatically turning the instrument off after approximately 30 minutes of no operation. The piano is equipped with all the necessary ports and jacks to connect the instrument to external devices, such as headphones, external amplifiers, sustain pedals, etc. The quality of the sound through the onboard speakers is pretty decent, especially considering the size of the instrument. musicians and one who appreciate mobility. Thanks a lot! You may wonder how it is possible to have 32, 64, or even 128 notes playing at the same time, if there are only 88 keys and we never play them all together. it can be easily placed anywhere in your home or even used for performance Don’t forget though that the P45 is still a full-sized, 88-key instrument and isn’t suitable for long trips by plane/train. This is where you’ll need to plug in an included footswitch, which functions the same way as a sustain pedal on an acoustic piano. You can get an even better sound by plugging in a good pair of headphones, which will provide a clearer, more detailed sound as well as an immersive listening experience. My advice would be to start with something more simple and affordable and then, if your daughter sticks with it, upgrade to a digital piano with fully-weighted keys to ensure she gets a more realistic playing experience similar to a real piano. It’s my first piano I’ve always had synths. In order to change the sound coming from the piano (I know it comes from the computer, I don’t want a gap between pressing the keys and hearing the sound!). Check the video below to compare the pianos side by side: An entry-level keyboard from Korg is actually very similar to the P45 in a way that it’s pretty basic and straightforward and without lots of add-ons. However, it’s important to use some kind of protection for the keyboard to prevent it from damage during transportation. Thanks for your time. Being in love with music his whole life, Lucas started this blog as the “go-to” place for the most accurate and detailed information about the world of music, and especially pianos! To accurately capture the sound of an acoustic instrument and create high-quality samples Yamaha uses its well-known AWM dynamic sampling technology. For example, when you depress the sustain pedal, the earliest played notes continue to sound while you’re adding new ones and the piano needs more memory to keep all the notes sounding. Unlike some higher-end models, the keys on the P-45 don’t have moisture-absorbing keytops that replicate the feel of Ebony and Ivory. While 32-note polyphony may not always be enough for playing complex classical pieces, 64-note polyphony will do in most cases. FC5 Foot Switch Style Sustain Pedal. The instrument can fit It offers fully-weighted Natural Hammer keyboard instrument sounds (3 pianos) and no recording capabilities. You can also adjust the depth of the effect from 0 (no effect) to 10 (maximum depth). Looking for a review of Yamaha DGX 650? You’ll rarely need all 192 or 256 voices of polyphony at once, but there are cases when you can reach 64 or even 128 note limits, especially if you like to layer several sounds and create multi-track recordings. You can get a better sound by plugging in a good pair of headphones. The most affordable digital piano from Yamaha. Refer to our MIDI Connection Guide to learn more about how to use your keyboard as a MIDI controller and about what you can do when connected. It’s basically a plastic box-like pedal, which is far from what you’ll find on an acoustic piano. He is now happy to share his knowledge of the industry here, at Piano Dreamers. With the weight of 25 lbs. Hi there, The P-45 and the P (Portable) line in general are Yamaha’s response to hugely popular budget pianos from Casio’s Privia line. L-85 Stand. Sorry, didn’t fully understand what you mean. I purchased a P-45 and find that the lower half of the piano has a loud, heavy sound, while the upper registers have a slight, light sound, rather faint. This digital instrument does not come with a stand. The instrument will easily fit into limited spaces and can be carried by one person. Watch the video below to listen to the P-45’s Concert Grand sound: You can make the sound deeper and more expressive by adding reverberation effect. First of all, many of today’s digital pianos use stereo samples, which sometimes require two notes for each key played. I’ve explained that in more detail in the Keyboard section. As far as I remember, Audacity is not really designed for MIDI, it’s more for basic audio work. The “Power” button turns the instrument on and off; the other button is called “Function” (Grand piano) button, which you can use to either select Grand Piano sound or access all the other sounds and features of the P-45. I have just purchased a yamaha p45 and was wondering how to change the hammer weight like you described above. Moreover, a good pair of headphones will provide a clearer and more detailed sound compared to the onboard speakers. The Yamaha P-45 is a full-sized 88-key instrument and is not suitable for There is a Yamaha L85 furniture stand if you want your keyboard to be Can this be changed? button. The jack can also be used as a Line out to connect the piano to external speakers, amplifiers, mixers etc. The piano has a basic set of features that will satisfy most of the beginners and probably intermediate players. Once you’ve connected the piano to your computer, you can use the keyboard as a MIDI controller and take advantage of various music software available out there (GarageBand, FlowKey, Musescore, etc.). very useful if you want to play a song written in a difficult key with many The mode is often used by piano teachers; sitting next to a student they can play some tunes, and the student can follow along on the other part of the keyboard, playing the same notes. The piano inherited the compact and lightweight design of its predecessor – P35; they look completely identical. You can adjust the level of touch-sensitivity to better suit your playing style. Obviously, there’s no way to change the actual weight of the hammers, what you can do though is to adjust touch sensitivity, or in other words, how the instrument responds when you play loudly or softly. But, the most significant improvement is that the polyphony has been doubled from 32 to 64 notes. The dual mode feature will allow you to layer two instrument The keyboard is touch (velocity) – sensitive, which means the volume/timbre changes depending on how hard or soft you play the keys, reproducing the rich dynamic range of a grand piano. As a result, the piano will be able to keep in memory twice as many notes, allowing for a fuller and richer sound. But I have no idea where to start and what exactly to look for. a deeper, richer and more spacious sound by using pairs of waveforms (L and R) picked I will definitely write a more in-depth article on how to choose a keyboard or a digital piano for a child with some product recommendations. On the other hand, if you already have some experience and think that you might need the P-125’s extra features and higher quality sound, you’ll probably be better off with the P-125. It helped me a lot to know Pianos better But if you insist on traveling with the piano, you So is the P-45 (P-71) worth the money? The piano is 52.2 inches wide, 11.6 inches deep and 6 inches high. It will easily fit into smaller spaces and will be a nice addition to your home interior.The piano is 52.2 inches wide, 11.6 inches deep and 6 inches high. However, you can still use USB (MIDI) connection and, using certain music software, record your music. I purchased the Yamaha P45 and am very satisfied with it. The piano tones have been slightly improved over the previous P35 model. tempo for you by ticking at a consistent speed. Headphones come in very handy when you want to practice in private, focusing solely on your playing and not disturbing others nearby. hammers inside an acoustic piano, a Yamaha’s GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) The Starter Bundle includes the Yamaha PKBX2 X-type stand, which will work with the P45 just fine. combined with 192-note polyphony, It is at approximately $150 more expensive than long trips with plane or train. Furthermore, using the sustain pedal, sound effects (Reverb, Chorus), dual-mode (layering), and even the metronome ticking sound takes up additional notes of polyphony. Great observations! All the connectors are on the back of the instrument. Therefore, buying something more substantial and realistic may not be a bad idea. If we’re talking about portable keyboards, I recommend taking a look at these: A keyboard with light-up keys is another good option to consider. piano. I wanted to know if you have some advice on that information. The piano would be a great choice for on-the-go musicians and anyone who appreciate mobility. The P45 is not great for musicians who need a variety of instrument sounds and sound effects to create music. When you reach the polyphony cap, the piano starts to drop the earliest played notes to free up memory for new notes, which in turn affects the quality and fullness of the sound. AWM Stereo Sampling generates Question. keyboard into two equal sections that have the same pitch ranges. How does one go about doing this? However, note that it only works a simple on/off footswitch and doesn’t have half-pedaling capabilities. Correct, the P-45 itself does support half-pedaling. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. For its 88-key pianos, Yamaha offers the P-Series Soft Case, which is a great option to consider if you plan to move the keyboard from place to place a lot. Is a USB output suitable for using a VST WHILE PLAYING? pitch in 0.2Hz increments to match the other instrument. So it’s very desirable to have at least 64 notes of polyphony. share. But don’t worry, they’re pretty cheap. It’s a more advanced keyboard, which comes with a bunch of extra features and upgrades over the P45. I have a stand. Portability is one of the things I like about the P-45. Digital pianos will almost always sound better through headphones than via the onboard speakers (unless we’re talking high-end premium models). The sound you hear on the P45 is a true stereo sound recorded from a Honestly, I have no knowledge of Pianos, I’d like to get one for my husband’s birthday, he also knows nothing but he recently expressed his interests in learning. October 25, 2020 October 28, 2020 admin. The Yamaha P-45 has a fully weighted 88-key keyboard, called Graded Hammer Standard (GHS). However, you could check Amazon, Sweetwater, Musician’s Friend and other major retailers to find out the price and delivery options. Split Mode, which would allow you to split the keyboard between two different sounds, is not available on the P-45. The P45 is compact enough to place it on a desk, table or any other flat surface. should buy a padded keyboard bag to protect the piano during long travels. So for a beginner, I am wondering which of these three I should choose: Yamaha P-45, Casio CDP S-350, or Roland FP 10 You can also adjust the volume balance between the sounds to make one instrument sound louder than the other. The instrument comes tuned at a standard A440 pitch. The GHS action has heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end just like an acoustic piano. Yamaha has also released a special Amazon Exclusive version of the piano, the Yamaha P71, which we’ll talk about further in the review (Summary section). HPE-170 Headphones. You can hear it on my YouTube channel. Dual Mode will allow you to layer two instrument sounds so that they sound simultaneously across the entire keyboard range. by setting how long would you like the instrument to operate or remain on Thank you for all the information. For example, you can layer strings with the piano sound or combine whatever sounds you like to get some new interesting sounds. I’d definitely say it is. Log … Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. 2) The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Digital Piano. Yamaha p45 Review. After reading the users manual I got quite concerned of the risks on wiring the instrument to any other adpater than yamaha’s ones. For its fairly affordably price, you get a very decent digital piano with realistic piano sound and a full-size hammer-action keyboard, which mimics that of an acoustic piano. The keyboard The P-125 also has more sophisticated and powerful sound system with 4 speakers (14W), compared to the P-45 with only two speakers (12W). Check out this article for a more in-depth analysis. What do suggest for this age range? We have a whole article dedicated to this, which you can read here. There are 4 preset settings: Fixed, Soft, Medium (default) and Hard. I found their prices almost similar (P-45: $750; CDP S-350: $650; and FP 10: $760- Canadian dollar). power. The P45 doesn’t have a built-in MIDI or audio recorder, which would allow you to record and playback your performances. Polyphony is the number of notes a digital piano can produce at the same time. I have viewed a Yamaha P45 which seems good to me. touch sensitivity level according to your playing style. the volume or timbre changes depending on how hard or soft you play the keys, Amazon offers an Exclusive version of the Yamaha P-45 digital piano, which they call the Yamaha P-71. You can customize the power The P-125 sounds nice, maybe a bit more neutral than the FP-10. At the heart of the P125 is the Pure CF sound engine. Secondly, the P-125 has 50 preset songs that you can practice by playing right- and left-hand part separately. road. This feature The CDP-S350 is a relatively new model with a wide selection of sounds and a more complete feature set compared to the other two models. You can always adjust the The sound it produces is loud enough to practice in a relatively small For example, you can shift the pitch and be able to play a song in a different key without changing your hand placements. However, for the same price the Casio PX-160 offers more features and its Tri-sensor keyboard with Ivory-feel keys feels more authentic than the B1’s keyboard. It’s Yamaha’s most affordable hammer action, which you can find in most entry-level digital pianos from Yamaha. up with two microphones. From soup to nuts, I followed through with recommendations on the Yamaha P71 (Amazon) and the various accessories (as covered in your highly detailed, thoughtful review.) Having worked in a music store for over 7 years, Lucas has found passion in helping others choose the most suitable instrument for them. Most of the contemporary digital pianos are equipped with 64, 128, 192 or 256-note polyphony. The P45 features 2 x 12 cm built-in speakers (6W + 6W amp). It will easily fit into smaller spaces and will be a nice addition to your home interior. The piano is furnished with all the ports and jacks needed to connect Transposing also comes in very useful if you want to play a song written in a difficult key with many black keys involved; you can simply shift the pitch of the keyboard and play the song in a different easier key. Control panel of the P-45 is very simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, the piano lacks features such as a MIDI recorder, Lesson Mode and Accompaniment function, which would be nice to have. I generally practice with a headset on which really enhances the sound, however, when I play without the headset, the sound is not nearly as good. The jack will also work with third-party sustain footswitches/pedals that have ¼” plug (pretty much all of them have). Another example of polyphony consumption is when you’re playing along with a song playback (can also be your own recorded performance) or auto-accompaniment. The big change over the previous P35 model is that instead of Midi In/Out ports the P45 has a USB to Host port, which in most cases is a more convenient option. The instrument has a built-in metronome that keeps a steady The P-45 is a great option to consider for a college student living in a dorm room who needs a compact piano alternative at an affordable price. You can also disable it at the same time. The only thing I find inconvenient is that the headphone jack is on the back of the piano. It has Split Mode, Line Out Jacks, and The P-45 is available in black color only (P-45B). Hi, thanks a lot for your great info! There are only two buttons and a volume control. played for an extended period. The built-in speakers will automatically shut off, and you’ll be able to play any time you want without bothering others. at varying levels of volume and timbre. For some, it’s maybe not very convenient, but still, that option is available. P.S. Welcome to our Yamaha DGX 640 Review. I don’t want to waste my money and I don’t want to pay more so I couldn’t decided Do you thing Roland F-10 is worth the price? Thanks. P-45. The Yamaha P-45 has a sustain pedal compatible with half-pedaling, i-UX1. The Roland RD700 is clearly one of the tough models to beat in terms of technology... 20 Best Yamaha Digital Piano Reviews, 88-key fully-weighted keyboard with matte black The PX-160 also has more powerful speakers (2 x 8 W) compared to the P45 (2 x 6 W), which in practice provide richer and louder sound. It should be included with the P-45 by default, have you tried asking the seller about the missing AC adapter? The P45 also has transpose function that will allow you to change the pitch of the keyboard in semitone steps. Thank you, Lucas! I have a USB MIDI cable, but I’m not sure what software I need for my laptop to record the MIDI data and how to turn it into audio. You are right, M-Audio SP-2 doesn’t have half-pedaling capabilities. More sophisticated sound system with 4 speakers. Do you know if M-Audio SP-2 is fully supported on this DP, including half-pedal capability? Johnny, that’s awesome! But you’re a beginner on a budget and looking for a simple, no-frills digital piano with fully weighted keys, realistic piano sound, the P-45 is a great keyboard to consider. The Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action keyboard provides Ivory & Ebony touch and is a bit more realistic in my opinion than the P45. While they’re not necessarily the best choice for playing piano, they have a number of advantages over digital pianos including a wide selection of built-in sounds, accompaniment styles, and interactive features, which I think could benefit kids who are only beginning to explore music, sound, rhythm, and are too young to take piano lessons. P-45. Oh, my bad. And considering the P-125 is not that much more expensive than the P-45…. Hey Lucas, Convenient expression tool for today’s electronic keyboard, FC4A Foot Pedal. Predictably, the included Yamaha FC5 sustain footswitch works as it’s supposed to, but is somewhat flimsy and doesn’t look very nice. Thanks in advance. And so, a person told me I could use any other adapter if it fitted to 12V and 1A. The P-45 features fully weighted 88-key keyboard, called Graded Hammer Standard (GHS). When you practice with the metronome, The fine-tuning function allows you to raise or lower the entire keyboards’ the P115 sounds nice, and how do I purchase this instrument from you, are you in N.Z, or are we dealing with US dollars? Best, Portability is one of the things I like about the P-45. Anyway, if you’re going to travel with the piano, I strongly recommend buying a padded keyboard bag to protect your instrument during long/often transportation. Headphones are very handy when you to play or practice privately. to change Voices, play demo sources, configure the metronome and a lot more. Would adding an external speaker enhance the sound quality and if so, what sort of speaker would be appropriate? The P-45 enables you to adjust the beat (time-signature), tempo and volume of the metronome. resulting in new sounds. Practicing with metronome helps develop such fundamental skills as time keeping and a sense of rhythm. The M-Audio SP-2 piano-style pedal is an affordable alternative to the included footswitch. As I mentioned, it’s possible to take P45 on gigs, rehearsals or trips. difficult keys involved. While pianos share the same Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action, the sound processor is different. The difference is quite noticeable, and on its own makes it worth paying the extra money for the P-125. It makes the P-45 perfect for learning on and helps build proper finger strength and technique needed for playing an acoustic piano. Check out this guide to learn how to choose the best-sounding headphones for your digital piano. Hi Lucas, Although the P-45 will fit into the Yamaha bag, there many other durable gig bags out there that will fit the P-45 just fine, including Casio’s PRIVCASE Privia Case, Gator cases, and so on. The keyboard imitates the feel of the hammers inside an acoustic instrument, using actual little hammers inside the keyboard than springs. The design of the B1 is also very appealing to my taste. Check the video below for a blind sound comparison between the two pianos: For a more in-depth comparison between the Yamaha P-45 and its competitors, please refer to our “Best Digital Pianos Under $500” guide. For the price and what I need it for it’s the best choice for me. Firstly, the P-125 allows you to record your performances using its 2-track MIDI recorder (each hand part can be recorded separately). Aside from the major sound upgrade, you get a bunch of useful features. My personal favorite would be the FP-10. technology to capture the sound of an acoustic piano. We’ll talk about a stand for the P-45 in the “Accessories” section. The sound is loud enough to practice in a relatively small room or to perform in front of a few people, but not more. The sound remains clear and doesn’t distort even at max volume. While I don’t think anything bad is gonna happen provided you match the exact specs of the original adapter, I’d still contact the Yamaha support just to be on the safe side. After a period of inactivity, the Yamaha P-45 automatically The piano has become very popular among beginners and intermediate players for its simplicity and a very attractive price, not to mention the high quality and realism of Yamaha instruments.